Friday, April 27, 2007

Inner Glow

I like to find the mystery in everyday things, like the architecture of flowers. This blossom seems to glow from within. C.S. Lewis, in his writings, talked about the experience of the "numinous," those lucid, peak moments when we see something that fills us with a sense of wonder and awe that can leave us speechless. Often, all we can manage to mutter at these times is "Wow...," because we have a sense that words are inadequate to describe what we are seeing or even how we feel about it.

Since the universal perception and pursuit of beauty cannot be explained by our biological needs like the activities of grooming, food-getting, staking territory, or procreating can, perhaps there is some other reason for it. I can't understand why there should be so much indescribable beauty in the world, and in the oddest places or most unexpected moments, if it is not intended by a higher power to lead us towards transcendence.


  1. Shannon SlaydonMay 1, 2007 at 9:49 PM

    Lynda, your work is truly amazing! You are a wonderful, creative and gifted artist and photographer! You absolutely inspire me, as you always enforce in me the desire to show off my own photos every time I go to one of your sites! In fact... you inspire the artist in all of us by envisioning and sharing what you see as a simple, yet magnificent world! Your unique creations truly makes one stop and think, it develops an appreciation of this beautiful world of ours and it gives reason to pause and re-elevuate our own inner qualities and creative desires! I'm thanking you from the heart, for being so uniquely you and showing those that aspire to be different... that there is truly another aspect to our lives and that we should explore and cultivate every endless possibility! This mysterous and awesome world of ours is vividly colorful, unique and never ever dull... thanks to artists like yourself!


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