Monday, June 25, 2007

Last Light

This painting was inspired by the rose, orange, and blue hues reflected in the lake after sunset, as we have witnessed in awe from a canoe on summer evenings. Watching the play of colors in the water is like watching a light show, though the feeling it gives one is much more moving and profound! Image c 2006 Lynda Lehmann.

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  1. Wow Lynda, I'm just finishing a painting very similar to this one. The difference is, mine is mountains and sunsets.

    Beautiful colors in your piece.


  2. Thanks, Linda. I did this last summer, because I was so inpired by the bangles of light on the lake.

    Where can I find your piece?

  3. simply stunning...Excellent.
    Good luck.

    P.S:Thanks for your kind comments about my blog...

  4. Thank you, Surjit. Thinking of the water shimmering in bangles of color at twilight, makes me feel peaceful, as your blog does.


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