Wednesday, August 15, 2007

My Apology to Everyone...And the Latest Twist

This morning I was embarrassed to report my discovery that I seemed to have nominated myself for the "Blogger's Choice Award"for Best Photography Blog. I had gone to the site to see who had nominated me, and indeed, I must have clicked a button or link to nominate myself. So my excitement turned to dismay, I was embarrassed by my mistake, and I apologized to those who had taken the time to vote for me.

Now I've read (after all this) that self-votes are invited and okay, so I'll leave the badge on my page. Maybe all of us with multiple sites need to slow down and read the fine print more carefully! Thanks for your understanding and if you vote for my blog, thanks for your time in doing that!

"Iridescent Blue" is available at Image c Lynda Lehmann. All rights reserved.


  1. We all make mistakes! Just keep movin'---

  2. Thank you, Dave! We all have to laugh at ourselves from time to time, and this "event" presented a good opportunity to do that! :-)

  3. Whenever I see delphiniums like these, I remember the corsage I wore at our older daughter's wedding last summer. You've captured them beautifully.

  4. I'm glad you enjoyed my photo, Kylee.
    Backlighting on flowers really brings out their delicate nature. Congrats on your daughter's wedding! :-)


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