Tuesday, August 28, 2007

A Pristine Land

When I see such a clear and clean view, no litter or pollution apparent to the naked eye and the air sweet and pungent with the scent of pine, I wonder how the land looked 200 years ago, before the Industrial Revolution. I can not begin to imagine the sparkling natural beauty of the landscape. Imagine how much happier we would be if we were PART of this environment, cherishing, protecting, and enjoying it, instead of using it up for profit or simply moving THROUGH it at jet speed. Image c Lynda Lehmann. Lakes region of Maine.

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  1. The water in this photo looks so wonderful! I can't even begin to come up with the words to describe it. Cindy at Rosehaven Cottage

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  3. I just read your post on changing the world. I am in total agreement: we each need to be part of the solution, more than part of the problem. We are one humanity, part of one world, and we can transform it only by transforming ourselves. To me, this means being active in stepping to the "common good" side of issues. Being passive or propelled only by personal need or greed, moves us collectively, closer to despair and destruction.

    Yes, you can add my blog to your directory. I'm glad you enjoyed it and I thank you for your interest.

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  4. Ohh it is simply breathtaking!I love it!*HUGS*

  5. Angela, it's always nice to hear from you. Thanks for visiting. Have a happy and creative day!


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