Friday, November 23, 2007

Autumn Dazzle

I count among my blessings the freedom to enjoy nature's beauty a little bit each day. That's why I try to remember to carry my camera when I walk.

Today was blustery and cold, but the sky was an intense blue and the sunshine pouring over everything lit the trees on fire. I often miss seeing the peak color, but I managed to see some of it today. I will savor the glow long after this gorgeous, blazing afternoon has faded into dusk.

A picture speaks a thousand words. I hope you enjoy these photos, as I enjoyed taking them. I also hope that everyone who celebrated Thanksgiving felt blessed with warmth, good food, love, and spiritual riches.

If you are interested in purchasing any of these images, you will find them for sale as matted archival prints on my site at , and eventually on Imagekind and as prints that you can purchase plain or matted and framed.

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  1. Very nice. I think the last two are my favorites. :)

  2. Lynda, photos are beautiful, I am so jealous, snow on the ground and the leaves have all gone a long time ago here.

  3. Hi Lynda,

    thanks for sharing, they are beautiful! They really are like a breath of fresh air on the rainy day it is over here..

    The first and the last are definitely my favorites!

  4. Hi Beth Ellen. I think the last two are my favorites, as well.

    But I enjoyed the beauty of every tree I saw on my "golden" walk!

  5. Hi Bob. I guess you're a lot further north than we are. We tend to be more temperate also, because of being surrounded by water.

    Dont' be jealous: we're going to be mowing and raking leaves long into January!

  6. Ellen, sorry you're having a dreary day. We're just having sunshine and seasonal cold today, but because of years of too-warm weather, nobody is used to it!

  7. Fall was short lived here this year. I like the last one best, but they are all nice.

  8. Lynda,
    I like the third one the best. Thanks for sharing your walk with us.

  9. lovely colours Lynda....
    it must be very relaxing for you to view such glorious vistas....
    I hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful :)
    ps I tried to get into the Saatchi Gallery but for some reason the link wouldn't work...not even through google search....
    I will try again tomorrow ....

  10. Hi Lynda, it's always a plesure to visit your site and see this wonderful pictures. Thank you for sharing them.

  11. Lovely photos! The leaves are almost all gone here...just a few left hanging on some of the trees.
    Thanks for sharing these with us!

  12. Glorious colors! Ours have all passed many weeks ago - we had snow last week. Glad its gone now, but soon to return with a vengence!

  13. Lynda
    They are so colorful and pretty. This year seems to produce more colorful folliage.

    Most of them are gone now. I'm enjoying your pictures instead.

  14. Wonderful captures with excellent colors. well done

  15. James, Barbara, Mary, and Kerri,

    Thanks for stopping by! I hope you will have some time to take in the natural beauty this holiday season!

  16. Hi Kim,

    I don't know why you couldn't get in to vote. I think sometimes there are so many people visiting that site that you just can't get on it!

    I hope you know about the new Salesroom they've set up, and have put your wonderful portraits there!

  17. How beautiful! Absolutely stunning! Thanks for sharing with us! *HUGS*

  18. Hi KML and Jesie,

    It's nice to see you. Thanks for stopping by! Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving!

  19. I always like these colors of the leaves in the autumn. Nice shot, Lynda. As I look at your photos here, you are becoming a profs.

  20. Lynda these are very nice, especially the last one, the tree has real character, you actually captured this photo on nice angle that all branches really stand out. So far here, no more fall colors, we got covered by the snow blanket, and whatever leaves were on the trees they are now slowly falling down on the white snow, but the cold made them change color to dark brownish. Oh well, the winter wonderland looks very nice too, but sometimes it looks even better when I am inside, lol. I guess you can tell that I don't like cold too much. Cheers, Anna :)

  21. Autumn is by far my favorite seasons. Growing up in Las Vegas, I never really had a chance to explore and enjoy the variations of seasons... Vegas pretty much always stays the same. Now, though, I live in Kentucky and the seasons don't just change here... they explode! Spring is gorgeous, of course. Winter is frosted, which is cool (no pun intended), Summer is all sunshine... but there's nothing quite like Autumn.

    Autumn, to me, represents a time of introspection, inner reflections - recognizing the need for change, letting go of old habits, and preparing to rest and rejuvinate.

    Gorgeous pictures.



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