Sunday, November 11, 2007

Introducing the Beautiful Abstraction of Révész Éva Gabriella

I've never met Révész Éva Gabriella in real life. She's a cyberfriend, whom I met on the Art Wanted site awhile back. Maybe a year and a half have gone by since Eva and I first exchanged notes, but I've come to cherish her warmth, enthusiasm, and above all, her humanity.

Eva speaks English so much better than I speak Hungarian, and she does a pretty good job of communicating in our language. It always pains me that I can't return the courtesy of understanding her language. Yet we have managed to communicate in a way that apparently has meaning for both of us. And of course, we share an interest in both digital art and painting.

I find Eva's art to be passionate, spiritual, and just plain exquisite. So I wanted to share it with you here. Some day I'm going to meet Eva in Europe, and we're going to have coffee or lunch and go museum-hopping together! But in the meantime, I will enjoy staying in touch with her and looking at her lovely art!

Eva's site is under construction, and I don't know when it will be finished. But I have her link in my sidebar, awaiting the date that it's ready for the world to see.

The top work is an acrylic painting which Eva calls "Sky High Tree." The next piece down, the floral, is called "Streak of Dawn." It's a digital piece. I love both these works for the warm and glowing light that permeates them, and for the tactile and sensuous surface quality. The third one down, the one with all those magical shades of yellows and greens, is another digital painting that Eva calls "April." It's fresh and has its own delicate magic, and a somewhat ambiguous but alluring space. And the final piece is an acrylic painting called "The Crater."

I think Eva's sense of drama and consequence come across in her work, as does a quality that I think of as being reverent or mystical. I hope you've enjoyed seeing a sampling of the work of my friend from Hungary, Révész Éva Gabriella. The way they structure their names is different in Eva's culture. But that doesn't matter--to me, she's just my dear friend Eva.


  1. Lynda, this is very nice collection of Revesz Eva Gabriella and very nice introduction by you to her work. Many thanks for introducing her to us. Yours and Eva's work is smililar but yet very much different and unique, enjoyed both. I really enjoy that type of art work, and thanks for sharing. Anna :)

  2. Her florals are my favorites (big surprise right?). You are right... her work is exquisite. Thank you so much for sharing! Cindy at Rosehaven Cottage

  3. wonderful work Lynda...
    sounds like a wonderful goal to look forward to.....meeting in have coffee and lunch and experience the culture over there...
    my favourite is the 2nd work.....
    it's incredible what can be done in the area of digital art.....
    have a great day :)
    ps I have given you an award at laketrees :)

  4. Anna, I think what Eva and I have in common is our love for nature.

    Thanks for looking at Eva's work!

  5. Kim, I like them all very much but I think if I had to chose my favorite, it would be the 2nd one. I love the colors, the organic form, and the way the light enters the composition. Thanks for visiting...

    Another award? Me? You're spoiling me!

    Thanks, Kim!

  6. Cindy, of course you love the florals the best! Thanks for looking...

    Hope you are getting in the holiday spirit!

  7. Oooo, my favorite is the second one too. Furthermore, how neat that you have Revesz Eva Gabriella as a friend, too! Like you, I would have wished to have been at the Digital Arts Festival's opening in Hungary.

    Heck, I would have bought you two some lunch or at least a couple of liters of wine. ~:o)

    You're both as amazing as our friend Kim Barker. But don't tell her I said that. :)

    waving at Kim


  8. hi mville,

    you're too kind! one liter of wine would be enough! lol...

    it IS a dream of mine: someday i'd like to meet some of the wonderful people (particularly the women, but don't tell the men i've said that) i've met on the web, and share our experiences and cultures. but i'd have to be rich to do that.

    well, ya never know, i COULD win the lottery--if i played it!

    nice to see you too, mville! xxx

  9. Are you Hungarian,Lynda? My paternal family's bloodline is Magyar. My grandmother or Mumma as we called her came to America as a young girl to meet her cousins previously sent here by their Grandmother. Her husband, my Grandfather whom I've never met was also Magyar but we don't know much more than that.

    As for me, I'm a Heinz variety with Irish and Choctaw blood as well as Magyar. I never spoke English until I was sent to public school after that, we were not allowed to speak Hungarian once we began school.

  10. I just love her work Lynda! I have not had time to get on artwanted as much as I usually do. This was a treat for you to introduce me to such a talented artist! Thank you! *HUGS*

  11. mville, no i'm not hungarian, but like you, a hybrid of different cultures--mostly russian and german. i keep pleading with my mother to draw me a family tree, but she hasn't done it. i don't know very much about my ancestors--wish i did!

    my maternal grandfather jack used to tell us that his father was "given" a town by the czar in the old days, but i never quite believed

    where are you located now?

  12. hi angela! nice to see you! how have you been?

    i don't get on AW now either, though i really miss the people when i'm not there. but i have to get ready for my painting show.
    if i don't get ready now, i'll be in a panic in january!

    take care, and if i don't see you soon, enjoy the holidays! xxx

  13. I'm in Central California right now but on my way to Idaho this spring. I'm hoping to have my duckies in a row in preparation for upcoming recession. It's predicted to be worse than it was in 1930.

  14. I know, things are getting very scary. Sadly, the stakes are so high.

    CA is expensive, so it's probably a good idea to plan--and that goes for all of us.

    Although the best laid plans of mice and men...and women....

    I wish us all luck. And peace.

  15. Dear Anna, rosehaven cottage, kim, mville, angela and LYNDA!

    I'm very happy your words! Thank you very much your loving things, the appreciations and your interests.
    I wish yours a blessed days, and I sending the BIG HUGS from Hungary!

    PS: mville I'm very glad for you! You know the "magyar vér" (hungarian blood) always inside your heart. There is no need for know this language. It is inhere your soul. Thank you very much your amiable words!
    I send for your family my compliments!

  16. Thank you for making my heart soar this morning, Eva! My heart is smiling big and it's only 7:20 am here in California.

    Thanks for stopping in, Lynda. It is thoughtful of you to let me know about Eva's reply. I'll be sure to pass it on to the 'family' on the East Coast. They will be very pleased at this 'good will' gesture.


  17. You're welcome, Eva and Saboma. It's great to have met both of you!

    We are sisters, all...

  18. Eva thank you for your kind note, and nice to meet you too. Yourself, and Lynda have inspired many people with your beautiful art work. Anna :)

  19. Thank you for your kind words, dear Anna!


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