Monday, November 12, 2007

The Winds of Autumn...

chattering people

hear their own voices,

ignoring the wind.

-lynda lehmann


I was looking for serenity and found it in the waving, wind-blown branches of stately oaks and maples. I was carrying only my tiny point and shoot, as I so often do when I walk in my neighborhood. So the quality could be better. But the wind will speak to you, just the same.

If you listen closely you will hear a dog barking and birds singing. But mostly, you will hear the sound of the wind rushing through the boughs. Thanks for stopping by and sharing autumn with me!

Text, images, and video c 2007 Lynda Lehmann.


  1. Lovely Fall photo. I have many memorable moments of just sitting and listening to the wind in the trees. I especially love the sound of wind in tall pines. :)

  2. i know what you mean about the pines, beth ellen. i like they way they smell, too, when the sun warms the air and the treetops.

    i like when i'm deep into the forest on a mountainside, and you can hear the wind rush in from the distance, faint at first and then gaining in sound and intensity until the leaves on the trees right around you begin to rustle, a fury of dry rasping sounds against the sweep of the wind.

  3. beautiful colours and composition Lynda.....
    your words compliment the image perfectly :)

  4. Beautiful photos! I love fall, it's my favorite of the seasons. There's just so much to look forward to.

  5. Thank, Kim!

    Hope they caught that kangaroo! I've never seen an animal move so fast!

  6. Kelly, I love the autumn,too! I always feel energized, because the weather has cooled from the stifling air of summer, and color is everywhere!

    And we have the holidays to look forward to, before the drear, dark, snow-encrusted days of winter set in!

  7. You inspire me! I am such a huge fan! I placed your site in a spring widget on Floyds Secrets of the Earth so that when I'm Blogging over there I can still see your Georgeous Photos and read your moving posts! I put a song on my playlist Which I dedicate to you! It's the 1st song.

  8. I love the sound so a soft breeze rustling in the leaves. It's so soothing! Cindy at Rosehaven Cottage

  9. Me too, Cindy. One of my earliest memories is of playing on the patio in my grandparents' back yard, and being in total awe of the rustling of the leaves in the giant maple overhead! (At least I think it was a maple, as it was so full and lush and spreading. I probably didn't know the names of trees when I was 3 or 4 years old.)

  10. Hi Floyd,

    You inpire me, too! When I go to your blog, there's so much good stuff, I don't know what to look at first! Your passion and dedication show.

    Egad, it's been awhile since anyone dedicated a song to me--thanks! By "the first one," do you mean the one about the colors or the one about the wind? (which would go with my last post)

    Anyone who reads your blog will be drawn closer to the wonders of life on our planet!

  11. Lynda I have seen many fall photos, but this one is just amazing. Thanks for the video, but unfortunately I am still at work and cannot turn my speakers on, lol, but I will get back and listen. I really enjoy the wind, especially when going to bed, it sounds spooky but fills room with mysterious mood, and that makes me snooze even faster, lol. Thanks for this lovely post, photo and video. Anna :)

  12. Anna, I agree that the wind can be very spooky at night. During the daylight hours though, when it blows full-bore through the trees, I think it sounds like the ocean!

  13. Love your fall photo and your clip too. Thanks very much for sharing the beautiful video.


  14. Such beautiful oak leaves - a deep rich brown color - pure autumn!


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