Thursday, November 8, 2007

My Work in the Digital Arts Festival in Veszprem, Hungary

I have two pieces included in the digital arts festival in Veszprem, Hungary this month. My thanks to my dear friend Révész Éva Gabriella for inviting me to participate! I felt so honored to be asked to participate in this international exhibit of works done in the new medium. Wish I could have been there to see the Opening!

Here are links to the brochure and a listing of the show:

You can see "Fish Fiesta" and "Dark Night of the Soul," along with my other digital pieces, at or It's my guess you can easily tell which of these images is which! Though I'm sure I've posted these before, I wanted to show you which two I had submitted to the show. Images c 2007 Lynda Lehmann.

My thanks again to Eva and to Sztojalovszky Bela for being patient with my submission (which was late because I was away visiting family until a day or two before the deadline), and for printing and hanging my work in their fine show!

I will be introducing you to Eva's wonderful and passionate artwork in an upcoming post!


  1. What a wonderful, wonderful honor! That is just wonderful, Lynda. Congratulations! Cindy at Rosehaven Cottage

  2. wow Lynda ...these are stunning....
    I would love to see them IRL.....
    I love the colours and shapes in both of them.....I'm sure they will get a lot of attention at the show.....

  3. Thank you, Cindy and Kim! I think it's just wonderful that we can meet people though the web and share parts of our lives and find our commonality. It works (a little bit) against all the conflict and divisiveness that at times, seems to be everywhere!

    Kim, what is "IRL?"

  4. Wow Lynda, good for you. And as always I love the artwork. I always loved patterns, and your work is absolutely excellent. So you do paint as well do the digital work? Anna :)

  5. Hi Anna,

    Yes, I paint as well as doing the photography and digital art. I'm having a solo show of my paintings this February, which I'm busy getting ready for!

    I always loved all-over patterns, too! And texture....

    Thanks for visiting!

  6. Wonderful pieces of art! Great names for each piece. I really like the shapes and colors in fish.

  7. IRL= in real life :)
    wow a solo show exciting !!!!

  8. Thank you, Moonshadow! I've just visited your blog and enjoyed your poem about the man and the tree!

  9. Thanks for the info, Kim. IRL my memory has fallen into the CRS stage!

  10. Such beautiful pieces of art - certainly deserving of such recognition. Congrats to you!

    PS - I will have to remember that CRS phrase - applies too many times in my life!

  11. Sorry to hear you're afflicted too, KML!

    You still have a great eye for photography! ;-)

  12. Yes, Kim, it's exciting--and utterly nerve-wracking. So many things to do to get ready, a time-eating monster!

  13. I work in digital art as well, but you are truly a master. I love the complexity of forms and colors in your work, and how it is inspired by nature. I've added a link to your blog on mine at heArt-a-Day.

  14. I WANT THE 1st PANTING in this post...


  15. I am going to your store link to purchase the Fiesta Fish... I HAVE TO own that.


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