Monday, December 10, 2007

Blogging Buddies Award

Hanna, over at has given me and Vincenzo A.Romano the L'Award di Stacie, which Stacie at Stacie's Blog gave to Hanna. I hope I've gotten this right, in spite of my ignorance of the Italian language and all things HTML. Anyway, accepting and passing on awards is time-consuming (and I'm way behind on this!) but such a good way of building community. I'm always in awe of the number of great blogs I've still to check out!

I will pass this Blogging Buddies Award on to Cindy at and to Kim at, because I've enjoyed their blogging style and content, as well as their friendship. Congrats, Cindy and Kim! And thank you Hanna! (For anyone who is wondering why I've been able to embed some of the above sites and not others, it's because I just copied them from Hanna's page. Thanks again, Hanna! :-)

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  1. Thank you, Lynda! What a wonderful surprise that has brighten my day more than you can imagine! Cindy at Rosehaven Cottage

  2. this is lovely Lynda...thank you so much and such a sweet sums up the meaning of friendship....
    I love your bright pebbles under the water refreshing I feel like jumping in and paddling in the water :)
    have a beautiful day :)
    :=X Kim @ laketrees

  3. Ciao Lynda!
    oh yes!
    a good way of building community,
    but I have watched with it appeal to your designs!
    million txs from italy!

  4. Hi Cindy,

    I hope your days get brighter soon! I know it's not just the weather that has you down.

    Kind thoughts and warm hugs to you.

  5. Well, Kim, I guess you might feel like jumping in the water of a cold mountain stream, as it's summer in Australia. If you were here, you would want to huddle by the fire!

  6. Thank you again, dear Hanna! What a nice surprise to get that award today!

    I love your country and your language, though in Italian, I can say only one sentence. "Io penso que la compagne et le montagne et le cielo sono toute belo!"

    Did I do that right? Prego...

    Sometime I have to show you my Italy pics. It's the only place I've been outside the USA except for a brief foray into Canada, but I would LOVE to go back!

    Thanks again, Hanna!

  7. hahaha!
    "io penso che le campagne, le montagne ed il cielo sono tutte belle"
    amore,pace e baci- hanna

  8. Well I tried, Hanna! I thought Italy was so gorgeous that I HAD to learn to say at least that!

    Have a creative day!

    Ciao and Pace,


  9. Congrats Lynda for the award. You deserve it.

    Have a great day.

  10. Congrats on a well deserved award, I agree they build community thats why I like em.

  11. Bob, I've stumbled upon many an interesting new blog this way--it beats surfing to look for them, although that's fun too, sometimes!

  12. Lynda, congratulations, wow you too hiding your awards, lol. I still have a big award and tag task list to do, and it will keep me busy for many months. Congrats to the awarded bloggers, and I will pay them visit, and Cindy is already someone I know. It is really nice to visit and see those who we know. Anna :)

  13. Congrats, Lynda - it's always a pleasure to see well deserving blogs and bloggers being recognized for their talent and efforts.


  14. Fondly embracing each other..soooo sweeet...

  15. Lynda,

    Congratulations!!!! You sure deserve it :)!

    Hanna is a sweet girl :D.


  16. Thanks Anna, merging point, Sparky, and Max. I agree, merging point, it IS a sweet photo!

  17. ahh ...good to see that you have installed openid too Lynda...
    have a great Sunday :)

  18. egad kim, if i have openID installed, i must have a ghost in my machine! I didn't do it!!!!

  19. LOL...Lynda...
    that is a it took me two days to instal mine with a lot of help :D
    I'll have to see what I can find out :)

  20. KIM!!! This is really strange. Maybe I've been visiting too many paranormal sites?!!! lol...


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