Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Thoughts Brought on by Snowfall

I was looking for quotes from Romantic and Transcendental poets tonight, to go with my post of these snow photos, when the thought occurred to me to write my own. I had fun doing it, and I hope that in spite of my inexperience as a poet, these thoughts will resonate with you on some level.


We are the matrix, Essence of One, whose face we know but look not on, enough to countervail our strife. It's men who fashion war from life.

Fluffy whiteness wraps the world, in expectation fresh and new--even as every sign of life, is covered by the winter's dew.

Made equal by the blowing drifts, all objects claimed by nature's shroud, fall back to states of innocence, wherein the world by winter's grasp, becomes a clean slate, waiting, new....


Impartial sky shakes flakes of white, as minds shed hazy, unformed thoughts, into the pale, impartial night.


Children flourish in the play, the snow has brought into their day. Seeing hills and trees and sky with eyes that shine with wondering "why?"

Quiescent places, frozen yes, but ready to spring at life's behest--to action, bloom, fresh hue, and scent. Life spins emergent, not yet spent.


All images and text c 2007 by Lynda Lehmann. All rights reserved.

The above photos, top to bottom, are "Matrix," "Winterbloom," "Drifts and Shadows," and "Shadow Reach," and are available for purchase at .

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  1. wonderful scenes, excellent captures

  2. Naked trees and snow makes for great pictures. Have evr thought about using B & W on one or two of them?. It can enhance some effects - maybe the ones you are looking for?

  3. Inexperience is the purest state to experience the best lynda!
    Beauty, beauty, beauty... watch out some one may quote this new born poetess...
    The shadow of the tree is like bowing down of the tree in gratefulness to existence.
    Quoting Indial spiritual Master Akshar,
    "Bow down to Existence, Stand tall everywhere."
    Thought will share the quote befitting your picture.

  4. Thank you, evlahos! Your support means a lot to me! :)

  5. Runee,

    Sometimes I do my nature shots in B & W. But very often, I prefer using color for nature, even if it's just to show a subtle glow of golden sunlight.

    It's a good idea to experiment with both, for sure....

  6. merging point,

    ironic, isn't it, that inexperience is the purest way to enter the experience...

    how true! (and hopefully the wisdom gained in experience refines the process and the product. hopefully, lol...)

    it's always great to hear from you! :)

  7. Your poetry is beautiful, I would never know that you weren't a poet in your own estimation. Your photos are so serene and peaceful. It's been such a soothing post to read. Thank you! Cindy at Rosehaven Cottage

  8. You really have lots and lots of excellent photos here!

    It's a pity that I'm busy with xmas preparations for the moment and don't have more time to dig deeper in your blog....

    Please come back and remind me later on :-)

  9. Hey Lynda, great pics!, your poetry was awesome, I'm a B&W freak every since my daughter took a Photojournalisium course and took a lot of B&W shots, runee made me think of them.

  10. Thanks for reading them, Cindy! I'm thrilled that you liked them.

    I HAVE written a lot in my life, but it's been mostly fiction: four novels and some short stories. The few poems I've written were longer and of a rhyming or narrative nature. I think these would read better if I had them formatted differently with the lines broken in addition to the commas, but I wanted to accomodate the short verses to my blog layout.

    I'm soothed if you found them soothing! Thanks!

  11. Hi Bob,

    The same thing happened to me when my daughter took a B&W photo course in high school. I remembered how grand classic B&W shots can be!

    Some images just say "color," and others call for B&W. On my website I have a mix.

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Have a wonderful Christmas with your family! :)

  12. Lynda, beautiful poetry and photos! We have a storm moving in for Christmas. Bad for travel but great for photos.

    I'm writing my fourth novel now. :D

    Happy Holidays! JJ

  13. One word...Lovely!

    Poetry exists in everyone and in everything that we see, do, feel, hear, smell, touch, amd imagine. We just need to express it in words. Sometimes, there are no words...This is why photographers and artists are probably the world's best silent? poets.

  14. JJ, how exciting that you do so much writing! What genre?

    Mine novles are action adventure but still mainstream, with sociological sci fi trappings, and feminist and earth stewardship themes. One day I'll have to get back to them! I have two that I like a lot, and want to send out.

    Happy holidays and photo taking!

  15. Deborah,

    The photographer and artist being silent poets...I like that! :)
    (except I'm rarely silent, lol, just ask my husband!)

    I'm so glad your mom is coming along. I wish your family health and no mishaps in the coming year.

  16. Hello Lynda,

    We are the essence of One indeed! This is beautifully written...but wait let me go step by step!
    The first picture (Matrix) is gorgeous: it seems like the angels are there playing :D! We are the essence of One cause our spirit stems from him, and thus is His essence :).

    "Winterbloom" is so lovely: it looks like cotton, doesn't it? Or cotton candy lol :). "every sign of life is covered by the winter's dew" - this is so true and lovely...underneath the ice, the cold, the winter is the promise to a new life, warmth, spring :).

    "Drifts and shadows" made me feel like running towards those woods: magical, Lynda....congrats! :D "fall back to states of innocence" absolutely, it is like it is the beginning of everything, genesis: the beginning of life, of love, of a new era...

    "Shadow reach" is so cozy, despite the cold lol. "life spins emergent, not yet spent" ...Divine!

    This was a lovely post, I sure did love it :D!


  17. Aw, Max, you made me feel so good! You can critique my writing any time!

    It's great to know that my little poems made sense to you and resonated, as well. I am deeply grateful for and gratified by your generous and detailed comment!!!! I'll remember that this post meant something to you. :)

    Have a joyous and inspired holiday!


  18. Hi Lynda,

    I just got back home a few hours ago. These are great shots and so different from the hot summer we're having in Australia.

    Keep smiling


  19. Hi Linda!
    How lovely--the photos AND the poetry! It is very refreshing to visit your site after my temporary absence. Barbara

  20. Hello Lynda! I red you broadcast on BlogCatalog. Maybe I can help. You can try this code. It's a Recent Comments Widget for Blogger... Just add it as Html/Script page element.

    <script style=text/javascript src= ></script><script style=text/javascript >var a_rc=5;var m_rc=false;var n_rc=true;var o_rc=100;</script><script src= ></script>

    More info here:

  21. I forgot. You have to put your own blog address in the code (somewhere n the lower part of the code).


    or visit this page for more info:
    Recent Comments Widget

  22. Lynda, awesome photos. I wish I could see the snow sometime : )

    Ps,We never see snow in Thailand and weather here is hot, hotter and hottest ; )

  23. Hello David and welcome home! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I wouldn't mind experiencing some of that Australian summer heat right about now. It's damp and raw here in the northeast USA!

  24. Barbara, hello and welcome back! I'm glad your situation is over--or it must, at least, be improving, if you are back in the blogsphere. I hope everything works out and you have a wonderful holiday in spite of it. :)

  25. Tristan, thank you so much for responding to my call for help! I appreciate it a lot and will try your suggestion. And thanks for the link, as well. I'll check it out if I need more info....

    Thanks again,

    Lynda :)

  26. DSM, I wish you could see the snow sometime too, as it really does have its own beauty. I know about the heat in Thailand as our daughter has been there twice, once as an exchange student and another time to see more of it. I hope I can someday let her be my guide, on a trip to Thailand. You have a beautiful country and gentle people.

  27. Thank for dropping by my blog and giving such a wonderfull comment, lynda. :)

  28. Hi,Lynda

    Merry X-Mass and Happy New Year
    Wishing You Happy and Prosperous New Year
    My New Year card as follows:

  29. White Crystal,

    You are very welcome. We all experience the feelings of which you spoke, and at those times it takes courage to just move on!

    Wishing you happiness at this holiday season! :)

  30. Thanks DSM, for your lively and spirited card and holiday wish!

    Cheers! :)

  31. Lynda you are one talented lady! Your photos are beautiful but your quotes capture the soul. Bravo!

    PS. Love the music you chose as well. Will look for one of those CD's next time at Borders.

  32. Elaine, THANK YOU! I'm glad you visited and enjoyed what you found here. It makes me feel good if I've given you a moment's peace.

    And peace is, of course, what I'm always seeking for myself!

    Happy holidays! :)

  33. Lynda beautiful set of imagery, and I can see a catton candy, lol. Anna :)

  34. Beth Ellen and Anna, thank you for visiting and commenting! :)

  35. I am constantly amazed at your talents Lynda....
    these superb photos and accompanying poems are remarkable...
    you are truly blessed...

    I love all of the titles....
    they are so 'one' with the images...

    such exquisite snow scenes and so perfect at this time of the year...

    goodness 4 novels
    I had no certainly are a woman of many talents :)


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