Sunday, January 6, 2008

For All You Auto Buffs

An impeccable Studebaker with wonderfully reflective polished chrome, seen at a classic car cruise-night in Scottsdale, Arizona. Note the forms of palms and people reflected in the metal and paint. Image c 2007 Lynda Lehmann. Please check back for more hot-rod and classic auto shots to come!

This series, including "Impeccable," will soon be available as matted prints for purchase at . Prints will also be available--plain, matted or framed--at my Imagekind and Artist Rising Galleries. You can find the links to all my sites at the above-mentioned site.

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  1. My very first car was a 1964 Lark IV and it was cherry, that is, until my then pet raccoon Randi spent the night in the car on night. It was just one of those things. After that, she let me know her displeasure about spending the night alone in the car. The interior and headliner was shredded to bits. You had to have been there to appreciate my pain. I only paid $200.00 for the car and it was my very first car. The year this happened was in 1973.

    Speaking of history, please drop by and pick up three awards I've awarded you at Maryannaville. That too will be history as soon as you pick the awards up, just whenever time allows, k?

  2. I have been thinking of you, Mary Ann! Happy New Year!

    Sorry to hear about your first car being so disrespected by your beloved pet. Did you send Randi back to the woods for her transgressions?

    THREE awards? Egad, now that is overwhelming!

    I'm so far behind on awards as well, but I'm very happy that you thought of me. Thank you! :)

    I'm so busy getting ready for my show that I shouldn't be blogging at all. Blogging may be my first post-chocolate addiction! Just kidding, I'm STILL addicted to chocolate, lol...and coffee and sunlight on objects.

    Hope all is well with you, M.A. I'll be over soon...

    PS - You must be MY age! I too had my first car in 1973! It was a new, white VW beetle. Bought it myself on waitressing money.

  3. She is a beauty, Lynda! I love photographing pieces of cars, motorcycles and especially hot rods! The lines and curves of the classics are just irresistible!

  4. Ohhh how wonderful Lynda! I've got to admit that I do not know that much about cars but I can say..that one is a BEAUTY! Outstanding photo! *HUGS*

  5. I'm not a "car person," Kathy, but the design of some of them is wonderful to behold. I'd rather look at them than drive them, as they have always been rather noisy and smelly, lol...and they make so much pollution.

    But unfortunately, we haven't found a way to live without them!

  6. Thanks, Angela! Hope you're having a nice Sunday evening and you're ready for your show.

    I'm not ready for mine. :)

    Hugs to ya!

  7. Hi Lynda, thanks, I used to buff and buff my first car too, then second one, and then I gave up - that first scratch just did it, lol. Very nice shot, Anna :)

  8. Wishing you GREAT fun and success in your forth coming show. No doubts it would shine like this impeccable car reflecting the innerside of Lynda!

  9. what a stunning shot Lynda...
    one of my favourite cars when I was younger...
    looking forward to seeing the series ...
    and I know what you mean about the painting and memes....
    I think one big meme when I get over the arm problem...
    thanks for the tip on the pineapple too !!!

  10. Anna, it's all I can do to clean my house. Nevermind my car! :)

  11. Anna, it's all I can do to clean my house. Nevermind my car! :)

  12. merging point, thank you for your kind and eloquent words--you have a way of putting things, as you already know... :)

  13. Kim, I'm so far behind on memes and other blog-related stuff, and there's a lot I need and want to learn. I can't wait to put my show behind me and just paint! And blog!

    I hope your shoulder is improving a bit by now.


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