Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Warmth of Nostalgia

The cozy, sunlit interior of this car at an Arizona auto show, made me miss bygone days when news was about who, on the block, had purchased a new (or classic) car, not about how many mass murders had taken place that morning. Were things really more simple when we were children, or does nostalgia color our memories?

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  1. Hello Lynda!

    Don't even tell me about nostalgia! The other day I was telling Anna how nostalgic I was about 10 years ago...when I was much younger and time seemed endless *nodding*!

    Older people (older than me) say that past times were much better than today; and you know what? I agree. It's not nostalgia colouring your mind no, is the plain truth. Now there is so much crime, violence, drugs, futility, lies that I tend to think that humans were kinder in the past (it's either that or they camouflaged things better...nowadays people just flaunt their flaws, and expect us to just take it!) *nodding*...

    That photo is beautiful! My dad would like to see this (he is totally a car guy): I will tell him to drop by just to see it :)!

    Have a blessed weekend!

  2. There is just something about older cars, I think it's called style, cool photo.

  3. Now that's a real steering wheel. And perhaps nostalgia does color our memories, but who cares? Thanks for taking me back to something I can only vaguely remember from my childhood.

  4. Max, I agree with you. I think that because people are more frightened and distrustful now than ever, they tend to be irritable or mean at the drop of a hat. But this only adds to the "traumas" of life! We can't turn things around without being more kind to each other! If we are mean, we each in turn become more reactive, leaving us less energy to address very real and pressing issues! Like the environment, poverty, global instabiltiy, terrorism, yada yada.

    Your dad, my husband--car guys, that is! I like cars in the abstract, more than in the real sense of the noisy, polluting things they are!

    Good to see you, and I hope you're having a good week, as well!

  5. Bob, sadly, I don't think there is too much style in America, any more. Everything is done either to make or to save money, or to be expeditious. Except for bloggers, star-gazers, artists and some other people like us, who do SOME things, just for the JOY of it!

  6. Kylee, I can only remember a few things from my childhood, but they look awfully sweet from where I stand in this century!


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