Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Rhythm in Blues

I've been working hard to get ready for a solo show of my new acrylic paintings. The Opening is on February 9. So I've had to write a new bio and artist's statement, design and order post cards, paint the sides of all my gallery-wrapped canvases, and more. Since I'm not in the habit of signing my work--it seems arbitrary to do so, but I guess it has to be done for marketing purposes--I've had to take my paintings down from the walls and sign them all, as well. And I still have some left that need to be wired. After all this I have to address post cards. I doubt I'll use the entire 1000, lol, which was the smallest print run available!

"Rhythm in Blues" is a bright geometric abstract in red, white, and blues, 30 x 40 inches on gallery-wrapped canvas. It's lively and rhythmic, with a musical feel. (I know it doesn't look very good against the green of my page...!) In case you just happen to be looking to purchase a painting today, it's available at http://www.lyndalehmann.com/. Or shall I say it WILL be available, after my show. Image c Lynda Lehmann.

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  1. Hi Lynda,
    Some amazing pictures and photo's and love the one of the Studebaker. I love going to the Classic Car Shows here, and several years ago a friend of mine had a 1929 boat-tailed MG with a timber frame with canvas stretched over it. The Chassis was stell, and the car hadn't run for 15 years so I had great joy tinkering with it and getting it running again. The owner then spent thousands getting it fully restored, but you can't beat the old classics lol.

    Have a great day :)


  2. Wonderful painting! Best wishes.

  3. something very attractive, Lynda!
    True, with a better colour background it would be great!

  4. Wow, I really like this piece a lot. For some reason it evokes a sense of excitement of visiting a new, big city. Really amazed with your creativity.

  5. Hi Lynda,
    Good luck with your exhibition, carn't wait to see the paintings you will be showing.

    Cheers Mark

  6. Good luck!! too cool painting
    I love the painting, colors and the title. Oh nd by the way I have an award for you at my site.

  7. Colin, I like cars best as subject matter for photography! :)

    Wow, an MG from 1929? With a timber frame? Amazing!

    Anyway, it's great to have these interests. Thanks for stopping by, Colin!

  8. Thanks, Beth Ellen! I can't wait until it's over and I can just blog and paint without the pressure!

  9. Thank you, merging point! Sometimes I feel like changing my template to black. Then I won't have these color clashes!

    Have a wonderful evening...


  10. Shimniok,

    Thank you for your too-kind words. I always have self-doubt and ambivalence, but that doesn't stop me from keeping on doing it (the art, writing, blogging, etc. and the talking, of course, lol...)

    Thanks for coming by!

  11. Mark,

    Thanks for your kind support. I'll try to take photos at my show, or if I'm frozen in place with nerves, have someone else take some. lol...

    I hope I'll have some to post. :)

  12. Bob, thanks for stopping by and reading my post and commenting.

    An award for me? Thank you so much! I'm honored to get an award from a blogger as accomplished as you! I'll be over...


  13. I love it Lynda....
    jazzy ...yes!!!! with a capital J...
    ps have ordered the Bromelain...will be in next week :)

  14. For some reason I prefer the angular pic to the swirly ones.


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