Monday, February 25, 2008

Digital Enigmas

My digital paintings consist of photomanipulation, computer-generated and mixed media works, mostly colorful abstracts with a touch of the mysterious.

Digital art offers us possibilities for finding new ways of seeing, not conceived of before the computer era. New realms of vision and perception, from the everyday to more unusual phenomena, are opened up for us. Digital painting will never replace real-time, brush-and-pigment painting, but it brings us myriad new dimensions of vision, not readily attainable by traditional means alone.

But most often, as in traditional forms of painting, the meaning of an image is the meaning the viewer gives it. Ambiguity is satisfying because it calls on the viewer to engage his/her intellect and perception, and provides a unique and singular visual experience. For me, art is not about copying reality, but about providing the exhilaration of this new visual experience. I hope you enjoy looking at my work.

You might be interested to know that these images originated in my washing machine. Yes, I took pictures of our laundry-in-process, and transformed them into these images. Hopefully you will find some fascination in them, as I did in engaging my own "art of seeing."

The above images are "Seeking the Spirit" and "Celerian." Both images copyright 2008 Lynda Lehmann. All rights reserved. If you would like to see more of my art, including painting, digital art, and photography, please visit

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  1. Very cool! I love the 1st image. Personally I find it easier to pick up my paintbrush than to deal with computer graphics (but then again, I don't have an Apple computer, either. *L*)

  2. fascinating images Lynda...
    I would never have guessed that your motivation and inspiration was a washing machine !!
    your music enhances both of these ..I feel like I am floating in aqueous caverns deep within the earth :)

  3. Hi Lana,

    I like doing both, at different times. The neat thing about the computer art is that it doesn't make a mess or smell--like my acrylics--and it's something I can do when I have only short periods of time for creating.

    I did these on a Gateway PC, so you don't need a MAC, if you want to do digital art! As a matter of fact, I'd be totally lost on a MAC!

  4. Kim, aqueous caverns would be very interesting for swimming, as long as it's summer and the water is warm!

    Today I was thrilled to notice there are fresh little buds on our trees, so spring is coming!

    I guess YOU are moving into fall...

  5. My first reaction was, Egads! Is that what your laundry looks like? LOL. But seriously, those are just amazing images. Nice work. I have Photoshop Elements, but you should see some of my sorry attempts at art. Needless to say, they don't quite look like yours do. I think something is wrong with my camera.

    Nice post Lynda. Have a nice day.

  6. very interesting images, even more so when I see "these images originated in my washing machine. Yes, I took pictures of our laundry-in-process, and transformed them into these images."
    This reminds me of the movie, Collage of Our Days.In one scene, the leading actress did exactly the same thing as you have done - shooting "the laundry-in-process"!

  7. Swubird,

    Sorry, didn't mean to hang out my dirty laundry, lol...

    I take great delight in finding the mystery, or at least a unique view, of everyday things. It's a form of insanity! Thanks for bearing with me on this. :)

  8. Thanks, Kriz! I haven't seen that movie, nor any movie recently, for that matter. Have to get to some...

    Anyway, the laundry is just as good a place to find an interesting image, as any place else! The "accidental" design of things is often very apparent in the folds of a heap of laundry on the floor (or agitating in a washing machine!)

  9. Those are very cool...never seen anything quite like that. Kind of like a lava lamp only way better! ;)

    I was just over at your other blog, and being 1/2 a monkey...I enjoyed your Monkey Business post. Loved it!

  10. Great blog site Lynda - you have worked very hard. And your artwork is interesting and beautiful as well. I will add you to my links.

  11. Lynda -

    These are beautiful. I love the colors, the "shadows", and the shapes of these... they allow the mind to wander. Each time I look at them, I see something different.

    You have such a unique perspective, and such an amazing gift with being able to present that perspective through photography, painting, and digital art.

    Nicely done!


  12. Wow! That's all I can say about your awesome talent. Just beautiful!

  13. Lynda - I was looking at these and wondering what they could possibly be of. I was thinking something macroish - never, ever would I have thought of the washing machine. Art is everywhere - and this just proves it - excellent work!!

  14. Lynda, this is inspiration from anywhere. never could guess its from the washtub.
    I like your attitude of tradition blended with development. It does signify the infinite expansion.


  15. Lynda, too cool, especially to think the idea originated with a washing machine, way cool.

  16. drowsey monkey, that's funny, my husband always refers to me as his "monkey." i hope he means it affectionately! i guess you and i are somehow related, ha ha.

    David, thanks for stopping by, for your kind words, and for the link!

    Hello Sparky! How are you? I've been wondering how you are doing with your hand. Thanks for appreciating my work! Hope you and your kids (and your hand) are well!

  17. Carol, that's an awesome compliment! Thank you! :)

    KML, I agree that beauty is everywhere, and we should take the time to see and absorb it. It makes me feel so "rich" when I find beauty in everyday things. As you know, I like your work as well! Did you notice I acknowledged you in my last post? :)

    merging point, my laundry was infinitely full of water which made it balloon out, and looking at it definitely expanded my consciousness of the beauty of laundry, lol... have a great evening and thanks for coming by! i always appreciate hearing from you.

  18. Bob, thank you! Not as cool as your GIFs!

  19. Splendid work you have here, I am quite impressed. I will be back often.

  20. yes Lynda
    we are clinging on desperately to the last remnants of summer over here :) though today was rainy ...cold....and grey...
    I am not a winter person at all...eek

  21. Dang, Lynda. I find myself in a mesmerized state with each new post of yours. I really get into these things. Actually, I'll zone to that "special place" in me and that is so cool!

  22. Lynda these are really cool, digital manipulation can be real fun, tried it before, but then I just couldn't make any sense on the end, lol, at least yours do, so powerful. Thanks for sharing, Anna :)

  23. Those are both so cool! You are creative!

  24. Hey Lynda,

    I must say that I love these digital enigmas! They are incredible...I am speechless! I wonder what it would look like on a wall, a white wall...I bet it would look absolutely gorgeous!!! :)

    Photomanipulation is a new cool art, but you are right it does not replace the brush painted art...yet I have a question: how about the feeling? Is it the same when producing two different art forms? Or do you feel more connected when you are brushing a canvas?

    Well done, dear...I loved it! :D

    Have a blessed weekend!

  25. Cooper, thanks for stopping by. I hope we will have many more visits between us, your site and mine!

  26. Kim, you and I have some similarities, but that is not one of them! While I long for spring and enjoy all the seasons for their variety, the heat of summer is my least favorite, and often makes me feel so washed out and unproductive, that I wish it away! I have friends and relies who crave the heat, but not me. I think I'm just too hyper and I don't like that it forces me to slow down.

  27. Swubird, PS, I would love to see some of your art work! That would be fun.

  28. Saboma, I know what you mean by your "special place." We each have that place inside of us, and I think we'd be a whole lot happier if we went there more often! Better than TV or the supermarket, to vest our minds in...

    Krishnamurti talked about how our need to be always entertained takes us away from important realms of consciousness, and I agree with him wholeheartedly!

  29. Anna, thank you so much. Have you been out with your camera lately, or is it way too cold up there, still? (It's too cold here, right now....shudder, shudder, and my fingers would freeze if I tried to use my camera outside...)

  30. Lisa Marie, thank you for stopping by! Nice to see you...

    Max, that is a good question and as always, you are the inquiring mind to ask it. Actually, I feel a lot of excitement doing either. The brush and my digital tablet pen are both tools, albeit different, and in both cases I'm using my eye and aesthetic judgement and having a wonderful sense of excitement and discovery. :) Just as you do, I'd imagine, in exploring and reveling in ideas!

  31. Hello Lynda!

    Thank you so much for the link. I will definitely add your blog to my blogroll. I love your works! I'm a big fan of digital arts and nature photography.

    I wish I could learn how to paint. :(


  32. Tristran, you're very welcome! I wish I were as blog and HTML savvy as you are! But alas, we're all different! :)

  33. Both of these images remind me of sea turtles and Turtle Bay on the north shore of O'ahu. I love how "liquid" they feel.

    Cindy at Rosehaven Cottage

  34. Hi Cindy, and thanks for coming by. They do look liquid, but I think the water did that, not any Photoshop filters that I used.

    Hope your weekend has been sunny and happy! :)

  35. Wonderful works Lynda!!!! Your so talented! :) Thanks for sharing with us!

  36. wow, all from the washing machine LOL! and so bloody cool, almost monstrous (which is how I feel about doing laundry).

    I really admire what you can do with photography.

  37. Hi Lynda, just dropped by to say hi! Hope all is well. Yeah been a bit too cold, I think I am spending more time with snow shovel than my camera, lol. Anna :)


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