Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Check out my Slide Show!


  1. Loved 'Spirit' and 'Salad Fractal'!
    This is a great way to showcase your work Lynda!

  2. Thanks for your comments and for voting on my painting, Janice! :)

    I have so much to learn about digital art programs, but painting is my first priority, right now!

    Enjoy your day...


  3. Ciao Lynda!
    That coincidence!
    Today I posted of Dark matter philosophical discussions...
    Hi cara, if U using the translator Systran o Reverso?
    So..thx for visiting virtual "Italy",
    cheers, see You Lyn

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  5. Wow! What a great, fabulously creative idea. I didn't know what to expect, and when the first image came up I thought it was a photomicrograph. Then I realized what was going on.


    Have a nice day

  6. Awesome Lynda, love your helix flame.

  7. I enjoyed the slide show & voted for your painting. Would you consider voting for my drinking story, "My First & Last Experience with Scotch," in exchange? (Just click for "Lana" in the upper left corner.)
    Sorry I've been absent lately--had some back problems.

  8. Lana, thanks for voting for my painting!

    I voted for your writing piece, as you have probably seen by now. I'm sorry to hear you're having back problems! I hope you're feeling better.

  9. Hanna, I like all that stuff too! One of the books I read a long time ago that I liked a lot, is THE MIND OF GOD, by Paul Davies. It's all about the nature of life and the universe! :)

    Swubird and Bob, thank you for looking at my digital art and commenting! Swubird, I always wanted to do photomicrography, but haven't yet done so! I had a neat, "REAL" microscope when I was a kid, and loved looking at the microcosm.

  10. Ciao Lyn!
    I put Your link in my blog too, grazie!
    Do You know this writer Stephen Hawking author of A Brief History of Time? (relase 2005)
    Saluti da Italia

  11. Hanna, yes, I know about him and have read quotes or apeeches by him in several of the books I've read. So now because you have suggested it, I feel I must put "A Brief History of Time" on my reading list. I had always intended to read him, but never seemed to get to it.

    Another VERY good book is Leonard Shlain's ART AND PHYSICS: PARALLEL VISIONS IN SPACE, TIME, AND LIGHT. It's full of information on the evolution of human thought and technology, and how artists intuit advances in science even before things are discovered or become a new paradigm.

    I will soon be doing Max's meme about favorite books, and you have both gotten me thinking! :)

    Hanna, do you know about the city called Calgata? I want to visit there someday, maybe live there for a few months. Of course this is a dream, because it would cost a lot of money!

    Grazie for the link, dear! Saluti da USA!

  12. Lynda I am just amazed by your art work. Your creations are not just beautiful, but ....ok I have no words. Glad you presented through the slide show - and it can be quite adictive, lol. Thanks for sharing again, Anna :)

  13. Mind blowing! speechless... beyond any descriptions...
    everything right from the art, choice of title and presentation...awesome!
    You have provided sumptuous feast for my mind...going to be back...highly contemplative..

  14. all wonderful Lynda !!!
    my favourites would have to be Patallurgy...Iron Age and Fish's amazing what you can create with digital have such a talent for using colour...harmony....and contrast in your work :)
    have a lovely weekend :)

  15. Anna, thank you! Isn't it amazing what the internet offers us in the way of tools, widgets, and other items of interest?! I like the slide show concept because it's a way to show several items by cycling through them, instead of having each of them taking up space on the page.

    Thank you for your kind words. I wish you sunshine, a melted back yard, and a relaxing weekend!

  16. Kim, I haven't even made it to "Digital Art Kindergarten," and it's a frustration because there are so many things I'd like to try. But I'm trying to keep with the painting and photography--for the most part--to grow with those.

    You too, Kim, have a lovely weekend! ;)


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