Monday, March 31, 2008

Light Through Time

Time will not wait, but takes its toll.

Boughs break, rivers thin
and bend their banks,
our faces fade and line.
Seasons change with paradigms,

our knowledge never sure.
Yet sunlight melds through ages past
while seas still lick the shore.

Stories spill
in textured light,
paint peals past eon's
weather and woe,

while we seek answers
not attained.

So time's impassive
march must go.

Image and text c 2008 Lynda Lehmann. All rights reserved.

Thank you, Blogging Friends, for reading my poem. Though I know little of writing poetry, I'm attempting to compose pieces that relate to my images and at the same time have some meaning. I hope they will resonate on a tiny note of truth for my readers. I welcome your feedback and discussion!

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  1. The marriage of words and photo are wonderful Lynda - more so because the reference to the photo is indirect. The imagery takes us in many directions making this a thought-provoking piece. Well done!

  2. lovely words and image Lynda...
    you never cease to amaze me.....
    the photo has an Italian flavour...and the blue in the shutter compliments the red bricks beautifully ...

  3. What a thoughtful poem. As I looked at your picture what struck me first, even before I saw your poem, was that at one time the building was new, perhaps an advance in building mechanics, now a memory.

  4. poetry is writings from the heart, methinks you have done well, lynda

    one Q: did you mean the paint 'peals', like a bell, or 'peels', like a stripper? ;) lol

    thx for dropping over, i have your pages linked now :D


  5. Hi Laughingwolf,

    It's meant to be a pun. Maybe it doesn't work well, in this context? It's like a pealing bell, that announces the passage of time and the misery of much of the human conditon.

    Told you I don't know much about poetry! Still, it's satisfying to try to express these thoughts.

    Thank YOU for the links! :)

  6. Lynda:

    Good job. The image and the poem go together. Although as I read it I couldn't help thinking about my own body and face - wasting away with the years like the paint peeling off those bricks. Eventually, bricks or humans, we all end up in the same place.

    Have a nice April Fool's DAy

  7. Swubird, that's exactly it. So let's enjoy the light while we can! (I try to rejoice in life instead of thinking about all that quiet emptiness that will follow...but it's not always easy to do, when we're standing on the other side of the hill,lol...)

  8. Janice, thank you so much for taking a moment to read it and think about it! I'm trying to express some thoughts that have been lying around in my stale old brain, collecting dust.

    Bringing them into the light of day is fulfilling and makes doing the art more fulfilling, and then even more so if someone nice like you, finds meaning in it!

  9. Kim, thank you. We don't know in the instant of attraction when we first find and snap that photo, what underlying themes make a particular scene or object interesting. If I think about it later on, I can find those latent thoughts and bring them to the surface--some of the time, lol.

    Hugs, dear...

  10. watterrose, i'm glad you related to my post. the way i figure it, we'll be lucky to be remembered by a handful of people. in the meantime, before we fade, we're more resilient and have more soul than those bricks!

  11. Firstly, i love the new look with such vibrant colours on the header.

    I was a bit shocked to see the picture of peeled and broken bricks posted by you. Yours always reflect a completeness. This picture reveals a sign of some hidden thoughts being exhausted and its flowed as a poem.
    Divine lets us exhaust and express in so many ways..simply we only need to be grateful.

  12. Lynda--
    Like your site. Lots of good stuff. Love the music.

  13. I did enjoy it and I like the idea of a poem or quote to go with your work :)

  14. Lovely photo & poem. :) Keep up the good work!

  15. Lynda, cool image love the color combination, and great words, brings the image to life. Lynda love the new look of your site, super job!!

  16. Merging Point,

    I've changed the look again--groping to have it feel right to me.

    I always love to read your comments as you seem to think so deeply on things.

    Thank you for reading my little poem! :)

  17. thx, some days i'm just THICK ;) lol

  18. Jafabrit and Terry, thank you!

    Have a nice evening! :)

  19. Lana, thank you! Did you win the contest for your writing?

  20. Bob, I sure don't know all the HTML secrets or have the "tool kit" you do, but I'm trying to make my page more pleasant to the eye.

    Thanks for your support!

  21. Lynda, Beautiful photo and great poem. "Time" a blessing and a curse. Thanks so much for the add. I look forward to checking out more of you blog.. Thanks for sharing!

  22. something ate my post... oh well :(

  23. There is so much beauty in the wall and your words. I may be wrong but I think we are often blind to this kind of beauty in our youth [I know I was] and as we age our eyes open more.


  24. Hi Lynda,
    "Though I know little of writing poetry, I'm attempting to compose pieces that relate to my images and at the same time have some meaning."

    I think you did a wonderful job here, and your poetry is better than you think it is. I enjoyed this piece, and the photo is not only relevant to the poem, it is a fine picture by itself. Thank you for sharing, Lynda. I enjoy your work.

    "Stories spill
    in textured light,
    paint peals past eon's
    weather and woe..."
    I really love this line...

  25. Lynda for second I thought I got lost, what a make over of your blog, it is really nice, love the top banner, layout and everything, including you. Thanks for sharing this beautiful poem before I forget. Anna :)

  26. wow Lynda !!!
    I love the new's beautiful....
    the makeover looks terrific...
    the dark background gives your blog an air of mystery and elegance..
    'spring' is definitely in the air over your way... :) :)

  27. Casey, you're welcome!

    Stacey, you've summed it up perfectly: "'Time' a blessing and a curse." None of us can escape its grasp!

    laughing wolf, it might interest you to know that i am dense ALL the time!

  28. Mr. Grudge, thank you so much for your thoughtful assessment and encouragement! Thanks for coming by. :)

  29. miladysa, thank you so much! Yes, I agreee that as we age we gain wisdom and vision and become more sensitive to the world around us. Looking at things with/through a camera helps me to notice things I might otherwise not zoom in on, no pun intended...

  30. Anna, thank you so much my dear!

    I tried today to go back to an email subscription for your blog, but couldn't do that. ???? Do you have just a feed subscription?

  31. Kim, as you have such a wonderful design sense, I will savor your enthusiasm over my banner. I have tried several JPGs over the past few days, and this is the first one that felt right, for some reason. Thanks, Cookie!

  32. I like the poem - you have a way of putting the words well with the photos.

    I also like how your redesigned your blog - and the banner is just gorgeous!

    Take care,

  33. this is a wonderful poem!
    you are enormously gifted both as a photographer and a poet :)

  34. Hi Lynda I will investiage this further. I will be adding some RRS subscriptions, so hopefully this will solve the problem. thanks for your patience. Anna :)

  35. Mystic Rose, you are too kind! Thank you very much for the lovely compliment! Would that I COULD live up to such a statement!

  36. Kathy, thank you and thank you again! Do you think the banner might be too large and overwhelming? I like it too, but I'm not sure if it should be so large...?

  37. hi Lynda...
    I don't think the banner is too large ..
    I think it makes a wonderful statement...and really takes my breath away when I open up your page.. :)


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