Monday, March 24, 2008

Please Vote for "Monkey Business!"

If you're an artist, sculptor, or photographer, you can have a free site at You can put your work in their SALEROOM, also for free, and they take no commission. Or you can enter your art into their SHOWDOWN to bring more viewers to your portfolio there.

You might have seen this painting in a previous post. "Monkey Business" is a lively, bright, acrylic abstract, biomorphic and somewhat whimsical. It's 24 x 36 inches on gallery-wrapped canvas, and has lots of energy and movement. I've loaded it for the SAATCHI SHOWDOWN round that runs between 03-24-2008 and 03-31-2008, and I would love to have your vote! All you have to do is click on this link, and look for "Monkey Business" below the marquis at the top of the page. (A vote of "one" is the lowest, and "ten" is the top rating.) A great big THANK YOU to my blogging friends for all your support!

Image c Lynda Lehmann. If you would like to view more of my art or make a purchase, please visit Lynda Lehmann Painting and Photography or Imagekind.

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  1. Hey Lynda, I remember that post, I thought it was great, gave it what it deserves a 10.

  2. I gave you a ten. And I meant it.

  3. Lynda:

    Okay, you got my vote. And it was my pleasure.

    Great piece of art.

    HAve a nice day.

  4. You deserve The Best, lynda!

  5. Hi! Just voted. Love the painting! I have something in common with this painting, as I'm always up to Monkey Business so I'm told!

    Take Care,

  6. Mary Ann, Bob, sctshep, Swubird, marging point, and Peter, thanks for taking the time to vote today!


  7. Hi lynda,
    Thanks for stopping by. You have such beautiful artwork. My mom loves it and your blog. We will be back!

  8. This is your music Carlos Naki?

  9. I love this work Lynda...
    and I certainly would be voting a 10 for you if I can get into the site....
    I'll have another trying one of the links from my site.. :)

  10. Ciao Lynda!
    thx for the visit and comment,
    I vited for You! 10 rated!
    Mi piace energia in movimento!
    XXXKISSSXXXX & (((((HUGS))))))

  11. Hey Lynda!
    Today I copy this art in my blog:
    Thanx a million,
    pubbliche relazioni!
    ;) ciao

  12. Lynda,

    I just discoverd your site this morning (Wed). I went to the site and voted for your Monkey Business painting!

    I will come back because I enjoy your work. Take care.

  13. Lynda,

    I just discoverd your site this morning (Wed). I went to the site and voted for your Monkey Business painting!

    I will come back because I enjoy your work. Take care.

  14. JB, hi and thanks for stopping over. You're not my usual kind of visitor!

    I'm not too much of a cat lover, but I think you're a real beauty! ;)

  15. Waterrose, thank you.

    I have some Carlos Nakai at home, but no, this is Marina Raye on my player. I haven't bought any of her music yet, but it's my bet she has CDs on sale at Amazon!

  16. Kim, I haven't had trouble getting on Saatchi this time around. Sometimes the site is just too busy to get into. Thanks for your attempts!

    I forgot to mention that when you wash Sheila, you'd better hang her inside. You will get eagles nesting if you hang her outdoors to dry! (do you have eagles in AU?)

  17. Hanna, it's good to see you! Thank you, as well. "Purple Magoo" is one of my favorite watercolors.

    Your page looks great, very fanciful!

    Big hugs to you in Italy. :)


  18. Russell, thank you very much! I'll be over to visit YOUR site today. Have a good one!

  19. Hi Lynda, just to let you know I did vote when this post was out, but I think I forgot to comment back, lol. So here I am, and I given you 10, if there was 11, I would always pick the highest number, you deserved because you are real talent, and the slide show confirmed even more. Thanks, Anna :)

  20. Janice, thanks a million for voting!

    Anna, I thank you for voting and for coming back to tell me you did!
    Hugs to ya!

  21. This was already one of my favorites of yours so twas a pleasure to be able to vote for it.. That is quite the plethora of artwork you're up against; good luck!

    Drink Deeply [of me])
    "It has been said that art is a tryst, for in the joy of it maker and beholder meet." ~ Kojiro Tomita

  22. coffeesister,

    thank you for voting. yes, the odds are quite stacked against any particular individual "winning" recognition, but at least the showdown brings more exposure to artists.

    that is a wonderful quote! and so true that the viewer is called upon to interact with the art in whatever way his/her perception dictates.

    i just went to your page and saw in your banner, "GROK"! You must have read "Stranger in a Strange Land" too! My sister and I used to have a fascination for that word and its implications.

    thanks for your visit!

  23. LOL Lynda...
    we have have hawks and pelicans :D
    I'll keep that in mind though ;)
    saatchi is being particularly
    unco-operative...most annoying !!

  24. Kim, the way I see it is that on any given day, at least one third of our available technology will be grossly dysfunctional. Kind of like people, lol...

  25. Tis indeed the exposure Saatchi's offering that's fantastic & I hope you come out a favorite. ^_^ To echo the quote previously cited, I think art is made complete in the interaction..

    As for grok, "Stranger in a Strange Land" became my favorite book at a young age & my fascination w/grokking is alive & well! ~_^

    Drink Deeply [of me])
    "There was so much to grok, so little to grok from." ~ Robert A. Heinlein

    PS: Thanx ever so for the reciprocal link!!
    (|_| *cheers* |_|)

  26. Good one lynda! you play with colours or colours play with you. Whichever way the outcome is superb!!!


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