Sunday, April 13, 2008

Spring Flame

I'm uploading this image to wish you all a happy and bright spring! We passed the most beautiful flowers hanging in window pots outside a local Long Island restaurant today, and I shot them in spite of a stiff and maddening wind. I manipulated this one in Photoshop, repeating a single blossom to make the composition.

It was my first day out since last Tuesday. Seems I had a little bout of flu, and now I have to catch up on all your posts! I hope you've had a better week than I did, although all things considered, I have nothing to complain about. Happy spring!!

Image c Lynda Lehmann. If you are interested in purchasing this image or any of my art, please visit Lynda Lehmann Painting and Photography. Or you can buy it framed at Imagekind.

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  1. Beautiful flower Lynda - good job processing!
    Love the irises on your banner too.

  2. I hope you feel ok now. excellent shot and coloors

  3. Very lovely. :) Dare I ask where the restaurant was? I grew up on Long Island...

  4. Janice, thank you! Happy spring! :)

  5. Evlahos, I'm feeling fine now, thanks, and the sun is shining, so it's a marvelous day! Thank you for coming by. :)

  6. What a wonderful Blog you have here!

    Thank you for sharing your photographs with us.

    Best wishes

  7. Glad you are feeling better! The colors are gorgeous - the blue background really makes the flower stand out.

  8. oh this is gorgeous Lynda !!
    and reminds me of Georgia O'keefe's work...
    I love the richness of the gold with that beautiful blue....
    flu in springtime...ouch...I hope you are well rid of it...
    Happy Springtime to you...

  9. I'm sorry to hear that you've been sick. Glad that you're feeling better now. This picture is beautiful. A perfect welcome to spring.

  10. I am divided on how I feel about artificially tampering with a natural shot. But I guess all's fair in love and art. Besides I like fractal art and one cannot get any more artificial and contrived than that.
    It looks like a mum blossom to me.

  11. Lynda: Thanks for looking at my blog. I'm glad you did because now I've found yours! I love your photos and paintings and your poems are quite something. I'm flattered that someone with your talents should find something good over at my place! Do you mind if I add you as a link? I'll be back!


  12. Whoa Lynda!

    I don't know how you do this stuff, but your pictures are really beautiful. I'm swept away by these images.

    To say have a nice day seems so inadequate after viewing your work.

  13. Hey Lynda,

    What a beautiful flower!! Loved the way you manipulated the image, it looks great :D!

    You have been with a flu? Oh no...I hope you are feeling better, darling :)!

    I wish you a great rest of the week, so far mine has been great :D!

    May God light your way!


  14. And of course: Happy Spring!!!!

  15. I'm glad you're out and about again and hope you're feeling better. Being sick is NO FUN! I love you new header with the iris. So gorgeous. And I envy your Photoshop skills.

    Cindy at Rosehaven Cottage

  16. Lynda, beautiful, colors are cool, it looks like a painting.

  17. Stunning. There is such a strong life-force running through your work. I love it already and I've only had a glimpse.

  18. Pagan Sphinx,

    I've just read your profile and feel we share similar interests and a similar "world orientation," if you will.

    Strangely, of all the comments and feedback I've ever received
    about my art, I think YOU hit the nail on the head. You said "There is such a strong life-force running through your work." I think that I feel that most intensely, regarding my own work, and it's wierd to me that you could feel it! I think the strong life force is the essence of my art. I make no pretensions to anything else.

    Thanks for coming by!

  19. ANNIE and LOMAN, and KATHY, thanks for visiting and commenting!

    KATHY, do you use Photoshop?

    KIM, I'm feeling much better this week and now I just have the spring allergies to contend with. I do love Georgia O'Keefe and to look at things enlarged and "up close and personal." The "Mystery" becomes apparent in that perspective...

    How is your shoulder, these days?

    SANDPIPER, hello and thank you for visiting, and for your good wishes! You have some amazing images on your blog!!

    GOATMAN, these are all just TOOLS for making art. I make no distinctions among them, except to say that this or that one feels best for this or that project. If the end result is beauty (or at least I hope it is) then I don't care much how I got there! To me, it's all a wonderful revelation of the mystery at the heart of the universe.

  20. SINGING BEAR, thank you for your wonderful feedback. You are too kind! I've added your link, too! :)

  21. SWUBIRD, you flatter me! But to say I don't like it, would be a lie! Thanks for your enthusiasm!

    WATTERROSE, thank you! I'll be over to visit, soon!

    MAX, it's always great to see you! I'm feeling better, thanks. I'm glad you've had a great week!

    CINDY, good to see you and thanks for visiting. Please don't envy my Photoshop skills. I"ve just been "learning by doing," over these past few years. There's probably 80 % of the program that I still know nothing about!

    LANA, as we have acknowledged in our email, one day we may meet! :)

    BOB, thank you! I was fascinated by your X shot of the moon! What luck...and of course, focus and perseverance on your part to look into these things. :)

  22. beautiful, looks so much like a 3D plant, so real, so full of texture.

  23. Stunning image! Eckhart Tolle said flowers may be responsible for the development of consciousness in humans. It's not difficult to image why.


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