Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Through a Forest, Darkly

Through a Forest, Darkly

Ground thunders
while suspicions steal
past towering giants
whose leaves hiss danger.
Boughs asunder with weight of dread,
sense your sly, subjective gloom.

A haunted conscience
murmurs malaise:
the soul's twilight
in the light of the moon.

Text and Image c 2008 Lynda Lehmann

This image and poem are just a little bit of mischief or shall we say, antic play. I often wonder how much of the anxiety that we are so deft in projecting outward, is confronted by us in the light of day. We are more apt to flop ourselves down on a couch in front of the ever-friendly and reassuring, ubiquitous TV, the world-wide-web of our collective entertainment strivings, than sit down to ponder the state of our personal affairs. This causes us to carry our anxieties into the the darkness and slumber of night, where they will invariably GROW! Wha'd'ya think?

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  1. Lynda; I am honored to have you link my blog - thank you. I don't keep a blogroll myself but you can be assured if I did you would definitely be on it :)
    Secondly, I LOVE this poem! Not only is it perfect with the painting but it could easily stand alone as its own work of art.
    '...the soul's twilight in the light of the moon.' - what an awesome line - the whole poem is full of thought-provoking imagery.
    As you suggest we would do well to study and analyze our thoughts and feelings instead of retiring with doom and gloom on our minds. As long as we react to situations so long will we bear the unnecessary guilt, gloom and/or suffering.
    Excellent post Lynda!

  2. Oh, I agree. What a beautiful blog. I saw your comment at Singbear's and thought I'd drop by. So glad I did. I haven't much time at the moment but I will be back to take it all in.


  3. Ciao Lynda!
    Thx for the comment.
    I also have a lot of books to read.
    Since you began to write poetry?
    cheers from Italy ;)

  4. JANICE - Thank you for agreeing with me, lol! Just kidding, but I do love it when something I say resonates with someone.

    I linked to you because of your poetic and gentle soul, and your love of nature which permeates your blog! :)

    PS - Since you write poetry, I would welcome any criticisms you might have to offer. I'm concerned more with efficacy at communicating a meaning or shade of meaning than I am with being in top form. Still, I'm eager to learn.

  5. Evlahos, thanks! Enjoy your day...


  6. though i have quiet times for myself to think about things, I do spend more time in front of the tv and the web when i don't really need to. =(

  7. hi Lynda
    what a magical image and such a wonderful full of rich imagery !!...beautiful :)
    I very rarely lose sleep through anxious thoughts...usually my head hits the pillow and I'm asleep...and I always wake with the sun...which works for me...
    I spend 10 minutes (maximum) worrying after breakfast...if I can't DO anything about the problem then I usually let it go...and get on with the rest of my day :) :)

  8. "My souls twilight
    in the light of the moon"
    got me.

    (I said this before reading janice's comment ,as we tend to think alike)

    I find its not the light of day but the dark of night amongst the sleepy discourse which brings my soul to light and spooks my balance; but thanks for reminding me.

  9. Lynda love reading your stuff, and the pics add so much, great combo, reflect much when I'm under the stars in the dark by myself, well myself and billions of stars.:)

  10. Lynda,

    Getting back to you - thanks for dropping in on my blog - these past few weeks have been very busy for me.

    I like this poem. It is very thought provoking, so I doubt that you will get any 'criticisms' on it.


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