Monday, May 12, 2008

Midnight Rampage and "Art Cries Out" Protest-Art Website

Deep red-orange streaking curves against a moody dark blue-purple ground evoke a dramatic clash or confrontration in this abstract digital piece. Image c Lynda Lehmann.

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A real-time friend told me about this site, so I checked it out.

"Art Cries Out" promotes and features protest art. For those of us who experience malaise because we have serious peace, justice and environmental concerns, this may be just what the doctor ordered. So go on over and pay them a visit, give them your support, and maybe submit your protest art! I think they take writing as well as images.

I hope to dig up my anti-nuclear posters sometime before or during the summer, to submit to them. This is another way to make our voices heard! I'm sorry for posting twice in 24 hours, but I found this site and I think it's important to get this post about it out there!

"Where the Truth Lies" is available at Lynda Lehmann Painting and Photography and will soon be in my gallery at Imagekind . I think this image and title, implying multiplicity, go well with the idea of justice for all.


  1. Lynda:

    How you doing Lynda? Great I hope. You have the greatest stuff on your posts. I can't wait to see your anti nuclear posters.

    Happy trails.

  2. That B&W is a stunning image!
    I also like the colors of your abstract - very moody piece - love it. Off to check that link now...

  3. very artistic and effective work. thanks for the link. I'm waiting for your posters

  4. your digital piece is very futuristic....I love the orange contrasting with the purple...
    I have been buying a lot of orange 'things' lately :)
    I will check out the protest site too ...sounds very interesting...
    I too am looking forward to seeing your anti nuclear posters...
    have a great day Lynda... :)

  5. Great to see your creations.
    And let me tell you I'm like you ... the joy and beauty of seeing a bowl full of fruits ... all kinds of fruit mixed up!

  6. Love your digital stuff, neat idea for a website, great link.

  7. Very interesting. Thanks for sharing this link.

  8. Lynda,

    I absolutely loved the first image on this post!! Gorgeous is all that comes to mind (it is so modern, so lively, so chic)!

    Bring on those posters!

    I hope you are well, darling :D!

    Cheers, my friend

  9. Lynda, I'll check your link out later.

    Love that piece, it is gorgeous.


  10. Lynda, powerful pics .. the B&W is amazing in its total impact ...


  11. Hi dear Linda Art is wonderful It can express anything much better.
    Thanks for the link

  12. Lynda,
    What beautiful photos and a great post. I'll check the protest art site out. Sounds interesting. :D I always love visiting your blog. I know we would be good friends if we lived next door to each other.

    Hugs, JJ

  13. Both images are lovely.. I've often felt that black & white images are more striking. I relish the play of colors and how wonderfully you've described the first image in words..
    the website.. I'll surely check out :)


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