Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Blue Genesis, The Texture of Life, Damariscotta Dream

A few of my friends have asked me how I manage to paint when we are in Maine, working on the house. So I'll tell you that I paint at the top of the garage, where I have no running water. I have to carry it across the street and up a LONG flight of stairs in containers, and use it sparingly to rinse my brushes, seen here. Often I leave them soaking and keep my fingers crossed that they won't mold or rot before I can use them again. It's inconvenient. But hey, where there's a will, there's a way!

Here are a few of my recent paintings. I've done ten of them in the past few weeks. Which was a good thing--I had not touched brush and pigment for the past four months, as that big ole' train called "life" kept coming at me with other things!

Blue Genesis - Image c 2008 Lynda Lehmann

Damariscotta Dream - Image c 2008 Lynda Lehmann

The Texture of Life - Image c 20008 Lynda Lehmann

The Texture of Life has been loaded for the SAATCHI SHOWDOWN round that ends on September 29, so there are just two days left to vote. I meant to post this sooner, but it got away from me. http://www.saatchi-gallery.co.uk/showdown/index.php?showpic=165621

A great big THANK YOU to my blogging friends for your comments, and for sharing your thoughts and interests on your blogs!

Images c Lynda Lehmann. If you would like to view more of my art or make a purchase, please visit Lynda Lehmann Painting and Photography or my gallery at Imagekind, where you can buy my prints plain or matted and framed.

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  1. Glad you're getting some painting in, regardless of the location & conditions! ;) "Blue Genesis" reminds me of Pollack.

  2. wow 10 paintings Lynda!!!
    that's fabulous :)
    carrying the water sounds like a pain..thank goodness you're not using oils...
    these are fabulous ..I love the Blue Genesis..it appeals to my cubist heart :)
    love the Damaricotta Dream too..what a wonderful title..sounds Italian ;)
    I'll have another go at getting into Saatchi to vote for your Texture of Life :)

  3. Hi Lynda - The Texture of Life is the one I would have entered too - love the colors! I'm on my way to vote!

    Even with all your house renovations I'm glad you were able to do some painting - transporting the water and all!

    Take care!

  4. Love the movement in these, and glad you're able to get back into the swing of painting. Personally, I'm wondering about working in the loft...

  5. Lynda,

    I am extremely impressed!!! I absolutely loved the "Damaricotta Dream" it is beautiful! The other one I loved was "The Texture of life" warm colours (they reminded me of a summer I spent in Africa)!

    You are a fantastic artist (I don't know if I had told you before, but that's what I think of you)! I have seen much of your work, but "Damaricotta Dream" is one of my favourites!! :D

    Maine is doing you well, darling! :D


  6. Lynda:

    The only experience I have with art is the Art Appreciation class I took in College. It was an eye opener, but it sure didn't qualify me as an art critique. However, I think your work is fantastic. These paintings are beautiful.

    I went to the voting site and voted, but there was no feedback to let me know if the vote took.

    Happy trails.

  7. Beautiful paintings Lynda, I'll remember to vote the next go round.

  8. Wow you are doing some incredible work under some strenuous circumstances.

    This is truly a small world. Our bank is there. When we moved we kept our bank there.

    We used to live just down the road and all of our Dr.'s were and are still there.

    What a coincidence. Oh I am just thrilled for you.:-)))

  9. Linda I really like Blue Genesis -

  10. Just dropping in to say hi!! I hope you have a grand day.:-)))

  11. Lynda omg that is lot of work. Mind you this is very nice photo of your brushes. Great paintings of yours, I always enjoy looking at them, and sometimes dreaming, lol. Thanks for sharing, and hope everything is okay with you. Anna :)

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  13. Hi Lynda,
    Thanks for dropping by and leaving such a wonderful comment. Ana really is very good and truly reasonable on her prices.

    With that said I am here for this:
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  14. I often leave my brushes in water as well.Your paintings look wonderful. Thank you for sharing them with us. :)

  15. Hi Lynda thank you for your encouragement. I think I really need it now. If you have printers that work...plssssssss keep them! New is not better. Tomorrow I will be returning my 2nd new printer again. I started with a HP 7280 - It scanned horribly. Then I recently bought an upgrade C8180 and believe it or not I struggled to get half decent scans, and now it's broken! Wow.... I can't copy anything without crinkling the paper. Is that incredible. Oh how I long for the gooooood old days when I had my old printer.

    I looked at the Blue Genesis again, and it just seems to be alive and flowing.... take care and nice talking to you. I hope that the next time I'll be a little more chipper.....bye

  16. I really liked Damariscotta Dream.

  17. Well I got so busy with things, I forgot to check here and I need to add you to my blogroll list so I see when you update. Beautiful paintings.


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