Monday, October 13, 2008

Gateway to Mystery

Gateway to Mystery - c Lynda Lehmann

With its musk and mystery the forest beckons, and holds me in its warm embrace. I'm taken by the glow, the lush, rich and intricate tapestry of living things. As the canopy closes around me, I'm forced to silence; the arbor seems more real than real, amazing and transforming me. And I know from the exhilaration I feel, that I exist.

Text and image c Lynda Lehmann. All rights reserved.

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  1. So perceptive. 'More real than real' touches the heightened sense of being in a forest. Lovely image.

  2. and apart from knowing you exist, any other discoveries in the mystery?

  3. virtual voyage, thank you so much!

    evlahos, thank you for visiting and commenting!

    Kriz, actually, that's a good question! I think I'm content to know that inner glow that comes from recognition of "The Great Mystery" and to feel the joy of it!

  4. Having just explored all the pictures on your blog, I don't know where to begin commenting - a photograph or a painting? Well, since this photo, like my last post, shows autumn, I'll leave my note here. You have a wonderful eye and imagination, and I know I will enjoy stopping back here often. So many beautiful images, it's hard to pick a favorite. Thanks for stopping by my blog and letting me discover your work.

  5. Kia ora Lynda,
    You have captured so well the ethereal atmosphere of interacting with the forest. It does become a single living entity and we can feel the energy, and absorb it. The forest here is more of lush greens, bordering on sub tropical in places, but that musty lovely aroma is the same. What I miss are the colours of autumn. Thank you for reminding me and sharing the beauty.

  6. Yes, yes! That's exactly how it feels to be in the forest! You captured it so succinctly and eloquently.


  7. simply breathtaking image must be wonderful to be inspired by these beautiful surroundings...
    hope all is going well with your renovation schedule...wishing you a happy week :)

  8. Beautifully described! We were just in the woods this past weekend and you words describe it perfectly!

  9. Oh my how I do miss the drama of the changing. This is stunning Lynda. I am so pleased for you!

    And I am heeding your advice if I am not better by the time my husband gets home in a few days.

    I had not thought of that. And I am well aware of how prevalent it is after living there for so long.

    Thanks for the reminder!!:-)

  10. Lynda:

    I'd like to go there right now. It looks so peaceful and quite. Well done. The image is beautiful, and the words are very appropriate. It gave me pause to think about nature and all the wonders that exist on this great planet.

    Happy trails.

  11. Hey Lynda,

    Beautiful text, gorgeous photo: Autumn is here, and I have the feeling that you like it :D!

    Well done :D!

    I hope all is well with you!


  12. I totally agree with that sentiment. Lovely photo. Makes me miss the North (just a little. ;)

  13. Lynda, Lynda, Lynda:

    Your pictures just keep getting better. This image is so realistic, it makes me feel like I can walk right into it.

    Well done.

    happy trails.

  14. Hi Lynda, what a beautiful post write up along with beautiful fall image, so inspirational. Thanks for sharing, and I hope you enjoying your time off from blogging. Anna :)


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