Sunday, December 14, 2008

Monolithic Thinking and Imagination Deficit

Origin of Mind - c 2005 Lynda Lehmann

Ronald Isom wrote a post called The Primacy of Imagination on his blog Metrogadfly Documents, that piqued on one of my pet peeves. He describes people with rigid mindsets that will not allow for input or processing of new information, and certainly not for any level of rational debate.

I know a few people like that, whose picture of the world is so fixed as to allow not one iota of doubt to enter their minds, that their "picture" might be stilted. They are so busy defending their rigid snapshot of the world that wonder, creative impulse, empathy, and a feeling of connectedness are impossible for them. They are truly alienated from the universe, walled in by monolithic thought.

While I respect the feelings of such people and recognize that nature and nurture may have come together in such a way as to foster such traits in their personalities, their resistance often makes it difficult for other people within their spheres of influence, to express themselves!

What's your opinion on this subject?

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  1. Lynda, my opinion is that it is really hard to get through these people. You know I took once for fun hand writing was really cool. However, we asked lady what happens when your hand writing changes - she replied, you become more original, more you, more creative, more open, and free. However, there are people with very fixated hand writing that is always always the same...and I noticed also how true it was, they are the hardest people to change, convince....

    Excellent post Lynda as always. I love the interesting.

    Anna :)

  2. I love coming here and seeing your work that is posted

  3. ANNA, while I don't want to change anybody, and I can only control how I REACT to them, I think it's good to be aware of how entrenched a person can be behind the armor of his or her belief. I feel fortunate to be a bit more open-minded (at least I think and hope I am...)

    I think you can tell a lot about a person by looking at the handwriting. While it's not a science, neither are art, intuition, or the practice of medicine! So often we have to go on our "gut" feeling.

    It's good to see you, Anna my friend, and I hope you are feeling excited and joyous to share Matthew's first Christmas!

  4. Cactus Jack Splash, I'm glad you enjoy visiting. Come on over any time!

    And I enjoy your visits!

  5. that is such a spooky picture and really works for the subject you are talking about.

    I would say my opinion is pretty much the same as yours. I have seen people who even when presented with supportable info that contradicts a mindset will shrug it off. They don't want to know. Some don't want to be confused by the facts because it means they will have to change (maybe their lifestyle, their church, their politics, their friendships, their morality), and some people just don't want to do that.

  6. I think many individuals walled in by "monolithic thought" really would like an escape plan. However they are frozen by the size of the wall. It's to big to climb over, the foundation is too deep to tunnel under and the walls are too thick to dynamite. The guards on top of the wall are well armed and unswayed by logical thought.

  7. JAFABRIT, I wonder how much of the heartache in the world could be avoided if people were not so entrenched in their subjectivity. But alas, I guess it's their personal pain that cements those walls....

  8. Cool image!
    As for the subject, my hubby & I had a really lengthy discussion about this subject over dinner tonight. My short answer is, unfortunately "people are people." I try to avoid rigid thinkers, personally. A closed mind gathers no knowledge, after all.

  9. I agree with you. Nothing is more frustrating than to meet someone like that and you know they are wrong. They can't even see the alternative let alone consider it. I often wonder how such people make it through life.

    Then again I remember times in my life when I couldn't, or wouldn't see the other side. I knew what I knew and that was it. But then later on I began to change and become more accepting.

    It seems to me that this is the way American politics works. We choose a Democrat president who typically remains in office for eight years. Then we choose a Republican who does the same. Then we go back to a Democrat, then a Republican. We are each doggedly stubborn with our choices and our ideologies, yet the majority of us seem to change our minds on a predictable cycle.

    So I guess it's partly and matter of timing. When two people, or two groups are at desperate odds, maybe it's a good idea to set the issue aside for a while. That gives both sides time to reconsider their position. Who knows? They may even change their minds.

    I love the picture. Eerie.

    Happy trails.

  10. Very interesting! Makes you think!

  11. lovely colours in your image Lynda and the eyes are hypnotic...
    I've worked with with quite a lot of rigid and terribly uncreative people in the teaching field..
    the problem with these people is that they kill creativity in the children that they "teach"
    such a shame :(

  12. Kia ora Lynda,
    I think our relationships with people are like a garden in Nature, the ones who grow with us, maybe even in other directions still stay with us, but those that stay rooted often go unwatered thus tend to wither on the vine. I just returned from a trip to the South Island where I met in person 3 people I connected with through the blog. It was an amazing open experience. Happy Holidays!

  13. It was another year filled with your beautiful art work and photography.

    Merry Christmas.

  14. Lana, once I realize that someone IS that stubborn and closed off, I make the decision to keep the relationship at arm's length. Or if necessary, back off from it. I never try to change them. It's a waste of time and effort and can destroy the relationship entirely. I try to remain at least civil and at peace with that person.

    I feel sorry for people who have locked their minds and feelings somewhere in their past, and thrown away the key. They're missing so much.

    If you and your hubby were discussing this, my post is timely. (I usually have very BAD timing, lol....)

    An offshoot of this discussion is a discussion of truth presenting in shades of gray, not black and white. Every person on earth has his or her own version of the truth! The only things that are certain are birth, death, and taxes!

  15. Swubird, it's better to be pliant and open to new ideas and information, and it's part of our maturity as human beings. The older I get, the more I realize how little I know. Not so with everyone.

    I wouldn't dare enterttain to think that I know how someone else should run his life.

    Conflict with stubborn people becomes so tiring. I'm glad I have my art to help me realize how subjective my own "truths" are. The creative process also humbles me because of how much I stand in awe of it. It's way beyond my understanding to feel I can define life-truths, let alone the source and power of creativity.

    Swibird, I always love your visits and thank you so much for the holiday wish. Joy and peace to you and your family. I look forward to reading about more of your life experiences in the new year! :)

  16. I find this image very fascinating and appealing. I LOVE the color and the concept.

    I think inflexibility is a hinder to creativity, but sometimes people aren't strong or confident enough to have their mind pushed open by others.

  17. I think this goes much further then this, first of all we live in a Monotheist society, this still is a Male Dominator society ruled by a male god, this is the general image that people carry with them and define their world according to that, most people respond and live in fear, fear is their god, how do you change when you are scared to change, how do you live when your belief system is so narrow that doesnt allow any external data to enter their confined minds?
    Our intellects have entrapped ourselves in our own boxes, the intellect is finite, the subconscious is infinite, most people don't tap into the collective unconscious.

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