Saturday, December 27, 2008

Three New Digital Painting Fantasies

Sunlight Through the Clerestory

Night Lanterns

Rage of the Minotaur

Even with the sparkle of the holidays, it's good to step back from the partying, over-eating, interactions and distractions, to get a sense of who we are. For me, making any kind of art fills the bill. It's sure beats stuffing on holiday goodies, for satisfaction. For me, it's a kind of euphoria that's always attainable. And will be, for as long as I have my faculties.

So let me take this opportunity to wish you all HAPPY HOLIDAYS and every imaginable blessing in the coming year. May all your dreams come true, and may you feel joy in your pursuits, as I do in making images.

All images and text c Lynda Lehmann. If you would like to view more of my art or make a purchase, please visit Lynda Lehmann Painting and Photography or my gallery at Imagekind, where you can choose from several sizes and paper types or buy my prints plain or matted and framed.

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  1. Stunning colors and great depth in all of them, Lynda! :-)

  2. gorgeous colours Lynda....
    and if I had to pick a favourite it would be the first one ...
    I love the combination of the purple and turquoise...
    I hope your New Year is filled with happy days and many hours of creativity....

    oh well...back to the packing ;)

  3. Anne, thank you! Hope you are having a good holiday week! Hugs...

  4. Kim, the good wishes back at ya!

    You must be excited to move and also to have it behind you, so you can get back to more blogging and artwork and your painting of Alex and his girlfriend!

  5. I love all three of them, great job!!

  6. Oh Lynda all three of these are absolutely stunning! Gosh this looks like it could be your forte they are such beautiful and well-titled pieces.

  7. Hey Lynda!

    Wow...what a magnificent "Sunlight Through the Clerestory"! It is so colourful, so positive, so mystical!

    Every time I come to your blog I find something new and gorgeous! Thank you!

    "Night Lanterns" is also quite mystical: I loved it!

    Thank you for this awesome gift, Lynda!! :D I needed some positive vibes today and I got them here!

    Happy New Year, my dear friend *hug*!


  8. Lynda:

    These three Kings were always my favorites. I love the surrealistic beauty. You certainly have a way with colors. And what an imagination! Great stuff.

    Happy New Year

  9. happy new year to you and yours, lynda :D

  10. The first one looks like a beautiful stained glass window - all lit up from behind. It's gorgeous, Lynda!

    Hope you and your family have a Happy New Year that is filled with all that is good!

    Take care,

  11. They are gorgeous, Linda!!!!

    HAPPY NEW YEAR to you!

    Sue's Daily Photography

  12. Carrie, thank you and happy new year!

  13. Janice, since you are so good with words, I'll take it as a great compliment that you like my titles! Happy New Year! ( I bet it's almost as cold here as it is by you in the far North...)

  14. Kathy and Susanne, thank you and Happy New Year! I wish you both many hours of happily creative photo shooting in the coming year!

  15. Swubird and Laughing Wolf, I appreciate your visits and wish you a wonderful year ahead!

  16. Sorry for my long, recent absence. Been busy with offline life. I love that 1st image, in particular. VERY nice! As for art v. food, I don't know...chocolate ice cream is sometimes much more satisfying to me than a painting session (but chocolate & ice cream are 2 of my best friends, too. *L*) My best to you & yours for 2009!

  17. My dear friend Lynda, something tells me that you like color purple, lol. Excellent art work, I just cannot keep my eyes of it. Wishing you too happy holidays, especially happy healthy new year 2009. Happy blogging too, lol. Anna :)

  18. Lana, give me chocolate or give me__________? Okay, so there's nothing I like better, either, except maybe bagels with butter, and fresh brewed coffee.

    You too--Happy New Year! :)

  19. Anna, you're right about that. I love color in general, but my favorites are blues and purples.

    Happy New Year and give a kiss to baby Matthew for me!

  20. Too cool Lynda, can you do digital paintings with regular images, transpose them? I have some celestial shots I'd like to convert.

  21. I love your use of color. I also love taking time to create art during busy times. Great advice!

  22. Kia ora Lynda,
    I love the colours and in particular the Sunlight through the Clerestory grabs something inside me. Wishing you a lovely and fantastic New Year and looking forward to following your work here. Cheers.

  23. Bob, you can do photomanipulation in Photoshop on any photo you choose to. You can add filters, increase contrast or saturation, "bend" the colors, add effects like stippling or "chrome" look or "underwater." All at the touch of a button. (well, maybe a few buttons.)

    Photoshop comes in a limited edition that's cheaper than buying the entire Creative Suites, that has good functionality and plenty of tools. Or you can get GIMP, which I understand is free.

    In answer to your question, this is photomanipulation more than it is digital painting. Digital painting implies starting with a painting program like "Painter," or some other original art, as opposed to starting with a photograph.

    Happy New Year, Bob!

  24. Hi Robb,

    I've been stuck in "real-life" during this holiday shuffle, to the neglect of my art life and virtual life. It's great to see you, and I'll be over to visit your blog soon.

    Happy New Year to my favorite, most-inspiring nature-wanderer, and to your family!

  25. They are gorgeous, Lynda ! Splendid !!!

  26. Oh, I absolutely love your Night Lanterns digital art piece. I have a huge request...may I use it on my blog to write about what I see in it? I will definately link it to where you would like others to travel to :o).

    I really appreciate your art, Lynda; all of it. Oh...and your recent photo posts of those old auto's are great!

    Thank you for even taking a moment to consider my request :o). ~Heather

  27. Oregon Art Guy - Thank you! :)

    Pierre de Lune - Thanks so much for coming by and I'm glad you like them!

  28. Simply Heather - I would be honored for you to do that! My pleasure! Just think, you will be helping people to see the mystery (and freedom) of abstract art, how it evokes something different in each of us. Of course, I will backlink to your post. You can link the post to this blog and/or to

    Thank you so much for asking. It will be my pleasure! :)

  29. Dear Lynda, I had to comment on this post, as "Sunlight Through the Clerestory" is one of the most beautiful peices of art I've ever seen. Every time I see it I gasp, either inside or out loud. Both the exquisite colors and the vertical lines give me such a serene feeling. This piece is elegance personified. I want to walk into the picture. It feels like it reflects some heightened state of being. If I could wear it as a caftan or loose pants and long loose top I would. You have such a strong sense of color that is unique to you.

    So much wisdom and creativity packed into one soul. You are remarkable Lynda. Very much so.
    Hugs to you,

  30. ROBIN - I've been thinking of you and feeling badly about not getting over to your place (or others) this week. We've been so busy but I'll be there soon, I promise!

    Thanks for your kind words. I DID want to be a designer but never went to NYC to do it! I'm glad you like that image and now that you mention it, I CAN envision it on a CABANA shirt or loose skirt. It would be slimming, with all those verticals, lol...

    Big hugs to you.


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