Sunday, January 25, 2009

A Hint of the Wild Places: Dimensions of Opulence and Mystery

A Hint of the Wild Places



The fullness and fertility of early summer are evident in every blossom and in this lush rose.

Above, green leaves frame this vibrant blossom beautifully, and hint at secret dimensions.

At the top, a Monarch perches on a sunlit wildflower. Nature is always beautiful in form, color and glowing light, even if the butterfly you want to capture won't cooperate by standing still!

Flowers are the sexual parts of plants, but they are more than that. New dimensions to explore, the intricate architecture of nature to revel in, symbols of the season of growth and fertility, the magic of color and scent in our universe. Perhaps most importantly, they play a significant role in the food chain.

Blossoms are full of that alluring mystery that gives us little shivers--the recognition of something miraculous going on in the process of nature's unfolding.

Here on Long Island, we've been blanketed by a dirty crust of ice and snow for a couple of weeks now, with unusually chilly temps and a cutting rawness to the air. So I wanted to do a post that would remind us all of spring!

All images and text c Lynda Lehmann. If you would like to view more of my art or make a purchase, please visit Lynda Lehmann Painting and Photography or my gallery at Imagekind, where you can choose from several sizes and paper types or buy my prints plain or matted and framed.

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  1. Lovely images. The opulence comes across very strongly.

  2. Great to see spring and summer images while many of us are living through the gray season of winter.

  3. Nature is indeed wonderful and amazing, more so is human nature while unfolding to the inner nature... so you are in your

  4. Wow! What beautiful images! Thanks so much for sharing them!

  5. @DAVE - I feel opulence when I look at flowers in the garden, the crystals in my mineral collection, the books on my shelf, the fluffy white clouds in the sky. Glad "opulence" comes across in these floral shots. Thanks for stopping by!

    @ BOISE DIVA - You've got that right! It's been the coldest, bleakest winter I can remember. So few days are even conducive to going out, if we don't have to. And the dirty snow just lingers...

    @ MERGING POINT - BLUSH...Thank you for your kind words. You know I always appreciate your insight and eloquence, merging point.

  6. @ WIND - Thank you for looking and commenting!

  7. hello Lynda...
    lovely photos....
    the monarch butterfly is brilliant!!
    I love the circular flow within the composition...
    your blog is looking wonderful and I can't believe how quickly our summer is passing and you are looking forward to your spring...

  8. Hello KIM! I'm delighted to see you! I've missed your sunny, energetic and energizing presence!

    I hope all has worked out well for you, and will have to get some updates.

    GREAT to see you--I really did miss you!!!!

    Yes, we are looking at spring at the end of the tunnel, and you are looking at winter. Seems we're never quite happy, whatever season we're in, right? ;)

  9. Kia ora Lynda,
    Beautiful, love the images and colours of Natures Bounty.

  10. Oh dear Lynda you definitely reminded us about spring in this post. What a beautiful write up, so inspirational. BTW what a coincidence about the butterfly my friend. Anna :)

  11. oh and I have missed you too Lynda....
    you are my featured artist this week at TAD ;) ;)

  12. I don't know how you achieve those bright, beautiful colors, but they are certainly beautiful and a pleasure to look at.

    Well done.

    happy trails.

  13. Those images cheered me on one of the first sunny days we've had all winter. (And I'm heading off to the rain in Portland, oh my.)
    Found your site via Swubird's Nest and I look forward to more.

  14. KIM - I've just come home from hanging a solo show at the library, to find a note from you that you have featured me at TAD! I'm honored!

    So in spite of the dirty snow and ice all around, and the continuing problems of the world, for me this is a good day. :)

    Thanks for being there to brighten the world and the blogosphere with your energy and positive attitude, Kim. I appreciate you! xxxxx

  15. KATHY - Nice to meet you! (I love visiting Swu's Nest.)

    I'm glad you enjoyed the floral photos.

    Are you headed to Portland, Maine, or Oregon? Logic says it must be Oregon, because I'm sure it's still snowing in Maine!

    Thanks for the visit. I will reciprocate! :)

  16. I love the intensity of all the colours...and the pastels are to die for :)

  17. A wildlife gardener - I know just how you feel about color! Imagine if the world were all in black and white. BORING....

    Strangely though, I think old movies in B & W are great! They really pique on my nostalgia for bygone times....

    Thanks for stopping by. :) Good to see you again. I'll be over to visit you soon!

  18. I hear you on the butterflies not standing still! I love them, but STOP FLITTERIN' JUST FOR A SECOND, DANGIT! The top shot's perfect--the warm orange against the cool green & purple. Stunning!

  19. Wow, awesome images Lynda, that butterfly one is stunning!!

  20. A snowdrop has popped up - I'm so excited - spring must be coming LOL.
    What a treat to see your gorgeous photos that re-enforce nature's beauty. Liatris, nasturtium, roses ...oh! even the names are opulent :)

  21. its not just the write so well about them too...the one with the butterfly is too good.

  22. Beautiful pics, Lynda. Your post is a wonderful reminder why so many (myself included) love Georgia O'keefe. I also like your abstracts on your website, different and appealing. I found you via either Swubird of Swubird's nest or Kathy of Well Placed Words--whichever, I'll visit again!

  23. ROBB - Thanks for stopping by. Tuning into nature's bounty is the path to happiness--I swear! You would laugh at how "rich" I feel when my fruit bowl is overflowing with luscious fruits of all shapes and colors!

  24. My dear ANNA - Spring seems very far away and remote today, as I watch the snow fall and feel the dampness in the air. The roads here are bad and I'm worried about people getting home from work tonight. I bet you can handle traffic amid snowstorms, much better up there in Canada, as you are more used to it!

    Has baby Matthew been sledding yet, in one of those sleds outfitted with a back and harness for babes? Or have you taken him on your lap?

  25. SWUBIRD - Thank you! :)

    BOB - I managed to photograph that butterfly outside a restaurant on one of our trips to Maine. I've tried to remember to always have a camera with me, but without success. If I'm harried with errands, the camera doesn't come along, lol...

  26. LANA - Thank you! Sorry I'm late in making the rounds this week, as I was busy hanging a show and all the stuff that goes with it. Even though I chose NOT to host an Opening Reception this time, it was a hectic week.

    Have you had more snow?

  27. JANICE - Of course I could count on you to know the names of these blooms! The rose is obvious but I'd forgotten Liatris and Nasturtium. My neighbor from Ireland is an avid gardener and used to teach me all the names of these wonderful growing things, but my memory is less bright these days! And you are so right: even the names are opulent!

  28. JYOTSANA - Thank you. So good to see you, and I do appreciate your coming over. But your words are too kind! :)

  29. CONDA - It's great to meet you! I'm happy that you like my abstracts as well as my realistic photos, because many people are abstract-shy. It "feels" a lot more nerve-wracking to show them, than to show my photographs.

    I like Georgia O'Keefe too, among so many others. Where would we be without art to lift us up and inspire us?

    I know I have seen you at one of those two sites, too, but I can't remember which. At any rate, I will be over to visit you!

  30. Lynda its freezing here, glad that I don't have to go out, lol. No I have not taken Matthew out sledding, its been cold, and I am just paranoid of him getting frost bite, lol. Been out when its above 0. But he will be definitely ready for next year, as he loves outside. When he was born, we spend lot of time walking, lots of fresh air. Anna :)

  31. ANNA - It's probably smart to err on the side of caution, as he's too young to tell you if he's feeling chilled or his toes are frozen. Maybe on a spring day when there's still a little bit of snow left on the ground, and the temp is 30-35 degrees.

  32. i love flowers...and constantly take pics wherever and whenever i get the oppurtunity..
    u got some lovely pics of the flowers and also the butterfly!!!

  33. shooting star - Thank you! I love flowers, too!

    Have a great weekend. Hope we'll be seeing some REAL flowers popping out soon!


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