Thursday, February 12, 2009

Earth Speaks In Many Voices


Listen closely: she is talking to you!

Life force flows in murmurs from the ground. Water gives and seeks more life, springs from unseen spaces to follow sand to sea. A great continuum. Serenity drifts on passages of life's long song.

(I tried in vain to get away from the house construction sounds, but it's been ongoing. Rather than let it disturb my mood, I listened more intently to the sounds of trickling water and screeching gulls. We will ALWAYS have our distractions to contend with, lol...)

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  1. Hi Lynda - that's a good idea - to write something on the top of your blog regarding the memes, awards etc. I have the same problem and should do something about it. People try to be very nice but I cannot cope with it anymore either.
    Regarding the sounds of water - I love this more than I can say - especially the sound of the ocean. I often play music with humpback whales singing or orcas and love the sound of the waves....
    One day I will be living near the ocean - that's my dream!!!!

  2. Petra, I hope you get your dream!

    As you can see by the video, living on Long Island, we are surrounded by water. But it's pretty crowded here, busy and noisy. That's why I went to the beach: to find serenity. But total quiet evaded me...

    One of my dreams is to someday swim with the dolphins.

    Regarding memes, etc., I'm willing to pass, if doing them means I have to stop blogging altogether, for lack of enough time to do it all!

    Hope spring comes for you soon, Petra!

  3. there is nothing more relaxing than the sound of running water or the roar of ocean waves Lynda..
    this is lovely :)
    I agree on the memes's so hard to keep up with them all and it does take up so much time..
    have a grand weekend :))

  4. Lynda you are so right Earth speaks so many voices, there is no absolute quiet, lol. Usually Sunday morning when we sleep in sometimes, is so quite, but quiet from cars ramblings and lawn motors going, garbage truck picking up garbage, lol, but not so quite from birds, and the house noises. Lynda you are so creative. Anna :)

  5. You are SO right about the distractions! I got into a habit (years ago,) of trying to get as FAR from mankind/civilization as possible for nature meditations. Even then, there was always a dog in the distance who just did NOT approve of me being there & barked the whole time! Needless to say, I've gotten REALLY good at tuning things out.

  6. I love the vid Lynda, even with the construction sounds. :) It makes me long for the sea.

  7. KIM - I think I like the sound of water trickling over stones, as in a brook, sort of a soft gurgle or murmur. I favor that over rushing water or crashing waves.

    I can't remember whether you have moved closer to the water, in your new locale. But I hope you're enjoying your new diggs.

  8. ANNA - I get a lot of those sounds too, particularly on mornings when I desperately need to sleep more. There are so many things we can't control. I guess we just have to roll with it... :)

    Even it the Maine woods, there are so many animal sounds at dawn and dusk. Which adds interest to life but cuts down on shut-eye!

  9. LANA - My husband doesn't like a lot of quiet, but I do. I can't remember whether it was Neitzche or Herman Melville who said "The one and only voice of God, is quiet." I agree.

    Glad you can tune things out. I sometimes can, but not always. I trust you heard the dog barking in this video... :)

  10. INKPOT - I'm happy that you got something from the video, in spite of that banging! I have to laugh because even on the beach, I can hear traffic, or dogs barking, or hammering...

    At least all that doesn't completely drown out the natural sounds like the wind, the rhythm of the water, the shrieking gulls, etc.

  11. hehe straight across the road from the roar of the ocean lol and it's certainly noisy today with our rain and winds ..
    I've had to close the doors to hear your gentle videos...
    might try to get some painting in today haha..
    have a good one xxxx

  12. KIM - Right across from the ocean! How nice-- you will get cool breezes off the water next summer.

    I'm glad you're getting rain to quench the thirsty land and anything that's remaining of those horrible fires.

  13. Kia ora Lynda,
    I listened to this several times, until ALL I could hear was the sound of the water, my eyes closed and I flowed with the Music. beautiful.


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