Monday, February 16, 2009

Mid-Winter Beach Walk: A Sounds-of-Nature Video

For your pleasure. This video is about six minutes long. Watch as much or as little as you like.

I have to laugh at the dark shadow of my fuzzy black winter hat, appearing like a Darth Vader-type entity at the edge of the video. And the hat fibers that flutter into some of the frames like wayward bats!

Needless to say, I need a better camera than my point-and-shoot, to make quality videos. In order to upload it, I had to compress the file to under 100 MB, so that reduced the quality, as well.

Even with gloves, a heavy coat and a hat, I nearly froze myself. But next time, I promise: I won't wear a hat!

I hope you enjoy my little beach movie!


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  1. It seems like a nice walk with the hope of spring was the perfect way to spend this Presidents Day. I went out planning on a small walk and got so invigorated that I ended up walking the afternoon away.

  2. D'Arcy - Maybe it was a bit warmer where you are, and no stiff wind off the water...

    Walking is such a great break from all the time we spend at our PCs, right?

    Glad you had a good, long walk!

  3. Lynda,
    Great idea on the video. I also watched your video of the water running over the pebbles. Love the sound! I never thought about trying video on the blog...I may try that sometime as well. If I do, I promise I will credit you for the idea!


  4. oh my I won't say okay? But, I recognize where you are. Wow I know how cold you must have been. Oh I was so excited to see this. It is simply wonderful.

    Thank you for sharing this Lynda. It is especially dear to my heart!!:-)

  5. Waves breaking on a shingle beach are mesmerising.
    Thanks, I enjoyed the video.

  6. DAN - By all means, try a video! You'll have fun doing it. No need to credit me: I don't have a corner on blog videos.

    I just wish I had a better camera so I could get higher quality results. :(

    Good luck with it!

  7. SHINADE - I was freezing! I even shot with my gloves on, half the time. Holding metal on a cold day is not my idea of fun! I'm glad you enjoyed it. It's great to see you back, Jackie!

    DAVEM - Thanks for looking at it. I'm glad you enjoyed it. I find that when I focus on details of nature, like the sound of waves or their textures, I feel renewed! (not younger, lol...)

  8. lovely Lynda
    really refreshing and invigorating :)
    I couldn't help laughing when I saw the outline of what looked like a witches hat....
    you have a lovely clear voice too :)
    I'm going to play it's a lot gentler than the roar of our surf over here at the moment :))

  9. I guess looking like a witch is better than looking like Darth Vader. Or is it? lol...

    Glad you found it refreshing. :)

    Is the ocean loud there at all times because of rocky shores, or does it depend more on the wind and tide? It's great to have a panorama of the ocean or mountains--opens up the head!

  10. That was delightful and most soothing Lynda.
    Loved hearing your charming voice too. Soon it will be time to don our shorts and we'll forget winter ever existed :)

  11. JANICE - If you heard my voice, that means you watched a couple of minutes of the video, at least! Thank you!

    I always hated my voice--since we had to sing the scales, "do re mi" and all that, in kindergarten. But it does sound different when I hear it from outside my head! Maybe a little better...

    I can't WAIT to forget about this winter. The only one that was worse, in my opinion, was the year of 9-11.

  12. Lynda,
    Had you not said so, I wouldn't have noticed how windy and cold it was. I wonder what would have happened had you TOLD us it was a warm, lovely day? I loved the light and I liked your voice.
    And the way the compressed image broke up was artsy.

  13. What a lovely reminder of a time that is passed. The beach looks very familiar and it is wonderful to see it again.

  14. Hope you managed to see the pictures, I cant think why they wouldn't up load.

  15. Hi Lynda,

    What a delightful video! The sound of the waves was so relaxing that I nearly fell asleep on my chair, and it triggered my creativity (I didn't know what to write for next week, and now I do)...fantastic :D!
    This was a great gift, so I thank you for it!

    Now, I must say that you, darling, have a gorgeous voice! You really do...It was a pleasant surprise :D!

    Have a blessed day!

  16. KATHY - I'm glad you enjoyed it in spite of the pixelation. Next time I'll make shorter videos so they don't have to be compressed so much. As for a better video camera, I don't know when that will be coming my way. :(

    As for it having been a cold day, I noticed some kids on the beach with only light jackets. Kids will be kids, but I thought their parents should have seen to it that they were more protected. With the wind chill, it must have been in the high twenties! (cold for my fingers on the metal of the camera....)

  17. tangled stitch - I'm glad you enjoyed it! Spring is only a few weeks away!

  18. DAVE - Maybe Blogger was down? I'll try again... :)

  19. MAX - My dear Max, if you almost fell asleep because you were relaxed, that's good! (As long as you didn't fall OFF your chair...) ;)

    I'm glad you got an idea for your next post. Can't wait to read it!

    As for my voice, I've had a "complex" about it since kindergarten and grade school, when we had to sing the scales. My voices cracks when I'm nervous and I seem to be tone deaf when it comes to my own singing. My family HATES when I sing! So it's nice to know that maybe my regular "speaking" voice isn't that bad!

  20. Lynda,

    "My dear Max, if you almost fell asleep because you were relaxed, that's good! (As long as you didn't fall OFF your chair...) ;)"

    LOL no, I didn't fall off my chair LOL ;)! But I was feeling really good...

    "I'm glad you got an idea for your next post. Can't wait to read it!"

    :D thanks!

    "As for my voice, I've had a "complex" about it since kindergarten and grade school, when we had to sing the scales. My voices cracks when I'm nervous and I seem to be tone deaf when it comes to my own singing. My family HATES when I sing! So it's nice to know that maybe my regular "speaking" voice isn't that bad!"

    It's ok, not all of us were cut up to sing. For example, my dad is terrible!!! His voice is really bad and when he sings we just look at him, and let him be...and laugh after he finishes LOL *nodding*! Families are terrible I know LOL... :)!
    Your speaking voice is relaxing and gorgeous; I loved it!! :D

  21. MAX - At least your family will "let him be" when he sings. Mine leave the room if they can. In the case of my singing in the car and they are "entrapped," they cover their ears and cower, and yell at me all at the same time! It's pitiful. (I guess for them as much as for me, lol.)

    Thank you, dear Max, for always being so positive. xxxxx

  22. Oooh, I love the beach, even though your video somehow manages to look chilly.

    And isn't it amazing how good these videos are? I can even take videos with my cell phone!

    Gotta love the new technologies.

  23. Dear Lynda, It was wonderful to hear your voice and to see the world through your eyes. I was touched by this. And do you know what? I watched the video first and then read the post, and I NEVER noticed the fuzzy hat shadow or the flying bat fuzz LOL! I had to go back and look for it. :) :) Seriously! I was so longing for the water and stones and ripples, that was ALL I saw. I grew up on the water and sometimes miss it here in the southwest. There is water but not right out my front door. Have to drive a bit further to put my raft in.

    I also thought your quality was excellent for moving water. I tried a stream and it came out so pixelated. I still used it but it was my worst video. AND YET...get this. TONS AND TONS of people loved that video and rated it and added it to their favorites. So weird isn't it?! This was so captivating for me. It is lovely where you live.

    If I'd been on that beach probably half those stones would have gone home in my pockets. Although these days I do try more to leave Nature alone and in place. But they look so smooth and comforting. I wanted to touch them.

    Thank you for doing this. I felt I saw part of your soul....fuzzy hat and all. By the way, I too have a fuzzy hat. LOL! Hugs and love to my beautiful wise and ELEGANT Lynda. Robin

  24. Lynda,

    LOL oh no...they do that? Well, still...they love you, I know they do :D!

    Anything to bring good vibes to you :)!

    I wish you a fantastic weekend, Lynda!


  25. CONDA - I love the beach. I love the mountains. I love the forest and the sky and the open plains. The trees and the streams and garden flowers and moss and lichen. I guess that makes ALL of it, pretty much. :)

    It's great to have a tiny camera that will capture some of the beauty in both stills and short movies!

    Have a great weekend, Conda! Thanks for stopping by.

  26. ROBIN - I'm glad you enjoyed the video and found it to be of not-too-terrible quality. The way the wind was shaking me, I'm surprised it wasn't more out of focus.

    You had to go back and look for Darth Vader, the witch hat and the bat fuzz! LOL :) Well, that seems funny to me because I was looking at the video so critically, wishing I had the software to edit it better! AND a better camera, of course....

    I can believe that about your video of the stream. People love water. The sounds, the smell, the texture and movement. I guess our longing for beauty is so strong that it can sometimes overcome any aversion to a less-than-perfect capture or representation.

    I thank you for your kind words. You have echoed how I feel when I hear your voice narrating one of your videos. I love looking at the world through YOUR eyes and sharing the passions of your soul.

    Thank you for coming over, Robin, my wise and eloquent sister and kindred spirit. Your soulful "Being" has touched my life, and inspired me in a way that reaches beyond the confines of blogging.

  27. MAX - They may love me, but that doesn't mean they can endure for even two minutes, the discomfort of my singing. So I must limit myself forever, to singing in the shower!

    You too, dear Max, have a wonderful weekend! xxx

  28. Always a joy. More people need to get out & enjoy the soothing aspects of nature. Sometimes I think such things could end wars, if people would just pay attention.

  29. Lynda:

    That was pretty cool. I did see your hair flutter in front of the lense for a fraction of a second. I don't know how you were able to get your voice recorded so clearly. I would expect to hear a muffling sound caused by the wind. Was it added later? I really enjoyed the whole thing.

    Well done.

    Happy trails.

  30. SWU - I'm glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for watching. I think the wind was more obvious when I was facing into it. I guess overall, this little camera does okay, for the price.

  31. LANA - I'm in total agreement with you! We have become more "separate" from the environment, which makes it easier for folks to be disregardful of our precious Earth.

  32. Thank you so much for posting this Lynda, the sound was very relaxing,took me away from our cold stupid winter for 6 minutes, something I needed.

  33. BOB - I hear you! My sentiments, precisely. Winter, be gone!

    (Although it was quite chilly that day on the beach, and the wind did me in, lol...)

  34. Thank you for this six minutes of relaxtion and reinvigoration Lynda. How nice to hear your voice too! Your last water video reminded me how much I miss the sea and inspired me to go to the beach and make my own video of the waves crashing against the shore. I love the sound so much I even made a sound file from the video so I can listen to it when I need to relax. :)

  35. INKPOT - Great idea! That's why I'm going to try to put my water videos on my desktop--to just turn them on and listen to them when I need to come down a notch in my emotional pitch!

    I'm very happy that you enjoyed it!

  36. There's nothing like the sound of the waves, I love it. And yes, your hat does not budge huh? There were some instances when it faded away, only to come back again. :)

    I like the parts where you shot the end of the waves flowing along the sand/pebbles.

  37. SSQuo - Personally, I like that lacy foam a lot, myself! Thanks for stopping by!


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