Sunday, February 22, 2009

Presentiment: A Fractal Composition

Presentiment - c 2009 Lynda Lehmann

This is an active and gestural fractal flame, begun in Apophysis and processed in Photoshop. I know nothing about Apophysis, and I don't know how much I'll actually learn in the coming months. But I do love experimenting with it.

Fractals are enigmatic. As organic, flowing, and spontaneous as they may look, they are based on mathematical formulae. It's the same kind of mathematical underpinning that gives our universe order and elegance. So indeed, looking deep into the heart of fractals is like a glimpse into the heart of the cosmos. I'm all for feeling mystical....

If anyone has suggestions for free fractal programs or shareware, I'm all ears. Apophysis is free, so you can download it if you want to try it out. I'm not sure what the newest version might be. I downloaded this one is about three years ago, and have experimented with it a handful of times.

I hope you're all having a wonderful weekend. We're making our own sunshine here, because it's dreary and gray outside. Not to mention "raw." But spring is only a month away!

All images and text c Lynda Lehmann. If you would like to view more of my art or make a purchase, please visit Lynda Lehmann Painting and Photography or my gallery at Imagekind, where you can choose from several sizes and paper types or buy my prints plain or matted and framed.

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  1. Apophysis being my servant, I can only admire your fractale, elegant and harmonious which delights our glance!
    One would say a symphony of the murmurs!!!
    My compliments Lynda! Splendid !

  2. Wow, I love your words, Pierre: "a symphony of the murmurs." That's beautiful!

    Do you have any advice for learning Apophysis? Is there a system, besides looking things up in the "help" files?

    Thanks for your kind (and creative) words! :)

  3. hi Lynda - fractals are fun, I tried them a few years back - very complex yet so beautiful. They are amazing.

    We are looking out the window at the biggest, fattest snowflakes I have ever seen - and they are adding up pretty quick. Yikes for tomorrow~

  4. KATHY - We're just getting a chill rain. It's gray and dreary. I'm searching for any hint of yellow on the forsythia, with a magnifying glass!!

    Our daughter lives upstate and I'm sure she'll be getting more than we will, as you are. Maine is getting two feet!

  5. Wow, I love your fractal work, so magical Lynda, nicely done.

  6. I know nothing about fractals(not a math whiz I'm afraid) but it is beautiful as a work of art.

    I'm upstate at the moment and we are only having a dusting right now so I hope your daughter is as lucky(and it stops snowing soon).

  7. tangled stitch - Thank you. The program generate the formulas (formulae?) and the artist just interprets/renders it.

    I'm glad you won't be snowed in. I hope it won't get icy up there tonight, either. Will be over to visit soon...

  8. Hi Lynda, oh mey - fractals can be sooo addictive. I killed all my fractal programs from the computer because I could not stop playing with them and then even morphing them in photoshop. It can become a real problem - LOL.

  9. Lynda, I was just admiring the abstract digital arts today...

    I enjoy the swirls of color.

  10. BOB - There's a lot of magic in the world, eh? The skies, the seas, fractals, the birth of babes, springtime...

    I'll settle for springtime, right now!

    Thanks for coming over, Bob. :)

  11. PETRA - All of my art is a problem for me. I'm totally addicted to photography and painting, and digital art. I guess it's a blessing to have a lot of interests but it's a constant frustration to not be able to do it all, fast enough!

    It's the housework that really suffers, lol...

    At least I manage to pay all our bills on time!

    Can you download new (free) fractal programs, Petra?

  12. HEATHER - Me too. I love to just get lost in the forms and colors. :)

  13. oh my Lynda,
    I am so glad that I had my morning glory post up for most of today.

    I did not realize that my add was here. now I have a wild Music Monday video up.

    I love your fractals.Let's face it the plain truth is I love everything you do!!

    If you want a spot of color then come see my Daffodils at

    I took a picture of them in bloom this morning.

    I hope you guys get some clear weather soon.

    Simply lovely yet once again Lynda..absolutely inspiring to us all!!

  14. JACKIE - Thank you for stopping over.

    I just saw your daffodil photo and your pansie violet. Both are gorgeous. Sorry I missed your Morning Glory. :(

    Thanks again for your kind words and enthusiasm, Jackie! Give your "mischievous" little grandson a kiss from me! And feel well...


  15. Beautiful Lynda. A flame that burns without heat and provides a clue to the heart of the universe. I love it. Looking at this picture makes me think of magic and hope. It inspires me. Thank you.

  16. Lynda...another beautiful piece and so different from most of the other sites out use your talent well! Don't stop...I'm addicted!


  17. Thanks for the beautiful image, Lynda. Like the photos of new stars being formed, I believe that fractals are the indication of something beyond our sentient understanding.

  18. Hi Lynda, check out this website if you don't know it already:

    I think I used chaoscope and others from this list. will check whehter I find the others I used...

  19. Hi Lynda,
    I just found the other website where you can download free programs

    Don't forget to sleep!!!LOL

  20. I love fractals--particularly those found in nature, of course. This work looks like smoke rising from ashes. I love the colors!

  21. INKPOT - I'm glad you found mystery and poetry in it. Your words are poetic!

    We inpire each other. At least we hope to, lol.... :)

  22. DAN - Thank you for the powerful compliment. We are so fortunate that we can allow things to inspire us. :) :)

  23. CONDA - Beautiful words, beautifully said!

    Great to see you. :) I enjoyed my visit to your blog this morning.

  24. PETRA - GREAT! Thank you! You know if I go there I may never return, lol...

    I appreciate the information and will let you know when I summon my courage to again enter that strange, hypnotic land! :)

  25. OregonArtGuy - Thank you very much! See you over at your place, soon. Thanks for stopping by.

  26. LANA - In the smoke, rises the Phoenix.... Not! (Well, maybe. One never knows.)

    The fascinating thing about fractals is, to me, the way they echo the design and order in nature!

    Happy forest wanderings to you.
    Maybe we can form a society of forest nymphs? :)

  27. I answer with a little Lynda delay! Thousand excuses!

    I know not too much give councils to use Apophysis, simply that the last version (2.08) makes it possible to entirely create fractales without using bases. It's very interesting. It's while playing with all the parameters that one obtains surprising images on the condition of knowing the effects of such or such variation, by moving the triangles, by increasing them or while narrowing, while turning over them and so on.
    It is thus possible with the editor to do all that one wants on the basis of a black image.

    The variations are very sensitive and without knowing a little on the Apophysis functions , it can become awkward.
    But I am certain that one can find of the assistance on Internet on this subject. If I see something, I will to you transmit information, dear Lynda ! ;)

  28. Pierre - I'm thankful to hear what you have told me. So I guess the main tool is to drag and stretch and turn the parameters in the triangles. I will have to experiment some more, and also look for the version you mention.

    Thanks so much for the input. I appreciate it and I likewise, will tell you if I find either an excellent program or a good learning tool.

    Pierre, I'm impressed with your English!

    Have a good week, my friend.

  29. My assistance is rather poor Lynda and I regret it.

    I think that to control Apophysis, it's necessary to often work with him in order to be able to discover all its capacities.

    Perhaps that together we will manage to exceed Apophysis!!! ;)

    Be not impressed by my English, I use it very badly…. But if you manage to understand me it's essential my dear Amie!

    Thank you very much Lynda !

  30. Thanks Lynda, I will definitely make a note. However, what ever you did, this is definitely looks so cool. Mathematical formula behind, wow. You know I used 3d modelling in engineering and I used to love watching all the calculations performed on the bottom of the screen, something about numbers, lol. Lynda thanks for sharing, I will definitely check it out. I think there is crusing around, if you seen Roger's or Bob's blog. Anna :)

  31. ANNA - Thank you! I will have to check out, when I have a chance. At the rate things are going, maybe next winter! :)

  32. I can see that I am late in getting here, yet again. :) I had to comment on this one though because this looks almost exactly like my photo of last July's fireworks. I will have to post some of them. Only they aren't quite as lovely as this or multi-colored. You color sense is off the charts. I want to eat them they are so delicious. I think we must love many of the same color combinations.

    I hope you weren't hit with that predicted east coast storm. We are wamring up here every day. Robins singing every morning and buds bursting on the trees. I love it. Except for the juniper pollen, everyone gets allergies from that.

    I also hope you are doing well my treasured friend, who is so wise.
    Hugs, Robin.

  33. ROBIN - We're still blanketed with snow and longing for warmth and color. It will come, as it always does, and I'm looking forward to a warming trend.

    I've never gotten good photos of fireworks, probably because of shooting in a crowd without a tripod!

    Thank for all your comments, dear Robin.

  34. Hi my name is brandon hudkins and i have been fractleing foe three years know ive been beaten and abused im 17 and the days are getting longer so ill make this quick i have noticed you work as an insporation to me and because of that i thank you verrry much


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