Friday, February 27, 2009

Thank You to SlogBite for Featuring My Blog, and to Absolute Arts for Featuring "Electric Landscape" Tomorrow

I just want to share with you that that my abstract acrylic painting, "Electric Landscape" has been chosen to be among the featured artwork on the homepages at World Wide Arts Resources and tomorrow, February 28. The feature is for the day and the rotation changes every few minutes. If you want, you can stop by at and to take a look at the featured paintings.

I know some of you have already seen this piece and I apologize for pulling it out again. But I want to share my two minutes in the sun with you. Who knows, maybe I'll pull in a new buyer! It's good exposure, at any rate.

Since we have a forecast of rain for Sunday, I may have to bring my paintings home from my show tomorrow instead of Sunday. If that's the case, I may miss my painting on Absolute Arts. Thank you, Markus, for featuring me!


Another person I want to thank is Mel Kaye over at SlogBite, for featuring me on his site this week. Please go over and check out this wonderful new blogger's directory and community if you haven't already done so. Mel is doing a great job developing the site and he thinks of all the angles. I have a feeling this is one blogging community that's going to be around for a long time!

I think that Mel should run for Congress, because he solicits our opinions and then actually considers the feedback he gets. Kudos to you, Mel! (I tried to insert the "Dancing SlogBite Guy" in this post, but he wouldn't cooperate.)

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  1. What a wonderful thank you post Lynda. I never even thought to do this and Mel has been so super to me.

    Oh by the way did you tell me that you found SB through me or was it someone else?

    If it was you, and you can find the time, would you please let Mel know that?

    I don't think he is aware that anyone has found Slogbite via my site.

    Thanks and I hope you stay dry. I am fueling and dropping this morning.

    Happy weekend:-))

  2. woo-hoo...Congratulations, Lynda :o)

  3. Jackie, I have you listed at SlogBite as my referring site already! So Mel knows.

    I first became aware of SB on your site, so I gave you credit.

    We're getting rain later, but right now it's bright and sunny. Wish it would last.

    You have a good weekend, too, Jackie!


  4. Heather - THANK YOU! Have a great day...

  5. Congratulations!! Have a great weekend!

  6. Lynda,

    Thank you for this wonderful post. I really appreciate it. And, you painting is captivating. I love it.

  7. Way to go Lynda, congratulations, this piece is one of my favs of yours.

  8. A big congratulations on both accounts Lynda!

  9. Hi! Just letting you know that I'm still around and that my nose is coming along quite well.

    Congratulations on being featured and perhaps one day we will see your images hanging side by side with Picassos.

    Take Care,

  10. Wow. Such beatuiful colors you've got in there!!

  11. Brilliant work Lynda, & congrats on the Features - well deserved!

  12. Congratulations on being featured, Lynda! :-)

  13. Congrats to you - well deserved for sure!!

    I will have to check this slogbite out.

    Have a good Sunday!


  14. LINDA - Thank you! I had a busy weekend. Yesterday I printed and matted photos to add to those I have hanging in the coffee shop. And today we brought home my paintings (28 of them) from my show! Some of them are 4 x 5 feet, so that's a job for a large van AND a car!

    Hope your weekend was enjoyable!

  15. SLOGBITE - Thank you for your kind words about my painting, and thank you again for featuring me on your fine new site! :)

  16. BOB - Thanks! I brought it home today, along with my others, from my show. Phew, what a job. Took our Ford van (truck) with no seat in the back, and my car, to load all the paintings.

    We're having a snowstorm tonight! Wonder if it moved south and across from where you are?

  17. Congratulations Lynda, and the art work looks familiar, lol....

    BTW sorry to bombard you with so many comments at once. Matthew got his first fever - viral infection of upper respiratory system, and been fighting it for three days now, and before that obviously teething. The fever finally broke this afternoon, but been watching him closely, still seems to be crusty, but started to eat and sleep again, which is a good sign, and not to mention his regular laughs, lol.

    On my way to slog bite, hope he does not bites, lol....

    Take care,
    Anna :)

  18. congratulations on your features Lynda...
    I'll pop over and have a look.. :)
    hope the sun is still out over there ..
    first day of Autumn here eeek!!!

  19. Kia ora Lynda,
    That is wonderful news, things really seem to be clicking along for you. Hope you had a great weekend and that you had lots of exposure. I will go try and have alook and hope I am too late.

  20. hi lynda congrats and i am sooo happy for you.your creativity deserves this and a lot moe...

  21. ANNA - I hope he's better by now! Teething is such an uncomfortable time for mother and child!

    I remember that when we had a cooperative play-group for our daughter, one of her friends crawled up to another, a little boy, and bit him so hard on the cheek that he bled. Not one of my better memories, lol...

  22. JANICE, CAROL, KIM, ROBB, ANNE and JYOTSANA - Thank you all for stopping over! I'm fighting a sinue headache today, that came in with the snowstorm (low barometer), so I hope you're all doing better than I am at this moment!

  23. KATHY and DARIO - Thank you, as well! Hope you're having a great day.

    PETER - I'm glad to hear your nose is healing well. It's tough to go through a repeated, lengthy healing process. Be well.

  24. I hope you're feeling better Lynda... :(

  25. Hi Lynda,

    Congratulations on your abstract being featured! Hope you got to see some of it. Your photography is wonderful! I have enjoyed reading your blog, and will be back to visit again. :-)

  26. Thanks Lynda, for bringing out your "Electric Landscape". This is my first time seeing it and it is beautiful.


  27. DIANA - Thank you very much! And thanks for coming over. :)

  28. JOANNE - Thanks for visiting and for your kind words. Yes, I did get to see it on WWAR.

    And now I'll come over to visit you!


    I hope you're not snowed in!

  30. Oh my that isn't a pleasent story Lynda. You know similar thing happened to my sister, she was babysitting a 1 year old girl, teething badly that at some point she grabbed dogs nose and bit him, lol. However dog is trained and just walked away confused.

    Matthew is good, but he likes to chew on my arms and chin, lol, but you know once he bit me during nursing that I found teeth marks next morning, lol, but he knows now not too.

    Teething is unconfortable for babies, but you know something they will never remember.

    Thanks for your comment back Lynda.

    Anna :)

  31. Your abstracts are so balanced and the coloration is in my pallette. '~) I would love to have one on my walls. Maybe later this year...


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