Monday, March 16, 2009

Reaching for the Solstice

We walked on a beach along Long Island Sound this past Sunday. The day was overcast, so the colors of the day stood out. I'll be posting "Beach Foundlings" from that day, man-made or altered objects found on the beach, and a variety of more natural beach images, in coming posts.

Today I'm sharing just this image of a hill facing over the shoreline and water. The woods were finally showing signs of color, emergent green and amber evident on slender veins of new growth. The air was soft and not too cold, and I was taken with this view of the fertile pre-spring arbor: ready to burst with life, replete with possibilities and energy of fresh growth and brushy splendor. So delicate, yet full of awesome power...

Life renews itself in Spring, and with the changing of the season, comes new hope.

My most fervent hope is for our survival on our magnificent green, blue, and amber planet.

Images and text c Lynda Lehmann. If you would like to view more of my art or make a purchase, please visit Lynda Lehmann Painting and Photography or my gallery at Imagekind, where you can choose from several sizes and paper types or buy my prints plain or matted and framed.

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  1. Kia ora Lynda,

  2. Can't wait to see the beach treasures. I have many photos of what I find on my beach walks in summer. I grew up next to a beach so this is an activity that has been part of my live since I could walk. Needless to say I don't get much beach walking in during the winter.

    I'm working on a commissioned piece right now based on beach finds. My new post today shows some of the reference materials I'm using.

  3. I'll be over to see your post, Margaret. We are posting along the same lines--what a coincidence! There are so many possible subjects in the world. Another synchrony...

    My finds are not all of things that SHOULD be jettisoned on the beach. :(
    (Although SOME are of the more desirable sort: natural objects.)

  4. LOZ - In spite of being a crowded metro area, Long Island does have a lot of natural beauty.

    I hope things are going well for you!

  5. ROBB - We can't pray hard enough, can we?

  6. You are so right Lynda, 'ready to burst with life' - these trees look so delicate, almost like outlines, or just lines drawn with white pencil on the dark background. Cannot wait to see more...Anna :)

  7. the trees look so fragile and even ghostly Lynda ..
    I hope your spring is a long one...with many many beach walks...
    Charlie and I will be looking for shells for one of her assessments this week...
    feels like I'm back at art school in some ways ;)

  8. Lynda:

    Very nice. It reminds me of a place we use to go. I can't remember where it was because it was a long time ago. But those trees up against the hill look so familiar.

    Well done.

    Happy trails.

  9. Beautiful as always Lynda. I have officially ended my formal protest and I am back.

    My photos today are don't come look. It's been a couple of hectic days.

    Protesting is always difficult on one's Psyche you know?

    However, I guess enough protested and EC has amended their ridiculous demands so here I am dropping.

    Happy St. Patty's Day!!


  10. ANNA - To me they also look like a network of veins, carrying the blood of life.

    Soon there will be so much green on that bluff that the earth-tones won't be visible, and maybe not even the white birch trunks.

  11. JACKIE - Is the "above the fold" argument still going on?

    Personally, I also object to the "no auto-play music" rule. I think they're being a little strong-armed with all this. It doesn't create good will.

    I'll be over to visit soon. I bet your photos are fine!

    Happy St. Patty's day to you!

  12. SWU - Thanks for coming over. You have lots of great memories, it seems. It's a blessing to be able to remember them, at our age! :) :)

  13. "replete" - great word! I'm adding you to the Nature Blog Network today.

  14. Lovely pic, Lynda. I'd love to see the same area/pic/composition later in the year when the trees are green. It always amazes me how nature changes, moment to moment.

  15. Beautiful photo can't wait to see the rest of them too.

  16. SHARKBYTES - Thanks for adding me. The banner is on my page!

    I'm a nature lover and a nature-blog lover and a nature-blogger lover! I love people who love nature. :)

  17. CONDA - I'm with you on that point! Imagine how many seasons and changes we will have seen by the time we leave this Earth! The bounty of our lives is staggering!

  18. I bet they can't wait to feel the sun's warmth as they sprout their spring leaves.

    It feels better everyday!!

  19. TANGLED STITCH - I am itching to post all my new photos at once, but of course, I would overwhelm everyone with the sheer number. Including myself. Photography is getting to be a real disease. But it makes my life feel so rich!

    I'm very happy that you're enjoying them. Thanks for sharing them with me. :)

  20. Yes, Kathy, it actually felt HOT here today for awhile. I usually don't like the heat, but today I welcomed the first hint of it. (Of course, when it gets over 90, I don't handle it well... Goes with my advanced age, lol.)

  21. Wonderful photo Lynda - I love the woods as you know and check everyday for signs of spring and they are there!

  22. Beautiful image Lynda, i love the natural colors and the graphic aspect given by the white trunks over the dark background.

  23. JANICE - Yes. we are finally getting out of the cold season. The sun is getting warmer and closer, and we have crocuses in the front garden bed, at last!

  24. PATRICK - I liked the delicate and fragile appearance of the trees, making a spindly web of life. Yet the "whole" of it has such power!

  25. Very nice - thank you!



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