Sunday, May 31, 2009

Digital Fantasies with Lights and Orbs

Blue Dream

Circular Reverie

Fractious Orbs

Gray on Gray

With the chaos of construction going on around me, and my attempts to help my husband and also hold down the fort in other ways, I find I'm having little time to blog and even less time for art. I'm looking forward to August when we might be past this phase. Maybe at that point I'll have more time for my interests, and hubby will get to take a break. I hope to be painting by August or September, as well.

Here are some digital pieces I created wholly in Photoshop, using a variety of filters. The one at the top is the fourth in this series, and "Gray on Gray," which you see at the bottom, is the first image I created. Essentially, all four are derived from the same basic image. I could keep on going with multiple variations and probably will. But for the purpose of this post I thought it would be a good idea to show you just four images in progression, all with the same composition as a source.

One cannot help but be fascinated by the infinite possibilities and flexibility of digital art. Painting in real time involves a variety of media and leaves the tracks of the artist's hand. Digital art may lack that dimension of sensuousness and physicality, yet it has its own options that one could not so readily achieve, with brush and pigment.

Which of these images do you like the best, if any? Your feedback is important to me.

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  1. Lynda:

    Wow, I've fooled around in Photoshop Elements, but seeing your stuff really separates the artist from the doodler. Beautiful.

    Good luck with all of you chores.

    Happy trails.

  2. Wow, I haven't been here for ages, I need to stop by more. These are gorgeous.

  3. gray on gray is my favorite with the orbs one next (although i want it wider, feels a little cropped out on the sides). these two pieces remind me of cubist paintings with a twist. good work, glad you are able to find ways to create amongst chaos.

  4. Gorgeous images, Lynda. I especially enjoyed the contrast between the b&w and the color--can't say which I really preferred more.

  5. these are gorgeous, the top one is truly luminous, but I'm also really impressed by the grey

  6. Hello Lynda~ These digital images are great. My favorites are Circular Reverie and Blue Dream. I would love to learn how to do these. I have a Photoshop type software but, still haven't learned the ins and outs well enough to use them as art. But, you on the other hand have mastered it well. Have a nice evening. And, thanks for commenting on my blog.

  7. These are gorgeous Lynda! I posted black/white/grey fractals today. I'm really drawn to those as much as I am to bright colours. Good work here!

  8. Absolutely amazing and breath taking! I've used Photoshop at work but nothing I've done compares to this. Well done!

    Off topic slightly! If you can get your hands on a jar of Vegemite,(a famous Australian sandwich spread and one of our most important cultural icons) please let me know what you think of it!

    Take Care

  9. There are lovely, but I tend to favorite black and whites, grays etc. So im going with the last two, and the Gray on Gray is my favorite. I think it has the perfect amount of symmetry for me to feel content if that makes sense! :)

  10. Amazing Lynda, I just can't figure out how to do any of this stuff in photoshop, is there a good book you recommend that gives the basics?

  11. oh I love them all Lynda :)
    but gray on gray is my fave ..I love the cubist angles...this would make a great background for a website...
    I'm seeing stripes on all of mine atm lol
    good to hear that the construction is coming to a finale...August is a good month ;)
    I bet you will be so pleased when you can get back into your painting... :))

  12. SWUBIRD - Thank you. Glad you like them. Keep playing with PE, and you will discover "keepers" as you go! You're very creative and I'm sure you can find your way to your own images that you like!

  13. SANDY - Come on over any time, and I'll do the same. Thanks for visiting. :)

    SELF TAUGHT ARTIST - I agree with all your observations, and "Gray on Gray" is the one I like the best. It reminds me of the multiple viewpoints of Cubism, too.

    I am trying to keep the threads of my art life interwoven, and not have it all fall apart because of time constraints. Thanks for your good wishes. :0

  14. CONDA - While I know that "Gray on Gray" is my favorite for composition and sublety, I like the lights in the others. Thanks for taking a look...

  15. LAZY KING, CRAFTY GREEN P0ET, & KIMMIRICH - Thanks so much for your visits and your feedback!

    MICHELLE - I learned it only by DOING it, and I probably know only a small fraction of what there is to know. So, experiment away! And have fun doing it!

  16. JANICE - Well then, I'll have to come right over to see your fractals. A coincidence, as we both depart from our usual MO, on the same day... :)

  17. PETER - Thanks for your enthusiasm!

    When you say "Vegemite," I remember the "Lucy" episode wherein she's selling "Vita-Meata-Vegamin!" Did you grow up watching that on TV?

    If I ever get to AU, you can bet I'll shop for it, straight away! :)

    I had no idea it was a foodstuff! lol...

  18. SSQUO - I like that one the best too, and I think, for some reason, it's the best of these compositions. Although I do like the lighting in the others....

    Sometimes something just strikes you right. This one has a dynamic balance instead of a static balance, and I guess it just works for you.

    Too much asymmetry, and we may feel we are standing on our heads! :) Thanks for sharing your perception!

  19. BOB - I just learned by doing it. I DO have the book PHOTOSHOP FOR DUMMIES, but I was too dumb to use it! And it didn't match the version of PS that I had at the time.

    Just practice, and have fun with it!


    When do you leave for China?

  20. KIM - I will be overjoyed to not have this project hanging over our heads any longer. To be able to just live life for awhile.

    We have no regrets, although we DO question our sanity in having undertaken this massive challenge.

    But it does bring us near to the heart of nature, and that's why we opted in to this "adventure."

    I took your suggestion and made "Gray on Gray" the background for my Twitter page. I DO like that one the best, myself. Thanks for your suggestion and as always, for your kindness, dear Kim. :)

    Are you in to winter-type weather yet?

  21. Thanks Lynda, I leave July 15, the eclipse is July 22.

  22. Your images are really awesome. I'm also 'playing' with photoshop for a while, but I do not even get near to your results. My favorite is the first one, with the strong colours blue and pink. Really beautiful! I'll go on trying and maybe someday I will also be able to create such great images.

  23. Hi Lynda!

    I'm in the same boat since summer started. I really like the last image best, probably since I'm a little off kilter sometimes.

    Have a great weekend!

  24. BOB, wishing you a safe and enjoyable trip. :)

    I'll make every effort to be aware of the skies on the 22nd, as much as my hammer-and-nails mental state will allow!

    Keep us posted on your trip and the eclipse!

  25. Hi Lynda, wow you have amazing imagination, and your creativity is endless. I am stuck, I like them all, but I continue to hover around the 'Circular Reverie'. I can see the similarities in them all, but may be the circular reverie is my favorite, because is different, only one, unique in appearance - and it feels like I am talking about woman, lol. Excellent work Lynda as always. Anna :)

  26. Billigflüge Thailand - One has to enter into it in the spirit of discovery and adventure, keep having fun with it, and not be afraid to fail.

    I have no doubt that if you keep at it, you will come up with stuff that pleases you!

    Thanks for visiting and for your kind words. :)

  27. THE MUSE - That's the one I think works the best, although I like the others to some degree, for different reasons. It's just a matter of personal taste.

    Are you in the same boat with home building, or with Photoshop? lol....

    Have a great day, whatever it is that you are up to!

  28. ANNA - Thank you, my dear, for always being so positive and reinforcing!

    I like the colors and textures in that one, though my favorite continues to be "Gray on Gray."

    All those curves certainly can appear to be figurative!

    I hope you are having the kind of pristine day up there, that we are having here, and that you and Matthew will have time for a beautiful walk!

    Many smiles to you and yours....


  29. Thank you for the touch with the magic wand of the fine arts.

  30. Lynda...great work as always. My favorite is Gray on Gray. As someone mentioned ... it reminds me of a cubist work. You really have an eye for this type of work.


  31. Hi! If you're talking about the "I Love Lucy" series, I couldn't get enough of it when I was growing up. They've just started to play the series Downunder all over again. What goes around comes around and what is old is new again.

    Take Care,

  32. Wow. When I first looked at the pictures, I never would have guessed, that they were made from the same one. But after reading your explanation I went back and took another look and now I'm asking myself: How could I miss this?
    Great work!


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