Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Yin and Yang of Water: Light and Shadow, Spray and Stone

Fluctuating Trunks

Spray and Stone


Shimmering Pool

Composition in Water and Stone

Taking It In

Water Pebbles

Wild Water, Sacred Stone

To me, metaphors like "The Tree of Life" or "The Perennial Stream" refer to God, to all of Creation, The One, the Universe, ALL, however you want to say it. It's the same thing: the generative power/miracle at the core of Life, that allows us to BE, as individuals and in diversity and relationship, connected to the larger scheme.

I see in all of nature (humankind included) the principle of differentiation and diversity, yet needing to, at the same time, stay aligned and empathic with The Whole.

A river flows downstream from the mountain above, as a singular, dynamic entity. But all its rhythms and patterns change as it turns, trickles, charges, and eddies over the changing terrain. As it is with the blowing leaves and the boughs on the trees.

We lose our personal power if we try to live it in a vacuum, isolated or unmindful of The Whole. Just as we lose our personal power if we attempt to guard or hoard it. We must interact, in concert with the larger truths of LIFE beyond our personal subjectivity.

I dedicate this post to all my blogging friends and especially to Max, because our discussions inspire me. You can read about paradox and duality, or Yin and Yang, at Wikipedia.

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  1. Kia ora Lynda,
    Beautiful photos and so amazing in representing the diverse symphony of water, and indeed ourselves. But we are all part of the flow, that process. Thank you.

  2. I love these beautiful photos. So relaxing and centering I love them!

  3. did it again! You have such an eye for texture. Beautiful pictures. Hope you are having a great weekend.


  4. Hi Lynda!

    Your pictures are beautiful. It's too bad we don't stop for a moment every day and really look at how beautiful Nature is. A little while ago, I was fascinated by water. Each time I'd be in contact with it, I'd think how wonderful this liqud is.

  5. Lynda - this is really funny that you posted these wonderful photos of water. Just a minute ago I entered a new post about some - can you guess? - water reflections. What a coincidence! There must be some telepathic connection - LOL.
    Hope you had a good time while you were away!
    Hugs, Petra

  6. Haha - I am getting old! The post is on my "Magic Worlds" blog on wordpress not on blogger....

  7. You always give us so much to digest in one post, Lynda. I really enjoy viewing sets of closely related images that are "riffing"(to use a musical term) on a theme, exploring the many possible variations of a single subject. Brooks Jenson of Lenswork Magazine did a podcast on this very subject ("More Depth, Not Mere Repetition") recently. You will find it interesting because these are a perfect example; exploring the deeper meaning of a subject rather than just repeating it over and over. I especially like the top one of the abstract reflections, it's totally clean of distractions and very effective.
    The one with the figure, while good on it's own, kind of breaks with the pure abstract theme of the others, but I don't know if that was even your concern. These would make a great grouping.

  8. Hello my dear wise friend, How are you Lynda?

    Your water photos are beathtakingly lovely, SO rich in color, texture, light and dark, just plain RICH!! They very first water photos that remind me a bit of mine. You photograph water very similar to me...or rather we are drawn to similar aspects of water.

    I have never shown mine to anyone, not yet, but I have thousands of water and ice crystal photos I took along the same little creek here in New Mexico. I am right now putting together a book of water photos using a MAC program that a friend just showed me how to use. I adore the many moving faces of water, the many moods. The same creek, same spot can look different even by the hour as the sun shifts. And by the day depending on what the sky is like. I could stand in one spot along a creek and photograph that same spot each day, same time, same frame and it would look different almost each time.

    I am fascinated by the play of light and reflection and what is on the surface, either floating or reflected, and what is in the water beneath the surface.

    I literally have spent whole days -- hours photographing the same creek. It is one of my very favorite past times.

    These photos you took excite my senses and make me hungry to get out and do more photography. I need a day spent with water. Sometime I will share my water photos with you. Although I need a far better camera...eventually. :)

    Thank you dear dear Lynda for your grace and beauty. I am ALWAYS made richer by it. By YOU. I really am. And am grateful for all the ways your life has touched and continues to touch mine. All the way that you have encouraged my free spirit. You have encouraged me just in being YOU, you encourage me to be more ME.

    Much love,

  9. Just beautiful! You have a great blog!

  10. Kia ora ROBB- We are all part of the flow, and hopefully, IN flow. At least some of the time...

    I wish I were able to change form, like the water in a stream! :)

  11. tangled stitch - Come on over and I'll take you hiking to these places!!! :)

  12. DAN - Every weekend that life goes on, is a great weekend! :) :)

    Good to see you, my friend.

  13. oh the water over there looks so clear and fresh Lynda...
    as if you could almost drink it!!
    these photos are beautiful and your words add such meaning...
    what would we do without Mother Nature!
    I hope your Mother's Day weekend was a lovely one :)

  14. So much movement in your photographs of water, Lynda. I can almost hear the sound of a stream.

  15. Very true. And great shots again, Lynda! Just looking at them gets you "into the flow"!

  16. KIM - We spent all day shopping for hardware and fixtures and sockets, etc., for the house! It was both fun and tiring.

    Yes, I would say that the water in these mountain streams is fairly clean, maybe even pottable. Only because they begin so high up, where there's no industry.

    Hope you had a good Mother's Day as well, dear Kim!

  17. CONDA - I'm in love with the texture, light, color, and movement, of nature! Good to see you....

  18. MILLIE - I agree! We'd all be a lot more peaceful and philosophical if we spent more time out in nature. :)

  19. ANN - I feel in flow whenever I'm doing any kind of art, or am out in nature. It gives me peace. :)

  20. MILLIE and DIANA - Thank you! And thanks for the visit!

  21. PETRA - I just saw your lovely water shots and that gorgeous image of the weathered door! :)

  22. MARK - Thanks for your thoughtful commentary. No, I wasn't concerned with the consistency of having all these images be abstract, but rather with seeing water on several levels of perception, micro- and macrocosm.

    I could go on forever, and I'm sure I'll post more shots of water-flow, as it's a subject that mesmerizes me.

    I shot some barn windows today and can't wait to have a minute to look at them....

    Have a great weekend, Mark!

  23. ROBIN - I feel the same way! We feed each other's creative spirit, and that's one of the benefits of blogging and finding good people sharing bits of their lives. We reinforce each other. It's a wonderful and positive dynamic!

    Though I know you only in cyberspace, my bet is that if we were to meet in real-time and share an outing, we'd have a great time!

    I'm just like you on that count. I'm fascinated by the endless possibilities and variations of natural beauty, by virtue of light, setting, position, distance vs. closeup, state (of water, grass, or sky, etc.) and all the endless permutations that play like the Song of the Universe.

    I have one camera that does an okay job, and two that are really low end. If I had the money, I would get set up with one that's high end, with a great lens and focal range, etc. But lack of the best tool will NOT keep me from looking for beauty in every nook and cranny.

    You will have to share your ice and water shots, soon. I think we are a lot alike. I would rather go out into the wild or semi-wild with my camera than have luxury or entertainment. Nature nurtures my soul more than creature comforts or entertainment ever could.

    Thank YOU, Robin, for being YOU, and for letting your life's passion respond to mine. Keep shining your light and sharing the natural world with all who will to see it!

    Love to you, as well. xxxxxxx

  24. Excellent images Lynda!! The "Taking It In" fooled me I thought they was smaller rocks till I saw the person in it, wow.

  25. Lynda:

    Thank you so much for the dedication. I love the meaning in your words--we are all part of the whole--so true and such a beautiful thought.

    As always, I love your pictures. Water--what a wonderful theme.

    Happy trails to you...

  26. Hey Lynda,

    Excellent pictures! They are indeed the reflection of the ying yang: water/fire (sun); earth (stones)/air; man (spirit)/nature. I like the abundance of water in these images, for it invokes our lunar side (intuition, erotism [moist], thought fluidity, femininity etc).
    You have represented the five elements quite well (as I have pointed above).

    Indeed, being human is a paradox, for it is extremely complex (yet simple) to grasp the concept of Ying and Yang and apply it to our daily life (somehow understanding this concept brings us a sense of peace, since we start to tolerate others a bit more, and show compassion towards one another).

    Aaaw, thank you for mentioning me, darling *hug*! You know I love our conversations: they are special to me :D!

    Big hug and cheers

  27. Lynda, what is amazing about the water it takes the path of least resistance, yet if we follow it, it takes us on the inspirational tour. Your images are amazing, and soothing and relaxing. I always love the theory of the Yin and Yang. Learn a lot about it in my tai chi classes, we need both always. Anna :)

  28. I want to stand in the waterfall like that guy...

  29. Beautiful post Lynda. Your photos are always superb giving inspiration, beauty and depth to our our understanding. That same beauty lies within you and shines for all to see.

  30. Beautiful, Beautiful pics Lynda - Thanks for sharing! :-}

  31. beautiful shots! part of the whole, indeed, is the essence of Truth!

    eyes that followed
    the flow of water
    soul that stirred
    the string of essence
    oh! my dear
    bowled over in that
    Divine flow
    love them all...


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