Sunday, August 30, 2009

Low-Lives or Elegant Beauties?....The Organic Splendor of Lichen, Revisited

Branching with the grace of trees; sparkling with the light of stars; spreading with the hope of life; imbued with the energy of Creation; pastel-colored like fairies and rainbows. What am I talking about? LICHEN, of course!

Welcome to my "Garden of Earthy Delights!" Here are some recent macro shots of majestic trees whose bark presents a cornucopia of smaller lifeforms. They represent a microcosm of organic form that rivals the beauty of any flower garden. Form, color, infinite configurations: the peaceful symbiosis of bark, moss, insects, and lichen defy the hungry eye to ignore them. At first glance you might feel these shots are redundant, but if you look closely, you'll see a great variety of abstract compositions!

I LOVE photographing lichen. I think that some of my Abstract Expressionist paintings reflect my fascination with the kind of bursting forth of life force reflected in the orderly disorder of lichen!

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  1. I love lichen, too! The green to me looks so delicate and lacey, wouldn't it be a great tablecloth?

    Do you have the red lichen where you live?

  2. Kia ora Lynda,
    How synchronisitic! I too love the smaller world of the lichens and mosses, particularly when they come to brilliance in the rain. Isn't it somehow humbling to look at, touch and smell one little area on one tree in a great forest and still never see all its glory. Kia kaha Lynda.

  3. lichen certainly add flavor to an already great art form in the tree. great shots, btw. have a great night.

  4. Delightful photos.
    I like them too - there's so many different kinds with different textures and shapes.

  5. Those are just so beautiful and peaceful to look at--not too much lichen around here in the Midwest, but I do remember seeing much more plus mosses in the Northwest!

  6. Hey Lynda,

    They do not seem redundant at all. Each photo displays a particular behaviour; a particular setting; a very particular conversation (within nature).

    I must say that I enjoyed looking at this photos for it was like reading a book: interesting stories were being told.

    I see that you have been getting into contact with "magic", which is good. How's the music played by these trees?

    Have a fantastic week, darling :D!


  7. These are all wonderful textures and such rich depth of color. I love it as always it is fantastic.

    As you know you are one of my greatest inspirations. I definitely feel a crawling expedition will be coming up soon.

    I simply must try my hand at capturing another series with texture!!

    I hop all is well Lynda and that you are not working too hard.

    Big hugs,

  8. Beautiful! Thank you for giving me another lovely way to look about something that usually passes on by.

  9. you certainly can't beat Mother Nature when it comes to inspiration Lynda :)
    these are all marvellous compositions with a wealth of possibilities....
    and I love the way you describe Lichen!! ..fairies and rainbows how delightful :))

  10. I love the images Lynda, never paid much attention to Lichen before, but wow, it's kind of like a whole new world down there just waiting to be imaged.

  11. Lynda:

    Great images.

    I can remember long ago when I was in high school and biology was my favorite subject. We studied lichens of all things and they were my favorite life form. How interesting that after all these years you would have a photo collection of lichens and we would be blogger buddies.

    Have a very nice day, and remember . . .

    Happy trails.

  12. How beautiful Lynda!!! It's just amazing to me the textured design that can be found in nature. Thank you for sharing it with us. :)

  13. I also love lichen. I was delighted to find that down here it even grows in bright oranges & pinks! Now that things are set to cool off again, I'll have to try to get some shots.

  14. Lynda my dear when comes to abstract textures, you are so good at it. So pleasant to the eye to examine. I get lucky sometimes. Keep up the good work, and hope all is well with you. Anna :)

  15. I agree - the lichens are most beautiful - all times of the year. You can tell how clean and pure the air is by their size and how far they reach out from the trees. Love that mother nature!

  16. I'm a big lichen fan. My ex used to take photos of mud and rust and lichen and all looked great and hard to tell apart.

    I cannot imagine why I've been gone from your site so long...but I'm here and enjoying it.


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