Friday, August 28, 2009

Peace, Hope, Unity

This song was written and recorded by Allan Varela, Director of Long Island's Smithtown Township Arts Council! I want to share it with my blogging friends. Let's all spread some hope!


  1. I've always thought people shouldn't look at the color of someone's skin before getting to know them. I don't think the color makes them who they are. Acceptance of another should be stronger than hate. Have a wonderful day.

  2. This is gorgeous! What a powerful song and the images are equally as beautiful and hope filled. I have lived in several communities that are home to people from all over the world and I am always happiest when living these communities. I'm very comfortable with diversity and in fact thrive on it. I think it's also why I love travel and seeing how other people live, what they eat, believe and care about. It does away with myopia and simply makes me fall more deeply in love with humanity and life itself.

    I'm glad you posted this. It just made me feel HAPPY and uplifted. thank you my beautiful Lynda. You are such an amazing soul. I am always....ALWAYS....enriched by your presence in my life. Love, Robin

  3. This is wonderful Lynda. I wish I had stopped in before I did today's post.

    This video would have been perfect. What a wonderful world it truly would be if everyone were capable of achieving this level of acceptance.

    I too am so very glad you posted this. It is so very very powerful and inspirational!!

  4. A lovely video with words to ponder and live up to.

  5. Thanks for sharing Lynda, we are a diverse lot aren't we? Better learn how to get along before it's too late. Love the toe tapping music on the video too.

  6. How beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing that with us. The message of hope needs to be spread, especially with so many problems going on right now in the world This is a wonderful way to share this message with others!

  7. This is wonderful video Lynda, thanks for sharing again. Very powerful, and filled with lot of hope. Thanks for sharing again, Anna :)

  8. lovely tribute Lynda..
    I'll post this at PoeARTica ...
    there's always a need for people to be reminded of what is really important...and this video is so universal :)
    have a lovely weekend :))

  9. Hi! Peace, hope and unity is what the world needs now more than anything.

    Why on earth would anyone want it any other way?

    Time for everyone to put distrust, hate and ignorance behind them and make the world a better place for all, especially for our children so they can look to the future with hope.

    Take Care,

  10. Beautiful music, Lynda! Thanks for sharing!


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