Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Moon Lakes and Night Voices

Moon Lake - c Lynda Lehmann

i cannot sleep.

a pale shroud has overtaken the darkened world
and shadows quiver in rhythm of moonlight.

released by luster of illumination,
voices rise from deep recesses of mind and forest

where dreams and creatures meet
to share mystery.

their discourse rises on sleek silver strands, to the night wind.

life force has the wisdom to know its own sustenance,
the Life Force whose glow burns brighter in its knowing.

voices merge--chirps and squawks, calls and whispers--
melding past and future, history and infinity
to tell of their knowing.

and i know that their knowing is so much greater than mine.

i cannot sleep.

i drink as well, from the vast cup of silence,
the silky intervals of chastened night
that channels the voices...

those murmurs of God and Infinity that
all at once
calm and discomfort my soul.

i cannot sleep.

i must not sleep.

--Lynda Lehmann c 2009

All art and text copyright Lynda Lehmann. All rights reserved.

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  1. This really drew me in Lynda...your use of a small "i" against the awe-inspiring beauty of that gorgeous shot. Kudos.

  2. good morning lynda~ sometimes it's nice to get little sleep so as not to miss opportunities such as these. your words and picture are beautiful. have a great day.

  3. Interesting ... I am intrigued by the emotions of this Lynda. Very well done!

    I do the photo / poetry / creative writing posts too, they just seem to get burried under all my "other" posts of randomness :-)

    Great to see you today - I have been not been very comment savy as of late, but hope to change that with the coming winter months.

    Happy week from SpeedyCat

  4. Beautiful words Linda and a very nice photo.

    I never have problems with
    sleeping :)

    Sue's Daily Photography

  5. you should really publish your wonderful words and images in a book Lynda!!
    I for one would buy it :)
    such a stunning photo...and such rich imagery in your words ..lovely :)
    have a beautiful weekend :)

  6. Oh Lynda, his is fabulous... photo and words, both very very magical

  7. Thank you guys, for your wonderful, encouraging comments. You give me the motivation and courage to put up more poetry with my images, even though I know nothing about poetic form, beyond what I learned in high school--which of course, was centuries ago!

    We have just moved and are over our heads busy. I hope to come back and respond to each of your comments, and I'll be over to visit you asap!

  8. Lynda,
    I almost can't find words. This has moved me so much.

    These range of emotions are well known to me, especially, during these last couple of weeks.

    You have described the upheaval and the calm assurance so well here in this writing.

    It is a bag of conflicting emotions, this daily walk of life.

    It is simply wonderful. You have once again touched me very deeply inside my heart and psyche.

    Please forgive me in taking so long to get over here. Things are still in such a swirl here.

    Everyday we get 2 phone calls from 2 of the oldest siblings and each has a different story.

    It has left and the other siblings not knowing even the where we should plan to go visit.

    Each time we plan on a drive to Houston, we get a call saying she is going home and into hospice. So we cancel and wait with plans to visit her at home.

    Then the next day things have not changed. it is very frustrating to say the least.

    Thank you for this wonderful post, lovely photo and marvelous piece of writing.

    Now as for you congratulations on finally having your new home completed!!

    I know you simply must be over joyed and I hope also feeling very proud of yourself.

    You took on quite the challenge and have come out the victor!! I am just so so very happy for you!!

    Love always my dear friend. I do so hope to have the wonderful privilege of at least taking you and your hubby out to dinner when I visit next summer.

    Don't worry we will have our new SIL, the DR. take us all out to a wonderful place and let him pick up the bill!!

    I hope you have great weekend!!
    Jackie XX'S:-)

  9. Great work Lynda! Thanks for sharing it with us! *HUGS*

  10. Very beautiful, Lynda, both the words and the photo. Look what you and we would have missed if you had been able to sleep.
    Thanks for sharing!

    Take care,

  11. From one insomniac to each other may we get burst of wonderful inspiration and beauty while we are trying to sleep. I love the tranquility of this photograph!

  12. Lovely photo and poem, Lynda--quite soothing in an odd, unique way.

  13. Kia ora Lynda,
    What a lovely poem, and a fantastic photo with the purple majestic colours. Thank you for sharing the poem. Every once in awhile I feel words come to me in the mountains and I write them down. I would never consider myself a true poet, and know little of the lingo, yet poetry is inside each of us, it is our words and feelings, the emotions of moments that bring tears to our eyes. Very intimate, so thank you for sharing.

  14. Lynda another great poem, night is magical, and you photo is even more. Anna :)

  15. Oh Lynda! I was gasping at your photos and then scrolled to find this poem! I love poems that really catch something... and you have caught that sense of the night. I know just how you feel.


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