Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Beautiful, Beckoning Wood

The Beautiful, Beckoning Wood - Lynda Lehmann c 2010

The arbor gleams. Trees gesture, dance and sway, playing with the showering gold of sunlight. Vines crawl and meander, yet always ascending. Textures pop and reflect the underlying vitality, setting the precedent for "Form." Wood wet with past rain glistens orange and lush vines play a rich green counterpoint. Shadows vignette the drama, and my heart leaps joyously into the cauldron where Creation plays out its evolving domain.

Note to My Readers: I want the above paragraph to stand alone, hence this note. My husband and I walked on the Long Island shoreline the other day, enjoying the sunshine and the January thaw. I was serendipitously graced with this image on the way out, at which point I was resolved to my day's photo-taking being over. It was getting late and the light was fading from the part of the shore we had been walking on. But we emerged into the sunlight and there it was: one of the most beautiful forest scenes I have witnessed: the bright side-lighting, the moisture on the trunks that brought out the rich colors of the bark, and the complements of orange and green. I hope this image brings to mind for you, some of your favorite moments of encounter with nature. I'd like to hear about them!

Image and text copyright Lynda Lehmann. All rights reserved.

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  1. It's absolutely beautiful Lynda! I'm sure you and your husband enjoyed seeing this and being there in person!I can only imagine the freedom and inspiration that fills your soul out in Nature.I really need to start my walks again.This makes me miss them. Wonderful capture!Thanks for sharing it!

  2. Beautiful picture and words. I'm planning a sculpture of John Muir this post is inspiration!

  3. Dear Sweet Lynda, this is a whole singularly beuatiful meditation in itself. Such a stunning photo as well.

    When I am in nature I can stand or sit for hourse absorbing the beauty from somethign like this. Your writing is expressed in the same lovely free-form flow that you must have felt while standing there. Sometimes, don't you find that it's almost impossible to find words to express what you see and feel....because the beauty is just SOOOOOO HUUUUUGE? In light of THAT, I think you have done a marvelous job of it. Nature is a flow and you've expressed that so magically here. Very timeless and peaceful.

    Sending you much love and HUGE HUG,
    Your kindred friend, Robin.

  4. Your posts make me miss LI's north shore like crazy. I lived not far from Cold Spring Harbor & have many happy memories. I suspect that it's very much changed now. Perhaps my memories of the north shore are good enough.
    Of course I'm completely delighted to have found that the house I purchased a few years back (through some strangely synchronistic twists & turns,) turned out to be surrounded by several, wonderful nature preserves & parks.
    Across Lake Pontchartrain from New Orleans, ironically our area is locally referred to as "the Northshore."

  5. Kia ora Lynda,
    Just yesterday my wife and I were on our veranda enjoying a quiet libation as the sunset over our unruly bush covered yard. On the ground was a large branch from our native beech tree which had fallen during a wind storm a while back. I still have not gotten around to moving it, as eventually I will saw it up for firewood. The leaves are now brown and as the sun gave its final burst of energy, it focused on this branch, and suddenly the whole limb literally burst into life, a myriad of flourescent oranges and purples, glowing and pulsating. Tara and I just watched it somewhat stunned, and I realized I had tears running down my cheeks. As I can't be in the mountains for some time to come, moments like this connect me, and remind I have indeed learned something there. Kia kaha.


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