Thursday, February 18, 2010

My Latest Abstract Acrylic Painting: "Island Interlude"

Island Interlude - c 2010 Lynda Lehmann

I dance with my brushes until something happens. What happens is that colors and shapes interact to please my eyes. Some friends and relatives keep telling me to paint realism, because "that's what sells." But I don't paint for money; I paint for the love of it. I feel great joy each time a new visual experience is born, and I would not give up my excitement for anything. It's our passions that make life worth living. Of course, I do love a good sale!

What are some of your passions, that you couldn't live without? Besides pasta and coffee and chocolate, this is....

NOTE: I call this painting "Island Interlude," simply because I have to give my pieces a title. You will find in it, whatever you find in it. To me, it has a Caribbean feel. It's 14 x 20 inches, done in acrylic on Arches watercolor paper. I'm beginning a series of paintings on watercolor paper because of the cost of canvases. The heavy Arches paper takes the paint quite well and because of my savings, I can afford to sell these paintings at a lower price.

Image and text copyright Lynda Lehmann. All rights reserved.

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  1. The colors are fantastic. The people, island scenery and fluidity make this painting dance. It's fun and very creative.

  2. I like the palette a lot but am very attracted to the shapes which remind me of Keith Haring. I definitely relate to your commitment to passion before sales! I have just recently begun to realize that when I paint what I love, it usually "works" so much better and is so much more satisfying than when I paint what I think others will like. A very long and hard lesson!
    Thank you so much for your kind and thoughtful comments on my blog. I appreciate it more than I can say.

  3. Gorgeous new painting, Lynda. And my dad always struggled with titles for his paintings, too--he always said he was a painter, not a writer!

  4. I love your stuff cause you are able to interpret it or call it what ever you want to, very cool.

  5. Beautiful Lynda! This one has a certain 3-D without the glasses look. The green hues seem to hover over the deep blue and purples. Tell me, do you paint these layers, or to put it another way, do you start with a dark background and then build on that "base" ?? I am not an artist, but have come to appreciate art more in my life, esp. after meeting Kim Barker.
    In any case, I just cannot stop looking at this work .... in my own case, after staring "into" the painting, more layers are revealed. Awesome !!

    Hello from SpeedyCat, and happy weekend to you :-)

  6. My passion is hand embroidery and color and texture. Lots of passion but they all lead in one direction. Made me giggle with your comment about realism. People say that to me too sometimes. Hard not to listen but I can't draw very realistically and I'm not a photographer so I live vicariously through my photographer friends who look for the extraordinary in the ordinary like you.

  7. Oops Forgot. Love the new topper and the beautiful piece!

  8. POETIC SHUTTERBUG - Thank you for your positive feedback. I'm trying to "calm down" my paintings, to make them more "restful," as I tend to get very frenetic with my brush, in creating overall pattern. I hope I'm moving in the right direction.

  9. MARIE - You're very welcome. And I very much appreciate your visits to my blog, as well, and enjoy sharing with you.

    Life is full of painful lessons, isn't it? Parents teach their children to "just be" themselves, while at the same time inculcating so much inhibition and dedication to political correctness, if not fairness and decency. But that's another subject!

  10. CONDA - I enjoy titling my paintings and photos most of the time, but I don't like the fact that I HAVE to name them to post them. Of course I could have a thousand pieces entitled "Untitled One" through 10000....

    Also, I like for people to see whatever they want to see in an image, and titles may steer them to MY interpretation. Not really what I want to do. That's the joy of abstract, everyone sees something different.

    Did your father pursue painting as a vocation? I guess the creative bug runs in your family, too!

  11. BOB - You hit the nail right on the head. It's whatever you want it to be. The viewer is called upon to participate, to speculate or imagine. This process is to me, more satisfying than responding to obvious, everyday SCENES. I love ambiguity!

    Good to see you, Bob.

  12. SPEEDY - Thank you for looking and for your enthusiasm. I really approach each painting in its own way. While I always INTEND to underpaint, I often don't do it. Once the paint is on the brush, I never know where it's going to end up, lol, or how many layers I will apply. I'm often tempted to make color changes, but they will then "call for" more color changes. And you can go on and on, until you have repainted the whole image. Then it begins to loose its freshness and look overworked. So knowing when to stop is a VERY GOOD THING! And that's something I'm still learning to do. :(

    Thanks for your visit, Sir Speedy!

  13. TANGLED STITCH - I'm with you on the color and texture! I feast on them all the time, lol... And I have to admit, I'm the worst kind of glutton.

    What a nice way to put it: "who look for the extraordinary in the ordinary like you." Thank you! I guess I do that. :) The ordinary IS extraordinary if we give it the time of our perception, right?

    I'm glad you like my new header. It was time for a change.

    The weather report tells me you had better hunker down for a BIG snow!

  14. Gorgeous painting, Lynda ! I like much the colors... It's very fun ! Congratulations Lynda ! ;)

  15. Thank you for coming over to visit, Dom. It's nice to see you!

  16. Jean, thank you! It's great to see you! Hope we see more of each other and our art in days to come....


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