Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Shoreline Magic

Shoreline Magic - Lynda Lehmann c 2010

Please give my photo your vote!


I've never entered a local photo contest before, but it seems like a good idea! I will really appreciate your vote! Thanks for your support.

Image and text copyright Lynda Lehmann. All rights reserved.

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  1. I voted for you, Lynda--and you deserve to win!

  2. I'm heading over to cast a vote. By the way, where might I find the rules or etiquette of using an image I've found via Google, say of a flower, on my blog? How can I tell if it is copyrighted, or if providing a link to the site will be a good idea (or get me sued or arrested!)
    Thanks. And good luck on the contest, the image is lovely.

  3. Conda, you're sweet. Thanks for your support!! :)

    Kathy, you can assume it's copyrighted, unless it's being sold on a stock photo site or offered as free stock. If it has an author attached, it's automatically protected by copyright law. It's best if you ask permission of the author/artist/photographer. (You can use one of mine if you like, from LyndaLehmann.com, with attribution to me....I give you my permission....) Thanks for your vote, dear. xxx

  4. Lynda,
    That is so incredibly kind of you. I keep looking at your photos and wanting to buy one. So I will definitely use one of your photos one day soon, with attribution.
    I voted for you. Let us know if you win. When you win, that is.

  5. KATHY - I don't mind when responsible, considerate people want to use my images (with permission and attribution). Any artist who "googles" her/himself will probably come up with numerous instances in which images have been used without one or the other. Which is really, just plain stealing... To which I heartily object, of course!

    As for the contest, there are about 3,000 entries, so winning is unlikely. But it's still fun to participate, and you never know...

  6. LANA - Thanks! I signed on for your site, as you know. :)

  7. Lynda, I voted for you and you deserve to win! Feels good visiting your site--always!

  8. Good luck Lynda, I gave you vote too. I included on my blog in the time being, let us know if you win, and you should. BTW I like the new header - its you, definitely you. Anna :)

  9. BARBARA - It's always puts a smile on my face, to see your friendly face!

    As for the contest, here are tons of entries, and I don't expect to come anywhere near winning! But it's still fun to enter. Thanks for your vote!

  10. ANNA - You're such a sweetheart! Thanks for your support! :) Kisses to Matthew... And have a good and healthy week.

  11. that is a beautiful shot and the colors are just so wonderful


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