Monday, March 22, 2010

Rush of Water, Hiss of Foam: Scenes from a Dazzling, Sunlit Beach Walk

I did not turn on the wind filter on my camera, as I wanted to share with you the howling of the wind and the crashing of the water. But those sounds ended up drowning out most of my commentary/narration, so I replaced the soundtrack with Beethoven's "Pastorale." I hope you like it, and enjoy the sights of this beautiful, pristine day on the beach.

I may re-do the video at a future time, with what's intact of the original soundtrack and a little tighter editing of the visuals. Now, if I can only learn to hold my camera steady and handle that movie-editing software! I can't wait to catch the next seagull performance over the waves....

Thanks for stopping by. I wish you harmony and creative bliss.

NOTE: Just click out of the ad if it's in your way. It's a condition of using a YouTube provided recording.

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  1. Lynda I love your title, lol, it actually really stands out. Thanks for sharing your lovely video. Must be fun playing with video editing now. PS Thank you so much for your kind visits to my blog, and warm comments. Matthew is now talking a lot, even more than other kids his age which some of them don't at all. When he sees kids on the playground, he runs and screams 'Hi Friends!'. It looks so so cute. He is really growing fast. Thanks Lynda again, and hugs from Matthew. Anna :)


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