Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Sad and Terrible Truth

When corporations become sovereign, democracy is swallowed by their greedy machinations. When will we find our voices and stand up with intelligence, clarity, and political will?

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  1. I don't know if you've ever seen the documentary, "The Corporation," but I'd recommend it.

  2. Hey Lynda,

    Unfortunately this is what happens when governments do not do what they're supposed to do: legislate and control.

    I am not in favour of excessive state regulation (which leads to a terrible word that I sympathise not "protectionism") but the minimum must be provided to avoid abuse.

    It's like parenting: give your children freedom to develop but keep them in a tight leash...

    Have a beautiful weekend, darling :D!

  3. LANA - I have read through the years, many things which have enlightened me as to the excesses and abuses of corporations. Years ago, when I advocated against nuclear proliferation, I felt it was the greatest of all issues. Directly or peripherally, it involved environmental stewardship, good citizenship, corporate and government ACCOUNTABILITY, public health, peace and justice issues, and of course, the survival of our species and indeed, of all life on earth. Everything I learned in those years, when I was a member of many environmental and peace and justice groups, has come to pass. They were pretty much right about everything. To my utter despair and upsetment....

  4. MAX - You are so right. Everything requires a rational, steadfast balancing act, between freedom and control. Freedom taken too far and without moral imperatives attached, becomes license. Greed propels people and corporations to take great licence, at the expense of the Common Good. How dare they?

    I'm sure glad I won't have to take such a legacy with me, into the great Hereafter, as these people will. If their heedlessness and negligence is proven in a court of law, they will have committed the greatest crime against nature and humanity since Hiroshima, in my opinion.


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