Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Whispers and Lake Shadows

Glory Sky

Night Rhythms


Twilight Solace



A passing loon cuts a wide swath across the lake, shining more smooth and white-silver in the expanse.
Water glows in sparkling, vast ribbons here, shimmers in tiny fish-scale patches there, moves in undulating bands of black in other places.

Where does the shimmer begin? ...Or the glow end? There are merging points invisible to me; forces incomprehensible to me; power hidden from me yet apparent by its echoes and traces.

I am not a holy person but I am surrounded by the Holy. I rejoice in my smallness and ignorance, glad that the Largess of the universe holds a place for me.

Are all these etchings of wind, current, deep-water spring, and journey, the realm of the snapping turtle and the silent bass who glides under the dock? Or do they hold a note of truth for me, as well?

--Poem c Lynda Lehmann 2010

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  1. always such beautiful pictures/ words. thanks for sharing your part of the world. have a great day.

  2. The Sky, the Lake, and the Shadows - what a glorious trio! And the hidden forces displayed in echoes, traces , murmurs add to the mystery and holiness of it all. Stunning pictures!

  3. Beautiful photos!
    Thank you, because you share them with us!!

  4. Dearest Lynda, These are THE MOST beautiful water reflection photos I've ever seen. They are pure art. I've never seen anything like them. I gasped when I opened the page. I miss water deeply, and these tugged old memories and other times of my life (from long ago) to the surface and with them an intense yearning.

    It would be amazing to have them all on the wall side-by-side. The colors alone are to die for. Why don't they have art like this in hospitals?!! It would be SO healing. I could lay and stare at these for hours. It would be like a meditation for me, and the next best thing to being with nature.

    I send you much love and have missed being here due to work. Book out Sept 1. Haven't been on skype since we talked as I had to ditch old computer and am slowly changing over to new one. re-adding programs and folders, etc. Such a confusing and tedious chore when there is so much on old one.

    Each year your art expresses more and more of your elegance and intimate relationship with nature. I feel honored to share with you and feel your soul through your art. I am grateful. Love, Robin

  5. How many words for beautiful are there? You are an artist with words as well. Your poem is wonderful. Missed you.

  6. Lynda,
    This is just completely lovely! And it holds special meaning for me right now, as we are just back from a vacation in Maine - where we stayed on a small lake surrounded by wilderness. And a lake that was the home to many loons. Such beautiful creatures...such wonderful sounds. So peaceful...just like your pictures and words here today...

  7. NAQUILLITY - I'm glad you came over to see them! I had a great day, thanks, but was up most of the night watching the orange moon behind the black arms of the trees. It was one of those nights when the forest was full of sound, so I had to listen....lol. And now i'M darned tired!

  8. DUTA - I'm glad you enjoyed it, and I'm glad we can share these things on our blogs.... :)

  9. ALEXANDRA - It's my pleasure to share nature, and I thank YOU for coming over!

  10. ANNE - How have you been? We haven't touched base in awhile. Hope all is well in your part of the world!

  11. ROBIN - I KNOW how much work it is to change computers, especially when we have whole books and vast heaps of Photoshop files on them! You will get done....

    Your book is coming out September 1! How exciting. Will it be in all the bookstores at once? Can't wait to see it!

    I haven't been on Skype since I called you, either, as it's been busy with our daughter getting married and such. We had a virtual "Wedding Week" with the ceremony and party in NY and then one with the groom's family in Iowa!

    I still can't believe I called you at the very moment you guys had just worked out your Skype hookup! Timing is everything, and sometimes it carries funny ironies.

    To take your perception one step further, we should surround ourselves with images of beauty and serenity and nature's fullness, instead of with images of violence exploited for entertainment value.

    Journey on, my dear Robin! And take care. I thought of you last night when the forest air and the moon glow and animal sounds kept me awake, and knew you would understand....

  12. PACIFICMELODY - You are too sweet. I missed seeing you, too, and I need to get over to read your most recent article! Thank you for your kind words....

  13. LANCE - Wonderful! Did the kids love it, as well? Where was your island? I'm glad you got to hear the loons; they are truly awesome and mysterious. Last night they seemed to vocalize all night, as if the orange of the moon overstimulated them or made them drunk with the beauty of reflections on the lake.

    I'm glad you had your family vacation and hope it will be memorable for a long time!

    Did you ever have a "Laughing Event" in Portland?

    Thanks for stopping by, Lance. Good to hear from you.

  14. Lovely images & poem, of course. I totally get it. ;)

  15. LANA - I haven't been around due to our daughter's "wedding week", which "ran" for about ten days with a lot of traveling in between. I'll be over soon to visit.

    Of course, I know you "got it." We are like-minded with the love of nature. I've been meaning to tell you that I saw on one of your sites a painting of a swamp or marsh scene with a bird swooping in from the right side. That painting totally conveys the primordial mystery--it gives me chills to look at it. Well done! (Do you know which one I mean?)

  16. Nature constantly offers us to the beauty around us which is a way to bring more happiness and peace in our lives.

    Dear Lynda, Every photograph of your blog encourage me to appreciate the hidden beauty of earth which only a nature lover could experience...

    Neha Sarin

  17. NEHA - I'm so glad you enjoyed the photos. Indeed, focusing on nature brings so much peace into my life, and I'm fortunate to visit or live near some lovely places.

    Thanks for your visit. Have a peaceful and beautiful day!

  18. Lynda,
    We stayed at a tiny lake just outside of Bangor. Hardly anyone else on the whole lake - so peaceful. Our kids LOVED it - it was the highlight of the trip. They could swim, kayak, play games...so fun!!

    And the loons....so, so wonderful to hear them.

    Yes, we DID have the laughter event - just outside of Portland (in Yarmouth). Had about 100 people join in - it was a GREAT event, too!

    All in all...just a wonderful visit to the east coast.

    Enjoy all your visits to that beautiful state of Maine...

  19. I see, you are really painter. You have a vision as a painter by the first.

  20. Hi! What's the one thing we can do to share our life experiences without having to resort to writing a novel? Perhaps it's a dying art but I do, like you, love poetry. Thank you for sharing this one.

    Take Care,

  21. LANCE - I'm sure you have blogged about the event by now. I'll have to come over to see what you've posted.

    I'm glad you had fun on your vacation. It's great to see our kids having fun, right? (our daugther is grown but I still like to see her having fun...)

    Did your kids catch any fish?

  22. PETER - We can talk and blog, blog and talk. Or write that novel.

    As for poetry, I love it because it highlights thoughts that take on a new light when they're pulled out of the sub-conscious mind and focused on. I don't know how well I write them, but at least I'm sharing my perceptions and finding satisfaction in the writing.

    Cheers to you, Peter!

  23. LINDA - Yes, I paint and LOVE it! But life often gets in the way of pulling out my paint and brushes!

  24. Hi Lynda!

    Magical pictures that transmitted me peace. The Twilight solace is absolutely beautiful, and I'd like to thank you for sharing such wonders with us!

    "I am not a holy person but I am surrounded by the Holy" - beautifully said! You may not be a holy person but by recognising the Holy I'd say you were touched by the Holy of the Holiest! :D

    Superb post!

    Big hug

    P.S: the flowers to perk up our day are effective for they did perk up my afternoon: thanks :D!

  25. MAX - It's good to share what peace we can find in this world, right? Especially when we find ourselves too often sucked in by what is negative and ugly.

    Peace to you, my dear friend, every day and always.

    xxx Lynda

  26. I like the picture of Night Rhythms. Beautiful !

  27. TIKNO - Thank you and thanks for visiting PV!


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