Friday, October 29, 2010

Paths of Death, A Poem Both Cynical and Hopeful

No Escape - Image c Lynda Lehmann

A passionate few verses about the way we live in our modern world, 
in words both cynical and hopeful...
Venal flawed existence
preconceived verbalizations...
No thought to language or
aspiration to meaning,
all yearning for truth 
on Benches of Greed.
Where are the heroes?
Oh, let me sing you.
Do not fling yourself on the altar of
your conscience's death:
mind sacrificed to paltry truths,
enunciations carrying the weight of tin.
Flap not on empty windows
or abandoned domiciles
of Mind-Once-Given
then dubiously relinquished
to Purveyors of Delusion...
those Butchers of Truth who
bleed their fare
over civilization's thin veneer.
Run from the blade to
find your heart
from Paths of Death.
c Lynda Lehmann 2010.  All rights reserved.

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  1. Wow, very different from your usual, Lynda. Great impact with the poem and the visual.

  2. Conda, I'm always reluctant to post my poems because I'm passionate about things and I can be wordy and a bit dramatic. Yet there's a place for that, I guess. It's a question of finding the right form and a certain balance. But if I wait for perfection, I'll never say a word...

    I'm just happy if one of my poems has a kernel of truth in it.

  3. La Dolce Vita - I wish I didn't have to feel so strongly about the current state of politics and politicians, and organized religions and other institutions who ply and prime the public with half-truths.

  4. well, hope the saying the best is yet to come has truth in it

  5. kRiZ, I guess I'd be grateful if things just got "better"! :)

  6. I too am discouraged by the same things. Thanks for having what it takes to express what you have expressed.

    We are not ignorant sheeple (well, at least most of us aren't), and being fed propaganda based on self-serving half-truths and even outright lies is an insult to our intelligence. Enough manipulative BS from the religious institutions, corporations and politicians - all have failed us and we need to make it clear that we will tolerate no more.

    I'm hoping that more and more of us find the courage it takes to speak our truth to power and demand honesty and actions that evidence change.

  7. TiTi, amen to that. But with such multiplicity (a good thing) and such a torrent of information and misinformation, I don't know how to go about sorting the wheat from the chaff.

    How can we find our collective political will?

  8. Hi Lynda,
    You certainly struck a chord in tune with my feelings about all of these things in life too.

    After the last few years I have just lost all faith in anything political and I turned from any and all religious ideologies, other than what is in my heart, years ago.

    All of your work is always great but this will definitely go down as one of my all time favorites, both imagery and words!!

    Great job.

    I am working my way back slowly and am not sure exactly where my blog will lead me 2011. I am tinkering on asking my family for new art supplies for Christmas.

    As you know I haven't turned out a painting in over 10 years now and I certainly didn't do any work at all this summer. Although, I did get some lovely shots while on the road.

    I was thinking of imposing a goal of a painting a month for the entire year of 2011. I need a lot of new supplies though and as you know they are expensive. So we will see.

    I have missed visiting here and once again I can't express in words how very much this piece of work reached right down into my very core!!

    I hope you have a super week!!
    Jackie XX:-)

  9. Shinade - How good it is to see you here on the Blogosphere, and what a nice surprise! I've missed you, as you know. I can relate to your quandary about choices, too.

    At this point, I'm having trouble juggling my creative interests and I'm really upset that I haven't painted this year. I AM working on a painting now, finally, and I hope I don't get sidetracked by life.

    I know what you mean about the expense. Both our passions are expensive: the photography and the painting. Hopefully my poor old tired tubes of acrylics will not be dried up before I can return to regular use.

    Sure, set an attainable goal for yourself and go for it! You could start with small works to save yourself the expense of large canvases. And what could make a better holiday present than something that encourages you to be all you can be and reach into your deepest self?

    As for my poem, I know it's a tad dramatic but such was the nature of my rant, that I felt the anger and disappointment very strongly.

    You too, have a good week and take some knockout photos along the way!


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