Friday, October 1, 2010

Twice the River: An Autumn Encounter with Reflections in Still Water

Twice the River - Image c Lynda Lehmann

This view of a stream in the White Mountain National Forest on a still and sunny afternoon, pulled me in.  The reflections are as mesmerizing as the scene itself, giving one twice the natural beauty to ponder.  Reflections on a still, watery surface bring up many thoughts for me: multi-dimensionality, transience versus permanence, the possibility of parallel universes, the world as patterns of light, the nature of reality. And certainly, the ever-changing countenance of our natural world.  Infinity....

I could lose myself in the deep woods for hours, if not days.  Just being there is for me, a peak experience.  Joyful encounter, there for the taking.  Or should I say: "par-taking," as there is no element of plundering or stealing in my encounter.  Except for taking home photographs, of course, which preserves the experience through time.

To find such beauty and joy: what serendipity!

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  1. That is absolutely stunning. The reflection is so crisp and clear. I am the same. When I visit the botanical gardens here and spend time in the redwood trail, I could lose myself there for days and be perfectly happy.

  2. Poetic Shutterbug - It's nice to know I'm not the only one who is so passionate about the forest! And good to share it with like-minded people. Do you live near the redwood forest? I think if I went in there, I'd never want to leave!

  3. You know Lynda, it is nice to see that even nature needs rest sometimes. This reminds me that sometimes we are too too much on the go, and need to slow down or stop and enjoy more relaxing moments. Thanks for sharing your beautiful photo art, and inspirational words. Hope all is well with you. Been a bit busy, but blogging again, and hopefully I can keep up again. Hugs and kisses, and especially from Matthew. Anna :)

  4. ANNA - I guess we are all struggling to keep up with our busy lives. I think I'm going to make my posts shorter in the future, to facilitate more regular posting.

    Yes, we need to choose our priorities and keep things in perspective--easier said than done. And then sometimes life throws us those unexpected curve balls....

    My love to you and yours, and of course, kisses to little Matthew. I look forward to coming over to see your latest news and read about his antics!

  5. Gorgeous colours and reflection in the picture and in your writing Have a nice day

  6. Marja - I'm still thinking about the beautiful sights I saw in the national park earlier this week. So I'm happy and having a good day. I hope yours was good, too!

  7. What a wonderful photograph so full of vibrant colors. Here it's very early autumn and the broadleaf maples are just beginning to sport yellow leaves. Soon nature's full color palette will be before us, and the end of our harvesting will be accomplished before the rains begin to fall. Although I love this season it reminds me the rains will soon come and the cold and wet will drive me indoors for the duration. May your autumn be warm and wonderful.

  8. TiTi - Thank you, and yours, as well.

    I guess because you live near the sea you have more rain than snow?

    I don't look forward to those damp, gray lackluster winter days either. That's when we have to rev up the creativity to warm our sagging spirits!

    Hope you have a bountiful harvest and that you're feeling better today!


  9. Hi! The longer I look at this image, the more it draws me. Much like watching a fire, with both taking me back to younger days when youth was on my side. How I miss those days!

    Take Care,

  10. PETER - Youth isn't on my side either, as my aching hips will attest. I too, miss what I once took for granted. You know the saying, "Too soon old and too late smart!"

    Hey, enjoy yourself anyway, any way you can. And kisses to baby Emily!

  11. Lynda dear I hope it is not too too serious.
    I will be thinking about you. You take care of yourself. Anna :)

  12. Kia ora Lynda,
    I'm right there with you. I don't even think we "take" photos, we are really just sharing and becoming part of the moment. Kia kaha my friend.

  13. Oh how gorgeous! looks like fall is in full swing there!

  14. Just beautiful. I DO miss fall foliage...

  15. ANNA - I wish I could explain why we're so busy, but I don't like to put it all "out there." We're okay, but just snowed with responsibilities and obligations right now, two friends just passed, and on and on. Overwhelmed at the moment...

    How are you doing? And Matthew?

  16. ROBB - Though I'm so busy that even an hour out in the wild is at a premium, I'm enjoying my camera shooting more and more (as if my joy could increase over what it has always been), and I'm looking forward to things MAYBE settling down in a few weeks.

    I hope your hip is fine and that you are getting out more and more and feeling stronger--and that you and your family are enjoying every day.

  17. LISA - It certainly IS in full swing! It's a festive time, yet bittersweet, with hints of stark winter in the air. But it's all good: the cycles continue.

  18. LANA - Come to LI in the fall one year, and we'll hike all day! Or at least for as long as I can keep up with you!

  19. Oh Lynda no problem. Take care of what's important. We still be thinking about you and hope things get better for you. We are doing just fine, very busy. Matthew is changing from time to time, things he wants to do and things he does not (like taking bath). Otherwise, all is fine. Hugs and kisses your way, and take care of yourself. Anna :)

  20. Anna, you too, take care and I'll see you soon.

    Matthew doesn't like baths? Just like a

    My love to you!


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