Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Monastery Within

The Monastery Within

Fading into the distance, the arches of the monastery at Imperia Vecchia seem to connote the passage of time. The tiny figure staring out at the far end might symbolize the smallness (or perhaps the significance) of the individual, in the stream of human history.

How do you think about your life?  Do you regard each human life as significant or as just a grain of sand blowing in the wind of the cosmos?  How do you reconcile your own smallness and subjectivity with the vastness and competing interests in the universe? 

My particular accommodation is to look for beauty every day, in nature and in the people I know.  What works for you?  What activities, goals, or values do you turn to when you get the existential "blues"?

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  1. I used to think about a lot of existential issues, until I realized that it was taking valuable time away from living.

  2. Lana, I agree that it's LIVING that's important... not to be too cerebral or get stuck on things...and to live out of conviction and deepest priorities.

  3. I too look for the beauty in life.

    I think we are each a reflection of 'the whole' and that what we do in our 'microcosm' has an effect on the 'macrocosm' so I think that noticing and appreciating the beauty is a very important job. :-) It helps to tip the balance.

    Thank you for visiting me over at Joy Frequencies, it is good to meet you.

    Susannah x

  4. PS. I forgot to say how much I loved the photo, it is wonderful! :-)

  5. Stunning photo!
    Well, I do believe we are but grains of sand or tiny dots in the vast universe. However, thIS thought doesn't affect my daily living. I try to do my best and enjoy whatever Life has to offer.

  6. Susannah, you put it very well. I feel the same way, that putting beauty into the world is a good thing. Whether that means capturing something of the natural world in a photo or painting, or creating something that did not exist before at all--it's all the same. A creative act that adds beauty to the world, is inherently a good thing. There's far too much ugliness around, for the taking.

    You're welcome and thank you for YOUR visit! Nice to meet you, too!

  7. Duta - I think we are each small but each important. And if we act in concert for the Common Good, we can achieve good things!

  8. I am but a simple soul and do realize just exactly how tiny we are in the universe. Actually, I don't think I would want to be more than that.

    I just love beauty in all forms and I always love reading your thoughts and viewing your lovely work.


  9. Dear Lynda,
    Your photo is stunning. When I look at the image I find the shafts of light to be the most fascinating part. Like Lana I used to be inclined to get lost in the existential issues, but when I was at death's door I saw the light, rallied, and began living my life to the max.
    Love and peace,

  10. Jackie - I always come back to enjoying the knowledge that I am small. We all are. Yet our capacity for creativity, insight, and love are large. I try to be mindful of our untapped potential, as well.

    Just like you, I love beauty in all its forms. It's uplifting to perceive beauty, so I guess we're lucky that we easily embrace it. I actually know some people who do not find much beauty in the world, and I feel sorry for them.

  11. timethief - You mentioned that you were at death's door. When was that? Were you critically ill for a long time? If so, I hope it never happens again. Until a ripe old age, at least.

    I have had the same experience in facing and dealing with breast cancer, although my situation might not have been as dire as yours. But feeling that the Grim Reaper COULD be approaching, over my shoulder, propelled me into
    taking myself more seriously as an artist, and into the creative habit I've been in now, for the last six years. I feel that each day is precious and that there's no time to lose.

    Wishing you peace, joy, and good health, TiTi.

  12. Beautiful photograph. I love the feeling of peace and harmony. I am enjoying all of your images :)

  13. Mary Ann - Welcome to PV! It makes me very happy if you're enjoying my images! Hope you visit again soon, as I will visit you.


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