Saturday, December 11, 2010

Serendipity is Nature's Generosity

Lamb's Ears - Image c Lynda Lehmann

I've been wanting to get back to painting, because painting is my first love.  I had promised myself that my next post would be about pigment instead of pixels.  But nature intervened and threw me a curve.  

I had all but given up on finding anything pixel-worthy on my walk today, when I stumbled upon these dried "Lamb's Ears" plants (as a friend of mine calls them).  They are just slightly wilted from the cold, which has been intense for a December on Long Island.  But their light gray-green color was outstanding against the auburn of dried, fallen leaves.

It's sometimes hard to find subjects to shoot on suburban streets, unless one comes across a wooded area or something at the very edge of the street. In order to respect people's privacy, or should I say their feelings about privacy, I never point my camera towards a house.  That's why I so enjoy getting out of the neighborhood to the larger outdoor spaces with my camera.  Not only is there usually more to shoot, but I feel free to point my camera in any direction.

Nature came through again today, with a subject that I feel holds a good deal of beauty and mystery.  I've seen this cluster of plants in the same location before, but today the light was right and the colors just popped! Whenever I take in a scene or object of beauty, I feel rich. So today held a tiny bit of serendipity for me.

I hope you found beauty and a touch of serendipity in your day, as well!  

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  1. wonderful photograph. it's finds like these that keep us coming back for more, isn't it? somehow i always pick up my camera in place of my pen these days. but, slowly i'm getting back to writing too. hope all is well. have a great night~

  2. LANA - Good to see you! I have to pop over to see what you're up to now!

    NAQUILLITY - I'm glad you like it and you're so right about the finds that keep us going back for more. Me too, I have to put down the camera and pick up my brushes. Actually, I finally did that today for a change, and I'm hoping the trend will last!

  3. Please, don't put down your camera!)

  4. Linda - Not to worry, I'll never let go of it, lol!

  5. It's lovely Lynda. I am having the same problem here finding subjects. Everything is just gray, brown and dead. It's also been biting cold outside.

    So I haven't gone out on any back roads. I have to be careful around here where I go. Some of the country people can be very nasty.

    I like you try to find parks and nature preserves.

    I always love your simple yet complex finds and I you never fail to please!

  6. JACKIE - At least we keep at it with our cameras, whether the scene is conducive or not. I didn't expect to find anything more to shoot that day, but this setup struck me as beautiful, both the color (complements of light green and orange) and the way they are nestled.

    Keep shooting! But do be careful, and don't go down those back roads by yourself!


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