Monday, January 3, 2011

A Magical, Mesmerizing Meditation for the New Year: The Fantasy Art of Sara Deutsch

Now that the busy holiday season is past, we could all do with a few moments of quiet contemplation.  Sara Deutsch is a very talented, prolific and passionate artist friend whom I met a few years back at one of the online artist's sites/communities.  I've always loved her beautiful, fanciful and imaginative work.  To me Sara is all artist: a woman of gentle soul who immerses herself in myriad creative activities and loves to share her love of life and the universe with others.  You can view more of her magical and whimsical work in her portfolio.

Here's how Sara describes herself and her work in her bio.

"Sara Deutsch is a visionary artist who focuses on creativity as a healing force and the computer as a mystic friend who lets her paint with light, and leads her into the heart of nature and the infinite wisdom of the Spirit.  Each painting is a blind date with the Unknown as she listens to the heart and the mood and color of  the moment.  Sara's life journey led her into many worlds. She trekked alone in the Himalayas for 18 months, and lived in virgin jungles of Hawaiian Islands, eating fruit and wild vegetables.  She draws upon doctoral study in Psychobiology and East/West Psychology, years in a  contemplative order, cross-cultural adventures, multimedia explorations. and  26 years offering Creative Arts Therapy, arts in education workshops and expressive arts college classes."

Sara, thanks for sharing your very creative and lyrical vision with the world!  Watching your video today brought me some welcome respite from the frenetic pace of December.  You can't change the cold weather, but you can warm hearts!

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  1. Really great the work is Sara, a very talented artist. Happy 2011.

  2. Lynda:

    That was a beautiful video. Thank you so much for sharing it. When I see such things, however, I wonder how the artist managed to get permission to use that wonderful sound track. I'm not being critical. I am just hyper-paranoid when it comes to copyright.

    Happy trails.

  3. Leovi - She is very talented and inspired, Leovi, I agree! Thanks for stopping by and sharing the video. I'm glad you enjoyed it!

  4. Swubird - Sara used a track from Debussy. As I understand it, older works like this fall into copyright-free categories and the public domain, at a certain point.

    YouTube offers audio tracks that are copyright-free, to use with videos that are uploaded. It sure is a good thing, though, to be aware of copyright and copyright law. As an artist, I have too often seen rights abused and illegal uses or copying of even my own art.

    Happy New Year to you, Swubird!

  5. I'm sure you know that the soundtrack is L'Apres midi d'un faun, ballet music by Debussy, choreographed and danced by Nijinsky in Diaghilev's company. Nice!

  6. Maalie - Yes, I know it's Debussy, and I think the music was a good choice to coordinate with Sara's art. Thanks for stopping by and a Happy New Year to you!

  7. An interesting digital art, especially in the abstract with great colors.


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