Monday, April 4, 2011

Silver Linings Trim the Sea

Silver Linings Trim the Sea - Image c Lynda Lehmann

Some views of nature invoke powerful feelings and there's not a word or set of words that will do them justice.  We know when we are witnessing scenes that speak to mysterious powers beyond our comprehension.  

I took a series of photos the other day on a beach on the south shore of Long Island, facing into the sun.  Photographically speaking, this is a no-no, especially without a good polarizing filter.  Since I had only my Nikon 7000 with me, I had to settle for its built in neutral density filter.  I simply could not pass up taking shots of the clouds and beach lit up in bangles of silver.  

Even the seagulls couldn't get over the drama in the western sky.

When clouds obscure your horizon, I wish you bright silver linings!

Witness to Clouds and Sea - Lynda Lehmann c 2011

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  1. that's a breathtaking photograph of the beach. i'm sure that seagull was enjoying it as much as yourself. hope all is well. have a great day.

  2. Naquillity, it's good to see you. I hope all is well with you, too. :)

  3. Oh Lynda this is beautiful. I know about big no no, but I still shoot against sun, sometimes I get some amazing results. Yours is surreal! Anna :)

  4. ANNA - Like you, I will continue to shoot into the sun. I love the "silver linings," even if they're photographically incorrect!

    I think if we're going to look for the perfect white balance all of the time, we're going to miss a lot of shots!

  5. I don't know jack about photography, nor do I understand some of your terminology in this post. But that first picture is spectacular! Screw the lighting rules.



  6. Some of my best photos were taken facing the sun and occasionally a bad one too - it works both ways and I think the rule is rather silly... That first photo Lynda is outstanding in every way. Bravo my friend.

  7. Casey - It WAS a spectacular sky that lasted for well over an hour. Although the cloud configurations changed, the silver remained--and it was gorgeous. I felt as if the whole world were glowing. You could only get that effect with reflections on a long strip of water, as at the beach, I think.

    I'm glad you enjoyed the image. Thanks for your visit.

  8. Janice - It does seems like a silly rule. I think it exists because such images, when printed, don't have the luster they have on a lighted PC monitor, and the blown highlights don't look so good, then, when printed on paper. Somehow the camera perceives the light differently than the eye does, and in those light areas, there are no pixels. So it's in the process of digital, I guess, that the impact of the scene may be lost. I'm wondering how this same effect might show up in traditional B & W photography. Will have to experiment when I get a chance, if I can find a film camera and get film for it!

  9. Hello Lynda,

    How're you, my darling?

    Congratulations for such magical silver dreamy pictures :D. I absolutely loved them, that's how gorgeous they are.

    There is something about the sky and sea that seems to clean our soul...

    Big hug and xxx



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