Thursday, May 5, 2011

Across the Street: Counterpoint in Window-Pane

Across the Street - Lynda Lehmann c 2011 

The view in the door glass of a vintage building reflects the arched doorways and windows of buildings across the street.  I enjoy this shot because I'm fascinated with what I like to call "alternative spaces": spaces that are in some way transitional and can't be defined in the way a dedicated "room" can be, and spaces that are otherwise ambiguous or interesting.  Portals, hall, balconies and alleyways all offer unusual perspectives and have always held a fascination for me.  "False spaces" created by reflection or illusion, evoke a similar reaction.

Do you have a favorite space in your home or a familiar building that intrigues you and doesn't quite fit the definition of a standard "room?"

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  1. When viewing similar scenes, thoughts of, "Is the grass greener on the other side?" would, most often than not, come to mind!

    Do you have a favorite space in your home or a familiar building that intrigues you and doesn't quite fit the definition of a standard "room?"

    A: Well sort of. When the kids were very young and away at school, I would climb into their cubby house and look down around me. With this, memories of my youth would come flooding back. Oh, to be young again!

    Take Care,

  2. Hi Peter. I hope you are well recuperated from your surgery by now. I haven't posted in a month so I need to come over and see how you are doing.

    Yes, to be young again, and carefree! What I would pay for that! But we can't go back. We can, however, climb trees (with a ladder, lol...) and wade in the river, and even sit in a high tree house! Our limbs will just hurt the more for it. ;)

    Keeping a sense of humor helps, MOST of the time!

  3. Excellent perspective and composition from those living reflexes.

  4. It reminds me that several weeks ago I wrote a post named "NOIR" about a shop with this name which sells only black-colored items. I remember having difficulty in capturing the shop from the outside, as its glass door reflected buildings across the street. It was interesting but annoying

  5. Great. I too like as you say the "alternative spaces" It's recognition always leads to inside and thus helps to grasp what hides outside.
    Respectfully yours
    Art of Butterfly in Plaster

  6. Hello Leovi,

    Thank you for coming around to visit! I appreciate your sharing your/our art journeys!

  7. DUTA - Funny how perception differs from person to person, or according to mood or personal agenda. I enjoyed these reflections very much.

    I hope you finally got the photographs you wanted!

  8. Tomas - I think when we see, read, or make metaphors, it helps us to recognize what hides inside, that may need to be recognized and come out!

    It's always good to see you, and I thank you for your visit!

  9. An interesting outlook and food for my thoughts today.

    I see you are still blogging. So many have stopped, probably to be a Facebook face!

    (I have to agree with you on the games ; seems like they detract from true thought and observation) GM

  10. Leovi, thank you. You are a master of the alternative perspective, in your abstract art!

  11. DUTA - I know I responded to your comment last week. It seems that some comments and my responses are disappearing. I wonder if anyone else is having this problem?

  12. Lynda my home is production home, lol, and it is hard to find something interesting, unless, unless, I use my wide angle lens, then it becomes interesting. This is very unusual photo, well captured. Anna :)

  13. ANNA - Thank you. Do you have a wide angle from your old camera that you use with the new one?

    My new Nikon is excellent but the kit lens is very limited. I'd like later on, but asap, to get a more powerful telephoto and a dedicated macro.

    Now I wish I had not gotten rid of my old Minolta lenses, so many years ago!

  14. I guess the only semi-alternate space in our house is the den. With a large, glass patio door leading out onto the deck, I wanted to bring as much of nature inside that room as a could. It helps that there's a fireplace with a stone fascade in there, I think, but it's my favorite room in the house now. Full of feathers, bones, some waterskins, fishing poles, books about nature, interesting sticks, rocks, etc. Most people probably wouldn't think much of it, but I adore it.

  15. Hi Lynda, sorry for late reply. Yes I do have wide angle lens that I use. I have been reluctant from changing frequently, so once I put my 100-400mm on, I have not taken off yet from Canon 7D. However, I asked one of the photographers I know from Internet, and he said he at least changes 3 times on his daily trip, he said he is very careful and 7D has good cleaning sensor system. So I just might, but I may still fix my 20D if possible, I just really would like to have one more lens, lol, a macro lens. I think I am addicted to my equipment, lol, but hey I enjoy it .... Hope all is well with you Lynda. Anna :)

  16. Anna - I will soon need a much more powerful telephoto. I too, am addicted to photography (and painting) and my poor husband no long enjoys walking with me! My nose is always in my camera! But we are fortunate to have such compelling interests!


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