Saturday, May 14, 2011

A Secret, Magic Place

A Secret, Magic Place - Image c Lynda Lehmann

An unlikely combination of living elements caught my eye while deep in the woods of the White Mountains. The light was golden, entering the forest from a low level, in early autumn light. The day was bright and still, the sky a soft, cloudless blue.  

To find a tree hollow with a single mushroom standing in the middle of it, surrounded by lichen and a necklace of pine needles, and all that rough bark texture and pastiche of leaves faded to gold, was mesmerizing.  

It was enchanting, a day to remember.  

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  1. Lynda this photo is great for imagination. I absolutely love it, and if you did not say about the mushroom, lol, I probably would not notice.
    I was just amazed about the whole setting, and the lighting in the picture, the colors - must be millions of green shades. Surreal. Anna :)

  2. You work continues to inspire me. Many viewers respond to the aesthetic qualities of your images. However, I see a insightful subtext of symbolism.

  3. ANNA - I'm glad you enjoyed it. I found it to be a magical and surprising find: the way that tree was softly and beautifully illuminated and so full of life forms!

    Thanks for visiting, dear Anna. Kisses to Matthew.

  4. RONALD - Thank you for your kind words. I think I'm at a stage in the evolution of my personal world-view, where I NEED to find symbolism and metaphor. It's part of that "making your own meanings" thing!

    The outside world can be very discouraging, and our inner life can work on our behalf to dispel the blues brought on by our perception of the human condition. How else can we mitigate our perception of tragedy?

    Only creativity works for me.

    How about you, Ronald? In my opinion, you're a "Master of Visual Metaphor!" :)

  5. I am inspired -comforted and inspired - the appeased. This is the magical picture indeed. Thank you for the sharing of the visual keys to the wisdom-land of the nature.
    with gratitude and love from Tomas' sketchbook

  6. Tomas - Thank you for your poignant, heartfelt, and inspiring comment! Thank you.

  7. what a magical beautiful image...

  8. Sandy - I'm glad you like it. Have a good week and thanks for visiting. ;)

  9. what a wonderful lichen encrusted tree and that little mushroom is just perfect there! Beautiful photo

  10. Crafty Green Poet - I'm glad you enjoyed it, as I loved not only being there, but sharing my photos that commemorate it. It's great to see you, and I hope you are enjoying spring in your area!

  11. Amazing photo - you have a great blog here - will be popping back to explore more.

  12. Welcome, Jo Bryant - I'm glad you like it!

    Come back again soon and I'll be over to visit you. Nice to meet ya!

  13. This post reminds me of a particularly personal, magical place I knew in Canada. An enormous tree was uprooted, making a great place to sit and listen to the world. Nearby was another, enormous old maple that'd been blasted by lightning. The bottom 1/3 was almost completely blown away and hollowed out, but the tree was still alive and growing. I think of that place often. I miss it.

  14. Lana - It's special to have memories of these places that give us solace and inspiration. Wish I could see your place. Have you posted any photos of it?

  15. This looks like a mansion in the forest. I love it.


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