Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Golden Cluster

Golden Cluster - Image c 2011 Lynda Lehmann

I wasn't going to post to my blog today, but I was so impressed with these roses that I saw on my walk that I wanted to share them with you!

I hope everyone has had a good day.  It's going to be sweltering here on Long Island for the next few days, with high humidity, so it may be my last walk until a cold front moves in!

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  1. Beautiful rose!
    A Rose
    Is filled with colors.
    A Rose
    Is part of Love
    A Rose
    Grows in the spring time
    A Rose
    Will never die if you grow it
    In your house
    A Rose
    Could fill your
    Heart up with joy
    A Rose
    Is a Rose and nothing
    can make that change....

  2. Alexandra - I appreciate the beauty of your words and sentiments!

  3. Thanks for sharing; they are beautiful! I wanted to say beautiful and delicate, but I remembered the last time I made this remark about roses, someone said, no delicate please, they've got thorns and give us the sting.


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